Massachusetts health official: ‘Some challenges’ to vaccine distribution

Massachusetts COVID Advisory Committee Chair Dr. Paul Biddinger discussed the hiccups so far in vaccine distribution, who will get it next and the concern over a new variant of the virus
5:27 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for Massachusetts health official: ‘Some challenges’ to vaccine distribution
Joining us now is the chair of Massachusetts coated medical advisory committee doctor Paul bidding or. Thank you so much for your time tonight doctor just talk us through if you would how the vaccine roll out process is going so far in your state. Like stuff about the vaccine roulette. All of the major acute care hospitals across the scene all the acute care hospital actually and general across the state and ending an administration Koreans for their employees out. Has started. In general people that are getting vaccinated or barrier happy. However as maybe you would expect there are also doesn't challenges. People who are not. Getting the initial allocations and Maxine. Have been frustrated in certainly my phone system. The communication about how this process is rolling out as possible frustration. Now the past few weeks the average age of those who died from covet nineteen Massachusetts has been 81 years old. Just today the CDC recommended next in line to the vaccine should be American 75 and older in front line essential workers. Since right now the state is getting limited doses of both vaccines should the priority getting the vaccine to the elderly or essential workers if you can't do books. It really important a question and in my own it actually really was just acts this weekend and he's here he's new. Guidance so our own committee hero in that Massachusetts is evaluating the rationale for why. ASEAN he made that change broaching different than what they previously recommended. Looking at ending and and we're evaluating and as we speak. It was probably take us another six to eight weeks and who really don't care infrastructure. As vote BC AB international economies are present as the state are so. We recognize the urgency of this. We're not quite that pays humala. So you just took us through six to eight weeks take as a little further down that timeline and tell us when you estimate that a normal. Healthy adult would have access to the vaccine in Massachusetts. Right now. The idea is that based on everything we know about supply chain as well as the expected approval additional vaccines. We're thinking that leads spring as the time went back seat may be available to the public name Hussein may or June. Are there are absolutely assumptions and that means that there is enough seeming manufactured two that we know we're recruitment and Kaiser. As well as ideally another two or three vaccine candidates also getting her groove and and being able or use. And you're also the medical director of emergency preparedness at Mass. General Brigham the biggest hospital network in the state the Boston Globe has reported on vaccine software glitches taking place Eric complaints that workers who are not directly caring for exposed to come in nineteen patients. Are actually cutting ahead of the line to the front line workers to get the vaccine. Would you say that this has in fact happen and and do you chalk that up to the challenges of rapidly rolling out a vaccine was limited supply to a large hospital network. Absolutely challenging to Rolla and exceeds supply its Norwich hospital network but we. People's concerns ordinarily seriously you've entrant into the data about who has been receiving their acts seem. Very happy to say that we're not really finding that there were substantial instances of people getting ahead. Who's on the front lines and in fact. Is really who you may not honest mistakes and and remain and they were being given. So we certainly are trying to clear and maybe ten. Multiple town halls video man's email communications others and and the process is I don't insult was is being queer eye and I am very very happy to say that the vast majority of people who receive vaccinations. We vaccinated more than or thousand of our Frontline workers just in the past or days. But they are the ones who are eligible people that we've been targeting. Let's talk about that new variant of Kobe nineteen discovered in the UK New York governor Andrew Cuomo today urged the US to require tests to enter. Just like the 120 other countries at least two flights from London are arriving tonight at Logan International Airport with no test requirement. Is that a concern to you. We have to learn about this new variants and what it means more overall. The outbreak and we're seeing my vehicle wreck now owns already extraordinarily worrisome. We need to be doing with physical distancing of masking and and really really. With the public is hearing the public health recommendations Mexico also went even at this holiday time. Learn more about whether this new variant is in fact more transmissible as is being suggested. And more importantly we're gonna learn it hasn't implications for scenario disease. It's just too soon to tell right now what public health implications are marrying divorcing. And lastly is a state already testing specifically for this Newbury and it has this or any other variant been found anywhere in your state. So I don't know anyone testing proved that very right now she requires very complicated genetic analysis. The only tell the difference between corona virus strains we have that keep millions certain we'll be doing very soon and it hasn't already been done. He and most important thing is I don't know I just spoke itself Modena by noon actions to isolate those people who are infected make sure they get appropriate medical treatment. Really informative doctor bidding are thank you so much and happy holidays to you. Thank you thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"Massachusetts COVID Advisory Committee Chair Dr. Paul Biddinger discussed the hiccups so far in vaccine distribution, who will get it next and the concern over a new variant of the virus","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74873044","title":"Massachusetts health official: ‘Some challenges’ to vaccine distribution ","url":"/Health/video/massachusetts-health-official-challenges-vaccine-distribution-74873044"}