House GOP doctors work to convince vaccine skeptics

ABC News’ MaryAlice Parks reports on reluctance among conservatives to receive the coronavirus vaccine, and doctors now in Congress trying to promote vaccination efforts.
6:22 | 04/20/21

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Transcript for House GOP doctors work to convince vaccine skeptics
Over the weekend the US hit the mark of 50% of US adults having received at least one dose of the cove a vaccine. As all fifty states are now making vaccines available to anyone over the age of sixteen. But as vaccine access expands many conservatives across the country have remained hesitant if not outright. Resistant to taking the vaccine. So now several GOP doctors serving in congress are working to convince skeptical conservatives to take the shot here's ABC's Mary Alice parks. Back home in his Maryland district congressman and doctor Andy Harris is helping to vaccinate his constituents one shot at a time. Stop there are a an anesthesiologist Harris has asked patients to roll up those leaves three times echo that vaccination sites this spring it should be getting the vaccine. Because the benefits outweigh the risks and we need to make sure that we protect our most vulnerable people in the United States crying and Harris is one of several doctors now serving in congress who hung up their suit jacket for their white coats. To help with the vaccination effort. I'm doctor Greg Murphy physician and a member of the United States congress. I've taken the vaccine and I hope you will also getting vaccinated is the quickest way for us as a society to get our freedoms back. He but as one of the most conservative members of the house congressman Harris knows that his presence Nagle a long way. That there is hesitation among some Republican voters to take the shot republic. Guns are more skeptical of government when the government comes out says we think you ought to take the vaccine some people's natural. Reaction is let me think about that -- you know they hesitate a little bit. Look that this vaccine is still technically an experimental vaccine so some people who are generally skeptical about about new things I I don't blame them for big step skeptical about this vaccine. Recent wasn't shown wider resistance to take the vaccine among conservative. In a quinnipiac poll 45% of Republicans said they did not plan to critical in nineteen vaccine right now compared to 27%. Of Americans overall. And this analysis by the Associated Press found it sound red states have lagged in vaccination rate. The bottom five states were fewer than 40% of adult residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Include Mississippi Alabama and Louisiana Tennessee and Georgia. All states with Republican governors four of which voted for former president Donald Trump last fall. We're seeing real hesitancy in certain groups. Mostly Republicans who fewer concerns around the vaccine or meet our credit risks that. And forced me you know in these agents become sir this partisan issue I think it stands prop. Political leaders. Capping bread misinformation or downplayed him. There are people my eight. He hasn't seen the vaccine for a whole host of personal reasons toxin that some of the reasons that patients. Adding your patience saying white why they're waiting to take an act in a writer worried. It's a wide range of reasons. People are hesitant to meet union refused Maxine. Of course our people don't believe that the pandemic is severe they don't think the back there's some that. They added it's our problem that relates to them specifically unit the larger. Community. There clearly many people have concerns of the vaccine has been rushed off its session when you look at some of the newer technologies like hard eight despite no corners being cut. There is a concern that with the new acts in that there might be unintended consequences. The single shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine had been developed using a more traditional approach which some Americans found comforting. Now experts worry the ponds on the rollout of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could lead to more hesitancy. This latest. Johnson & Johnson polish is going to just. You know and a little skepticism. But I think we'll get over I think people gonna realizing of these of one million events they're very very usual. You more likely to get injured in a car accident on the way to the clinic than to have this problem occur. Some hoping that people get over that skepticism. From Iowa congresswoman Mary Ann at Miller Meeks ran her State's department of public health before being elected to congress last year. She knows that when she house and how it goes a long way. There was an elderly couple. Time coming and they were of such an age that I would've thought they'd already been vaccinated. And so is there are coming in I asked that they're getting vaccinated and they said you're very nervous they're very anxious. And I said well how would it how would you feel if I gave you your tax and he said that would be great. And so is just this matter of calming them down reassuring them talking them through. It's all there is due. Both parents and Miller new stayed optimistic that as more people talk to members of their own Stanley let had a vaccine the skepticism will face. And soon I think for us. Our job is to be able to get the word out to let people know and to be mindful that there are site acts to be understanding and compassionate. But also to counter that with the scientific data that we happen between now and that we always approach it from the standpoint. We're gonna get out of the pandemic we're gonna crash the pandemic we're gonna get to the point where. We're not wearing mask kits are back in school people are back at work. You're able to get together with your friends in your family which is a goal for all costs to make this a safer healthier nation. The white says they're also working on outreach to red states different PSA is on the Deadliest Catch. Wearing gauge of NASCAR in country music TV we're looking for a range of creative ways to. Get directly connected to wait conservative communities. And former president trump who once had the biggest boulevard on the pandemic encouraged his supporters to take the shot during a Fox News interview. Should this read and I know that you receive the vaccine mrs. trump also got the vaccine would you recommend. To our audience that they get the vaccine then. I would I would recommend it and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don't wanna get it and a lot of those people voted for me directly but you know like again we have our freedoms and we have to live but that and I. Agree would that also but it's a great vaccine it's as safe vaccine and it's something that works. A message that congressman Harris hopes to amplify too skeptical conservative president trump supports the vaccine he developed the vaccine. He ran operation warp speed the president's come out very clearly saying the safe and effective for ABC news' Mary Alice parks in Washington.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"ABC News’ MaryAlice Parks reports on reluctance among conservatives to receive the coronavirus vaccine, and doctors now in Congress trying to promote vaccination efforts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"77178642","title":"House GOP doctors work to convince vaccine skeptics","url":"/Health/video/house-gop-doctors-work-convince-vaccine-skeptics-77178642"}