Mayor Bloomberg to Appeal Blocked Sugary Drinks Ban

New York City mayor calls judge's ruling a "temporary setback" in fighting obesity epidemic.
6:15 | 03/12/13

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Transcript for Mayor Bloomberg to Appeal Blocked Sugary Drinks Ban
Over the past nine months we started a national conversation -- linkage between sugary drinks and obesity. And despite yesterday's temporary setback I don't think there's any doubt that momentum is moving in our direction. In the weeks and months ahead we will continue to tackle the obesity epidemic and more and more. People who care about the damaging effects of obesity we'll be exactly the same thing. Not because they have to but because they think it's the right thing to do and that's why we're here at like -- cafe in east midtown. -- -- has chosen to voluntary really comply with our administration's limit reform limiting the portion size of sugary drinks. And I want to thank Donna and Greg you are gonna start stuff had a in his right Agnes not -- us Greg is with tall guy right back there wave your hand. And his father's name is Agnes a stop -- as well organized desert sun incitement -- copilot. And -- now owes me 25 cents -- that I could not say Agnes a stop bullets and I can't. Bloomberg is a little bit easier but not all -- anyways but I want to thank Greg and his entire team. For getting out front on this critical issue. Like he's recognizes. What the both what the data shows and -- are growing number of supporters have been saying for months. Sugary drink consumption is a key driver of the obesity epidemic in our city and across the United States. In fact there's a study released just yesterday shows nine of the top ten neighborhoods with -- high -- Citywide obesity rates were also the communities where New York has consumed the most sugary drinks. So there really is an irrefutable strong connection between sugary drink consumption and obesity. And that's why reducing the amount of sugary drinks we consume is the simplest of dietary change any of us can make. To help lose weight or maintain a healthy way. And we will appeal a judge's decision on the ruling yesterday. We are confident that we will win that but while the legal case plays out. The conversations started about the dangers the portion sizes and sugary drinks has prompted many people like -- to take action. And we came here to applaud him. Obesity is a national epidemic that is getting worse and in New York City at least we're not trying to simply wring our hands about it. The fact is nearly 60%. Of adult New Yorkers are overweight or obese. And each faces a greater risk of developing a host of diseases and conditions including type two diabetes. Cancer hypertension heart disease kidney disease liver disease joint problems and blindness. Of course obesity doesn't just affect adults. Among New York City kids nearly 40%. Are overweight or obese -- 60% of adults and 40% of kids overweight or -- -- each faces a higher risk of developing all the diseases I just mentioned and tragically he should also faces a greater risk of early death. In fact obesity is the second leading cause just after smoking are preventable death in our city. More than 5000. New Yorkers die each year because they are overweight or obese. Ten nationally that number is more than a 100000. From animal deaths. And 70000 just from diabetes along. So this is a serious things smoking deaths are coming down obesity deaths are skyrocketing. In addition to the tragic chairman's -- obesity is also -- -- growing burden on public finances. Obesity -- New Yorkers over four billion dollars from medical care each year. Nationwide and that number is a 150 billion dollars each year. Now if you care about the taxes you're paying and the cost of your medical care this is one of the reasons why they are both so high. And if you ever want to bring him down we're gonna have to do things like this. Look at the causes. We -- spending our money and do something about it that we can and in this case. They're also helping you and your family and your fellow New Yorkers fellow Americans live longer healthier lives. We realize that we can't simply treat the effects of obesity. We must help people change their lives before they ever need to enter a hospital and that's what our new reform. Limiting sugar drinks and drink sugary -- size is all about. It builds on the work we've already done to give New Yorkers more information point calorie counts and restaurants. So they can make better choices about the food and they and their families consumed. And it is in line with earlier reforms like -- ban on trans fats in restaurants. They study released -- -- 2012 show that New Yorkers on average consume nearly two. Fewer grams of trans fats per mile per meal after we implemented the man. Some people think these things don't matter if they do matter they can get done may lead to changes in what people eat. And when they lead to change is what people -- They live longer life expectancy in New York City is better than -- -- greater than the national average and this is one of the reasons as is diminished -- smoking. As is lower crime as has fewer traffic deaths and -- and that's confessed to ambulance response times. Kind of study went on to say that not only were restaurants serving healthier foods consumers were also making healthier choices. Fully implemented calorie counts -- our reform to eliminates. The trans fats in restaurants. I know there were more than a few skeptics but today both reforms are recognized as national models. We -- confident that yesterday's court decision in joining our latest health reform will be reversed on appeal. But in the meantime I wanted to recognize and thank restaurant owners like Greg -- taking a stand on this critically important issue. This is something that each of us can do something about we can do it for families and encourage them to eat -- and we can do it for our friends talked to them and if we sell food himself friends we can do the same thing. By being responsible -- trying to help our customers a little longer. In the end our customers. That live longer are going to be happier customers and that certainly going to be with us for a lot longer.

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{"id":18711083,"title":"Mayor Bloomberg to Appeal Blocked Sugary Drinks Ban","duration":"6:15","description":"New York City mayor calls judge's ruling a \"temporary setback\" in fighting obesity epidemic.","url":"/Health/video/mayor-bloomberg-appeal-blocked-sugary-drinks-ban-18711083","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}