Louisiana children's doctor survives coronavirus

Dr. Dominic Carollo, a pediatric anesthesiologist at Oschner Hospital, discussed being on the front lines of the pandemic and encourages others to stay safe.
2:48 | 07/15/20

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Transcript for Louisiana children's doctor survives coronavirus
We're back now with the doctor who works with children who was one of the first to take care of covid patients at the beginning of this crisis, catching it himself and his one question now for the rest of us. Hi. My name is Dr. Dominic Carollo. I'm a pediatric anesthesiologist at optionner hospital in New Orleans and I'm a covid survivor. Prior to the pandemic, my main role was a pediatric cardiovascular anesthesiologist. I take care of kids who have heart disease. My role changed immensely when the pandemic hit. They wanted volunteers the first week that we developed these covid units and I was one of the first person to volunteer. On my first night, my role was to assess patients and then put the breathing tube in, it was never a lower level person, never a trainee, always us at the highest level of expertise completing these tasks. The second I started working around covid patients, I moved into the master bedroom. I bought a table and a computer. To be a fool not to think you can contract it. Working in the unit and working around the patients. I worked the Thursday night shift, and I came home, March 29th I started to have a slight I didn't feel great. It wasn't what I was seeing in the hospital. I woke up and I think I need to call someone. I called the help line. They said you need to get tested. Found out the next morning that I was covid-positive. I was scared. I was very scared. Monday night I started to have fevers. The fevers went up to like 101 and total body aches, where I didn't even want to walk from the bed to the bathroom I just wanted to lay in bed. Tuesday night was by far my worst night. I woke up with a temperature of 102. By Friday afternoon, I started feeling better. I stopped having fee verse. The body aches went down to 2 out of 10. Seven days until I felt okay and then 14 days until I felt somewhat normal. So I probably did get it at work. I was in full garb. I had a full respirator on that covered my face from here to here. With two filters. But the viral load at that time was probably so high everywhere that I just got it. My message for people who don't think they can get it is -- why take the risk? It's easy to social distance. It's easy to be six feet away. It's easy to be outside. It's easy to wear a mask. Why take the risk? Why mess with it all? It's not worth it. Why take the risk from the Dr. Carollo who knows best. Thank you for that.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Dr. Dominic Carollo, a pediatric anesthesiologist at Oschner Hospital, discussed being on the front lines of the pandemic and encourages others to stay safe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"71802712","title":"Louisiana children's doctor survives coronavirus ","url":"/Health/video/louisiana-childrens-doctor-survives-coronavirus-71802712"}