Mother, doctors recount emotional journey of boy's life-changing surgery

Zakary Riegel was born with a congenital bony defect in his skull.
2:58 | 12/28/17

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Transcript for Mother, doctors recount emotional journey of boy's life-changing surgery
Mommy things that feel MRI scan. Forty this summer theory clear images. What was going and so at that point I quickly. Knew what would be required following his delivery and found a friend very quickly called. And because I do that we would need a complex reconstruction that is at the space and that he's preached there are to make this work. Basically. This ice to his nose was covered with eight maps. You know maternal he could actually see it out. Basically it's humor. Growth covered basically from his eyes and is now. And when you look at him as a they all these. This was definitely. More rare case that if you're lucky you may see you wondered Putin's patience over the course of your careers of course that is what we should never do it. The wedding the book and that's when it again. This is a congenital defects. And and we prepare did so because there's no component. Tumor. This first surgery. Is really critical there was several steps involved in terms of exposing the forehead exposing. If containing all of that petition. Preserving their normal brain. And then reconstructing and all of the normal layers. For the carriers. Which. Had formed. So take. Each where we have to reconstruct them as it was meant to so that take. I walked into that room and I just. Because I just imagine. Scene a police can imagine the eyes of millions of mountain is no and I just can't stand. Thinking. There's really a baby in there and it it was just. An out of out of body experience via what's you. Finally see my baby after morning. Watching these kids grow up watching them drive in you know watching. Really returns here. Okay we'll know why its I think it is. It is fun to watch it and that's what I think I appreciate the most about working in pediatrics is humility to see these kids grow up. And from here on out it would just be following him as he grows matures. I'm really trying to. Maximize. Aspect. Keep on China because. When. Medicine and people say yes. That's the fate says she can't.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Zakary Riegel was born with a congenital bony defect in his skull.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"52027550","title":"Mother, doctors recount emotional journey of boy's life-changing surgery","url":"/Health/video/mother-doctors-recount-emotional-journey-boys-life-changing-52027550"}