Moms Want Food Dyes Out of Kraft Mac and Cheese

Bloggers petition to have Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 removed from Kraft's U.S. product.
2:38 | 03/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Moms Want Food Dyes Out of Kraft Mac and Cheese
Hi there I'm only Finley with 108 the real thing that and -- body heart with eBay dot com. And we're at it tell you about an important petition that we're starting to ask cracked removed all artificial he -- from their entire airline Mac and cheese. We found out that crack and -- -- to ingredient in the US first Mac and cheese. -- number five -- -- -- number six but they're not using overseas and their other products. And we think it's an important issue tackle because Kraft -- -- -- is an iconic hit product. -- hatton at one time or another I used to eating honey -- and to eat my -- years ago. And we think we deserve the same version that our friends overseas in UK it with -- artificial aid to. So what is. Wrong with artificial -- well first of all they're made in a laboratory with chemicals derived from petroleum. The same type of ingredients like gasoline and asphalt -- -- They require warning labels across the -- are banned in countries like Norway and Austria are being phased out across Europe. Additionally -- number five in yellow number six specifically. -- known carcinogens that means that linked to causing cancer. And in addition to that. Artificial these guys have been proven to increase hyper activity in children. To negatively affect their -- -- learn and he also cause other health problems such as man's skin rashes and migraine since well. And laughs it's certainly not only artificial thing that provide absolutely no value whatsoever. They don't change in nutritional value or that -- and the thing that -- Instead different aesthetic purposes only and -- prove that point we decided to put it to the test and so we made the US version. And the UK version of Mac and cheese and we're gonna -- -- them and tell you if there's any different. -- conference there. Brings back memories I'm sure does. I think -- -- virtually the same you know you can -- -- -- different. And their reasoning you came version does not have artificial being attacked is because the consumer outcry they demanded that they -- -- from their product. And that's why we need to demand as Americans that artificial feet -- be removed from our products and we need to start with Kraft. Please sign our petition at change -- or flash -- yellow. Thank you for helping us make -- different. We can make this change together.

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{"id":18668744,"title":"Moms Want Food Dyes Out of Kraft Mac and Cheese","duration":"2:38","description":"Bloggers petition to have Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 removed from Kraft's U.S. product.","url":"/Health/video/moms-food-dyes-kraft-mac-cheese-18668744","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}