Latest on COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the new coronavirus mutation in UK

Dr. Todd Ellerin, an infectious disease specialist, discusses the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the latest coronavirus mutation detected in the U.K.
6:38 | 12/21/20

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Transcript for Latest on COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the new coronavirus mutation in UK
And well let's check in with infectious disease specialist an ABC news contributor doctor Todd Eller and actor Todd. This morning I wanna get to the vaccine at first I want to start with this new virus strain in the UK is one of those things it has so many people so worried. Experts are saying that it is more contagious. But not more deadly but as we heard from James there's some skepticism that they UK government use this as an excuse. To strengthen christening of Christmas restrictions that should never have been relapse so. Separate fact from fiction for is here when we know about the strain so far and how worried should we be. Good morning to hand you don't remember this is a new strain we're hearing about. We're hearing that spreads more efficiently which is a problem that may not be more deadly but remember if we hectic it spreads more and give more cases than likely hospitalizations. And deaths will follow that they'll sometimes viruses that. Step mutate and spread more efficiently actually caused less doubt so I think we really have to see how this plays out this fire as house be watched very closely. Right and now let's talk. Vaccines we just saw a doctor Jan getting her vaccine I know you've got yours on Friday so first off are you feeling. I feel great I mean this is you don't. Almost no painless injection want to pay the one ten pain pain later in the day and the following day to a ten soreness and then 48 hours later. Zero and no other symptoms there was there was really he's an. All right well that's that's very good to hear on all fronts and how important do you think it is for medical leaders like you like doctor Jan. To share your experiences with the vaccine. Well I have to say there's no one better than darker cashed in to inoculate us with hope. This is really the type of messenger. And she's the type of message that we wanted to deliver the public and around the world remember what I said on Friday we have to demonstrate trust worthiness before we can expect trust. From the people that we want to want to vaccinated. And I think actually speak louder than words now we saw. But Diana 200 take less than a minute and just I know you're a sucker for doctors whose homes had rethought its human dedicated. Dedicated to the people around the world we're waiting for the Kobe nineteen vaccine has called the waiting room all right a virus being called is circling the globe. My teacher tells me it spreads more when it's cold most people don't get it but some people do I Seton person's worst than the flu. I thought it was random but that isn't true a mask in some distance will protect you. I'm told there's no xi war for Coke in nineteen but kindness and caring are therapeutic I've seen. I bet she has been developed by brilliant minds in safe and effective for protecting all kind. It's on the horizon but not really here patience in waiting is necessary I fear. Weir's mug shot will be a major question of next year. The pandemic is raging but do not give up hope you have all that it takes to keep climbing the slow. Along the way you'll be tested and I'm sure this is true the most challenging games are winds played against you. Can you move mountains you will indeed. Your vaccine is calming 99%. Guaranteed. He is based actor he is an infectious disease specialist he is it television commentator and now ladies and gentlemen events I'm. Up ahead it is common. That's also a not I have more questions for you and now I kind of wish I do think as a kind of one and done on that note but I bet that's a really hopeful message and I feel like you got all the information there into one. One slot. Dr. Seuss you know fell doctor I do want to ask you about the next phase of all this because the CDC says people over 74. And Frontline workers like grocery store workers teachers emergency responders they should be next in line. I do agree with that recommendation and if so when you think those people will start getting it. I really do die and when you look at the triangle I think they've hit the three key points science. Compassion. Eddie equity. And that brings you remember in the first iteration the essential workers were Wendy and the chronic conditions and elderly were once it. What they've done has been trying to meld. The most vulnerable groups and keep it equitable so I really think that that's important when will they get it when one. You know that remains to be seen we're I'm we're hearing were about a week behind remember there are a lot of hurdles to getting this vaccine to everyone but now we know it will be sooner than later with those groups. And we know you in so many others predicted a surge after Thanksgiving. How did that pan out when you look at where the numbers are there and what does that do for how your looking at Christmas. Right well that's exactly what we've seen right we've seen you don't. Historic numbers of deaths and today over 3600. Were averaging over 2500. Deaths and David a number of cases are you don't or 250000. A day where we are. And unacceptable. Point doubt level we've beaten we have to try this down and he gets back to what you said in the UK with this with his mutant virus the more than we have under control virus around the globe the more likely this could mutate into something that is more efficient and and can spread more we have to really stamp it down when we get its low levels that is less likely to change to something else that you know we won't be able to prevent. And right now we think the vaccine will still work. And I just want to squeeze and I'm glad you added that last week because it is a very important one but I'll artist squeezing one of your question and that's a viewer asking if if my relative gets vaccinated. Can they come visit me. So I think remember. They need not just one dose one dose can some protection but you really need two doses to really get that full protection so it is it depends on ardea vulnerable group. You know and they still have to Wear match remember immunization is not a license to take up your mask. Really I think one of the major principles. I want it and you before the pre Christmas holiday is their travel we have to limit mobility as much as possible. I don't want to elect a Scrooge but it's really important that we handle this in a way that drives down the virus. Aren't doctor Todd Eller and always great to have you and thank you for your Poland today based and will not expecting when every day. To beat him another group. I think that Drake.

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"Dr. Todd Ellerin, an infectious disease specialist, discusses the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the latest coronavirus mutation detected in the U.K.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74846226","title":"Latest on COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the new coronavirus mutation in UK","url":"/Health/video/latest-covid-19-vaccine-rollout-coronavirus-mutation-uk-74846226"}