'Motivated' podcast: How Colin O'Brady climbed seven summits and two poles

How mountain climber Colin O'Brady shattered a record breaking challenge to climb seven summits and two poles.
31:01 | 08/14/17

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Transcript for 'Motivated' podcast: How Colin O'Brady climbed seven summits and two poles
Three hitter with cricket with Collin -- Brady you're a two time world record holder the explores a Grand Slam and seven summits speed records two time world record ventilation he's being accused my pleasure that tell us what those are what but the road record to four. OK so the explores Grand Slam is sort of a coveted mountaineering prize and it comprises climbing the tallest man on the actions seven continents collectively known as seven summits as well as completing expeditions to vote the north. And south poles. Fewer than fifty people route fifty people now have completed the Grand Slam. And I aimed last year to become the fastest person to do that so I completed all of that. In a 139. Days CNN just done it you've been the fastest person debt the fast as presented only ethical people I've ever done in under a year and handed it in just about four and a half months 139 days wow. And even begin to train for something like that. Yeah it's pretty tough you know my background growing up I was so Myrna soccer player talent the other universities wham there and then via Sirva. Much different circumstances and a bracing triathlon professionally so that was my background servant turned sports that's various capacities and all of that and this mountaineering projects are really having that big. A row Vick motor helps a lot when year. Not only climbing one mountain have to have and turns to go back to back to back for over a hundred days that was a big part of the climbing clutter of the training but. It was a hard thing to train for you don't really can't really simulate what it's like to be on Mount Everest Serbia you know South Pole dragon slid across Antarctica what nots is. You know a lot of new surprises during the journey. But are there things that you dude is so to simulate high altitudes ward to get prepared for the temperature changes mean is there way to prepare somewhat. Yeah I mean certainly I you know I did some things in terms of climbing other mountains sets of prepares my mountains and Paul some high altitude times there as well as the cold by. Honestly my first stop on the whole journey actually was an article we're began I was your first or stop PSI added a little this little tiny plane drops off the Manila and Terry Platt plateau. And they drive they file figure put in completely alone. And then minus how minus forty degrees the average temperature there are no alone I was on that expedition was of the couple of people -- to various people and sometimes I was alone monitors these expeditions by. Now finest -- degrees the only way I can really describe that is I took. A cup of boiling water from my tent and threw into the air and instantly turns into ice. Imagine walking through that day after day dragon 150 pound sled behind utility cute little guy with a couple of the people how many people so on that part of the expedition. For the South Pole expedition was Meehan three others have four of us four of you and Ford view that there's there's no lack rest stops there are no like there's no I'm not endorse yet it's like you aren't looking in all directions just like endless weigh in every direction and of course down at that time of year it's twenty for hours of sunlight to the sun's directly overhead so. Kind of like it's called the look at for a couple minutes and then your eyes it's like the most blank canvas Evers say your mind is free to just wander in and nine directions on as he walked sort of industry line across this frozen landscape and god forbid you need help is there are ways to have that plane come back for you. Yeah I mean you know obviously this there's some dangers in all of this but an article has a lot of safety measures and that there are some scientific bases and some infrastructure and various parts of the continent so worse comes to worse obviously try to avoid that at all costs. There are some you know airplanes and helicopters that hopefully could come complete the autopsy have satellite phone to things like that just in case but fortunately we didn't have to. I'm have a happen. But psychologically. That must be kind of one of the bigger burdens when you're dealing with some act that the Euro loan that you're not unfamiliar territory the sun is shining 24 hours that they it's freezing cold. How do you manage that. Yeah absolutely and even you know I mentioned there was a few other people with me but because you're so cold and everything has to be so wrapped up in the you know have no exposed scans your face is complete covered. There's not talking it's like you're locked in side by side haven't attacked you're really pretty much in your own. Had space for only stopping for a few minutes and at times to take a quick drink water a bite of food. Commons is here outside if not an intense heat and Antarctic yeah. You freeze dried meals a lot you know different things eating cookies Libya caring everything reduced every pound of food that you bring. You're dragging along with you earn your melting the snow for waters to got to bring fewer theaters were LC Gary pretty conscious about. What you bring to you burn it come tonic calories you know when it's that cold outside to burn. You know 56000 dollars a day easily on the need to nap might not be enough three punish you so stand hydrated. I mean three Eden you know enough calories is pretty crucial to success. Do you try to bulk up before someone. I did a little bit although. Not so much over the course this'll president costs about 1015 pound which is com. I had to keep beating him in all these places to reveal what to say to sustain sort of the in torrents of all of this but I'm certainly you know Mount Everest itself people off the news you know thirty pounds just on an expedition just there. Whereas an on Iverson my eight of nine expeditions of I was week before I got there wasn't all gonna work outside of clearly conscious of my diet. And he really hear people talk about you know you should eat for fuel used for fuel is one thing when you liking him I mean he's in the and a death on the day for field you're literally eating for fuel yeah neither of those calories a BO do these challenge obsolete but you know it's interesting you say that because it of course is an extreme set of circumstances and I put myself through. I'm but it really does hammer home the fact that you know calories in calories out is a real thing you know exit than equation more or less so in this case is extreme environments I needed 678000. Calories excerpt punishment I was. You know putting out and I'm body being so fatigue and cold hearted elevated it on altitude. But it's no different than what you're sitting behind a desk or never existed equation is just different hear what you're burning is different on so we talk a lot here in this podcast about a healthy and and new and innovative ways to restrict calories about feeling like you're depriving yourself bread a conversation about weight and answer but when you're trying to really put him a lot of fuel what what were you. 6000 hours of chocolate right that wouldn't be that performance Brett what really. Yet Jen you know chocolates not good for me as I'm mum on similar to should. Oh you are Diane in. Most people are a reaction if it is a good yeah. I. No so but actually high fat foods are pretty good up in the mountains. Offer for reasons is because you've got to lower heart rating at an even without burning mode and you are trying to keep a little bit. Of late on but absolutely it's about for me you know what I found my dad when things its most suggesting is that usher prison pol. Hands down on this you know strongest athletes some mr. honest athletes ever seen in the world particularly high altitude and with a pretty much three meals a day seven days a week it's an ankle ball bought. You know it's steamed rice it's lentils essentially and vegetables vegetarian diet now basically in the proteins from Poland toes and you know conflicts are right treats from you know risers among the type of crane in that Matt but. Those guys are talk talk about high performance and he knows guys are really you know high performance it's it's a clean healthy diet with a rape counts of proteins and carbohydrates that's a bigger. Enough for them was enough for me aside made a lot of that amounts over there and upon I love it. Now when you say that their summit of the best athletes accuracy and I take your word for it I'm curious what is their body type like they're able to do these feats. You know high in stature they're a little bit smaller than you would normally receive you know of the United States by you know there. There they're strong and mean in just their capacity for being able to move higher altitudes as incredible of course. Interested genetic predisposition since you know their ancestors have lived high altitude for so many generations. Com but whatever it is of their physiology there able to. You know carry more away and climb faster and harder and altitude and really sums the best western athletes and the world. So that's Antarctica yet did you see. Armed so no you know and Erica has so many animals near the coast of palm course that the penguins and all the wildlife in in the ocean. By day in the middle in direct continent there is really nothing so I was drop out that they 89 degree. Across the last degree of latitude to make south ball. And absolutely nothing just witness at the North Pole however. I'm there are polar bears there we encountered a lot of polar bear tracks tomba fortunately for me we didn't actually see any live that we had to. Carry a gun and players' knowledge sort of stuff to to be safe by now adventure yet where you marveling at a that the primary eastern sector. Are absolutely you know you try to take him for me maybe it sounds cliche but it's always about the journey residents us nation of course standing on top the final mountain nine cents at two world records was the highlight of the trip a really. On the landscape in the people and mad and for. For me this was a part of a bigger mission this is a part of a mission about inspiring kids to live active healthy lives to get outside move their bodies was a huge part. Of the entire mission behind this and that was all through sort of media programming throughout the entire course of this those really treat in and the entire time and really trying to. Now of course internalize the experience for myself but also an external way. You know project historian and Meredith thank you capture people's imagination and inspire them ten he can do amazing things around. I'm of the belief that we we can often do much more of them we think we can physically it is elements okay. That's the talented officer facing you can we commence ourselves that we can do something so when you're going through the physical trials that you went through. And more extreme and I think most athletes ever go through from the caller's it Eaton and altitude to the temperature. What's your mental game what are you saying to yourself to get through those really heart moments. You know for me I think have to take this back to about nine half years ago almost ten years ago and now I was severely burned in a fire in Thailand in mind and I happen so. I was. Being foolish twenty TO kids just out of college and I was jumping a flaming jump rope on emerald beach in Thailand. Believe enough of those the out group ended that in the Thailand you know that fired dancing is. Somewhat common over there but I protect an activity and went terribly wrong the rope wrapped around my legs that man hired him in Vietnam had to dive into the ocean to extinguish the flames it's ultimately save my life but not before. My body was severely burned my legs and fee you know calm and then I spent the next. Three months and in various Thai hospitals on some at first very Borough weather is into an attack running around my bed in the icu and cats aren't there yet so. Got a good set of circumstances ominous scariest thing is that the doctors are Tommy hey you you'll probably never walk again. And you are an athlete I've been athlete through college. And you know this is just after college so's this kind of and that's a terrible diagnosis no matter who you are a particularly someone. A young man kind of be on the precipice of adulthood the united beats holiday you know no lottery in the Catholic the united double walk again normally sell. That was really hard for me but testament to my mother of we cyclist speak about the mental game which was your question. Is you know she came in demise she flew over to tan and spent that time with me in the hospital she told me every day she said. I know now she's crying in the hallways and complete freaked out you know as a mother singers on the state she never showed me that fear she was inside a hospital room every day with a smile on her face. Air positive that he daring attitude about the future enemy. What are you wanna do when you get out of here let's Senecal has moved towards the future and didn't initially I. Didn't wanna in I was depressed that was felt in terrible in my life as I knew it was over but finally decides or play along with the game and I set myself a goal of one day. Completing a triathlon so it is not some and I never done before Evans summer college never bite rounds that find. That would signal to mean that I had over com this accident so. You know. And only in the interest of time alone tell the full story by you know eighteen months in the future after learning how to walk again I was follow Mack the US after three months to have taken single step. Signed a for the Chicago triathlon have been a year and a half and completed that race which was an amazing moment for me to you you know kind of prove myself. Wrong approved despite those odds that I did thrive but I didn't just complete the Chicago triathlon actually. One the entire race beating 5000. Other participants on the day and that reprogrammed my ability to think about mindset Meehan really. You hear your question about this in most recent mountaineering adventures but was at the moment during the hard times and although I wouldn't wish. That tragedy of the burn accident on the worst enemy overcoming that and excelling in thriving after that has top Miette. All of us not just me it's like at some special thing about mediums than normal guy every single one of us has its amazing mental capacity to. You know overcome obstacles when you believe in yourself you keep putting one's foot in front the other literally for me it was one step at a time. Com by day after day without hard work we can achieve incredible things we have all have reservoirs of untapped potential in side of some have that positive mindset. Even in the midst of the terrible heart setbacks that lives in a throw at us we can continue to move forwards and do incredible things. So when you're in that moment of pain and and a man like Tammy that pain of what you're exerting yourself and your I'm comfortable in your body is saying please stop. When you're in that moment of pain is there anything you're saying to yourself do you have any Montrose. Com there's a couple of things calmed some one and one of my big monitors is this too will change and says this. I think that comes from my aide. Over the course the last five or six years and I'm pretty into meditation com. There's in author of a Buddhist philosophy I think it's just a general philosophy of life but there's and permanence in this world right now. Everything will change him and contained we are all born and we all got. Peanuts are the reality of life but not to be fatalistic about it but just the simple things this T will change nothing is permanent. Mom and I I did learn that you know through my upper and acts and as well as horrible as those moments that tears the trauma of the emotional physical trauma like. At some point like it changes day by day a little bit stronger and so in those moments calming those mountains when. You know I can hardly breathe the winds coming in you know there some terrifying moments on some of these mountains you know communism and on average says my hardest things I've ever done. But just them launch of like this to a change just keep moving forward to gunning it through this like the and isn't site. And that's a really powerful for Matra for me now what makes ever so hard when you've done all of them as you have what makes ever so hard. Just the altitude you know Evers is 29000 between 98 which is the same altitude a commercial airliner files that advertise in now very very high up there's an airs just so thin. That your moving early so I mean often times people are taking. One's death every thirty seconds every minute literally one step and that's moving fast on the map and is that how you manage that high altitude is just by moving slower everybody just can't move fast and you'll take one step in mobile like. It's completely out of breath and then taken other steps it is imagine moving that slow as well as you know me if I cannot minus forty degrees your body. Tom above 26000 feet and mountaineering. Parlance is known as the death sounds so and it's called that further reason that the human body really can't survive up there physiologically kind of slowly dying. I'm when you're up there is the only have a tiny window of time you can even be up there. I was using supplemental oxygen which 90% of climbers on Everest do you use on the Catalina how is that what mr. yeah I got an oxygen mask your canyon tank on your back. But even that doesn't make it like you feel like your its US is making it barely barely possible member I got to the summit. An apple and my camera has of course incensed some of Everest. Please pick me up and up half a video there has ever done for so many exact disciple Michael pro and I pull down my mask and say I'm on the summit of could it you can get the words out and that it take as excellence that down and taken to you know I'm on the side of that is. That's his aide even in a moment so elated. Couldn't even get you know more than a few words out before literally being so out of breath I couldn't speak so it's a really harsh environment. What are calling down I mean is that just as challenging. You know any good mountaineer will tell you that you know the summit is only half way of course we have these celebrations on mountain tops and certainly I've. Shed some tears and some meaningful hugs and things on the summit of mountains over the course my life. Arm but really I think that your celebration happens when you get back down on pushing about 80% of climbing accidents happen on the descent because. Emotionally you've put so much into getting to the top here more physically fatigued coming down. And then all of a sudden you know you make mistake on the way to and some always really aware of that when I'm coming down mountains has us realize that. Unhappy admits that topic is celebrate when the feeder back on the ground. They talked about like challenges that have. Impacted your physical challenges but does it work the other way around the other way around as well are there lessons you learned in your physical count advocate is at the summit only halfway yeah and telling people could relate to them alive for the peak is is only half of the Gerry yes. What lessons do you take day today when you're walking around India Pakistan remember his shirt you know per. And a challenge. Yeah I mean in yeah. As Avi uses I think mountains are beautiful metaphor you know afford the peaks and hours of play the ups and downs. You know I think that it's on the people Weaver and having a big goals. Possibly for an incremental process ticket I think sometimes. You know metaphorically standing at the bottom mount efforts we look at the top teams to fox though. Maybe you're somewhere out there amount that it has a big fitness goal no little bit about your story and I Voss a significant amount of weight which is incredibly and three pound at a time yet exactly and then you're like oh I'm no losers Alter our. Com the same way as with climbing amount units and the bottom and hey I'm via the top and one step I'm mostly looking. At a rock that might be ten steps in front of you mean like OK can I get there. Can move there actually. Vicarious ball rock with the most days Nam well that's that's from the summit of Mount Everest and I carry that with me now because. Obsessive about mounds of of course I love mountains but for me it's a reminder in my dated daylight that. Even the biggest goals even Mount Everest in the broken down to its smallest in criminal parts of points of small rocks stacked on top of each other. And I think that that's probably want more valuable lessons I've learned throughout this whole process which is incredibly value throughout valuable throughout my entire life is just that. Incremental process of change happens by making the little things every single day you know whether that. No health wellness food you know if you're out there in the world do you want change your diet. I think sometimes you make the mistake in my opinion of trying to cut everything out all at once you know and then it just you know maybe they can to have for a few days but it just becomes too overwhelming. But you know start with one thing today and the maybe next week one the next week when thing before you know it. You're gonna have the die in the clean body physique whenever your goal is and that's based. So I think that that's relief vocal learned. So so day to day what's your fitness. Regiment looking like anyway what kind of activities he duke and a dive deep on me and got united in 60000 dollars to hide out regular I don't you think that they. Now the caller's been rate basis. No I you know obviously in the very active person. Having been a professional athlete in triathlon for number years and now there's. Obviously as today I say if anything I actually. Fine thank them for me I really just enjoy the you know swimming biking running those anaerobic activities are really good for me. I'm but I also enjoys sort of you know plan metric strength at the work out so that's. On its that the physically active have you heard of the class here at city OK it's I was just a friend of mine. Named JC's is a co-founder of this but I was just went to her class yes it's called a class a new York and it's all this. As the women I was like born prematurely and has but as of randomized does math on its secular. Is it is really cool climate -- exercise and iCloud music and liked jumping around in and moving your body in an apartment interview so supply metrics is essentially body weight exercises so instead of you know having have a ton weights are feeling intimidated by the in the ray room for big weights in medicine balls this. It's on the notes are activating your muscles and wins you know sort of like lounges are jumping or. He has herpes or you know body weight exercise essentially calm and I loved by the way because they do that's the most applicable to real life exactly this is what I'm carrying around every day not a medicine ball wartime around them a 100% so Omnia I do some weight and I actually really like that type that kind of exercise from my strength training which is. You know high wraps around using body weight I think deacon. You know change your body soul much using that and and he also it's really accessible I travel a lot so I'm always looking for ways that I can you know. I've repair issues and you know shorts like that what it what can I do far from. In a hotel or monitors world for some reason what can still do collect movement body and body rates now don't know squat tonight stuff is. You know great work out so respond to ridiculous that it was totally out of my comfort there's but as critical I encourage you to ticket and exercise. So I'm actually you know I've pretty much have a daily exercise. Every team. Has been and I'm training for something obvious that ramp that up and I'm training you know. We more than a normal person should probably exercise you know them as 467 hours a day sometimes as a unit training for them when I have you know when I'm either raises draft on which county and much anymore about organized training for this project or have some other projects on the horizon. Com I'm really ramp that up by in the data day. You know if you know on titans as a small person I think you know thirty minutes and hours in the days is is a great as a critical and even some that just just walking to move your body you know I'm also big believer in. You know low heart rate that the exercises this is just great for voting are of the capacity. And then. In terms of eating unite a pretty healthy diet my mind that is an organic farmer and Hawaiian actually and what a great lie about them items like to visit him dad and my mom. And septa had found a chain of natural foods grocery stores the Pacific northwest when I was a kid. And so I grew up around of pretty healthy eating environment and I think when I was a kid I. Rebelled from that a lot of insight I don't know I don't like these others you know. Junky snacks. In all indicated to have it by now I realize what a gift fellas to be not have a healthy lifestyle surrounding the Tom and so. What works well for my body you know I I've learned my body well enough that I don't you know measure every calorie everything you know everything in an out discuss for me. That's a little bit too much Tom by you know in my own life I just understand the balance of what and the united you know like teal lot of and it typical launch or someone from new Buick you know possible scheme law with. Now once you know steamed vegetables. Maybe you know might protein like a ticking in her fish or something like that you know beans prize that kind of thing that's that was that the test. You know makes me feel goodies or start that they would decrease in the of some kind. That's an actress dead yet not even a forward. I do I personally do depends on but you know I think there's certainly science behind if particularly it's which is not my goal by you know you know doing efforts were that there in the morning after the nighttime fast you know there's certainly some science behind that by. You know for me predict them longer work out that silicone fuel myself there outside usually you know eat beforehand or if it's a long work out during even and that's. And is there time today he prefer to work out. I think the morning you know for me. I personally like the morning and I have a a bit more flexible schedule. Than other people. But you know until the votes on the morning for me is the one time data the ever going to control really well you know and then. It's eased element work afterward from Oregon afternoon and all the sudden you know five different things come up and that's the first new compromise so my advice. For myself. On the as well as anyone else you out there listening is is the morning to meet a morning works the best that's also. You know I have daily meditation routine in and I find that if there's no involvement before batters and evidently it doesn't always happen but by say they get up. And edited army practice or at this I feel like routine you can have in the morning more easily than other times today at least for me that's the case. I feel like if I don't work by 10:10 am I woman or camera. Have a good don't want to odorless things like on well they have enough and they are getting him for me after the start at the dragging rocks -- -- though it feels unsustainable the last thing I want mornings he's a pretty good -- you talk about your meditation retain and how is meditation in two years your journey your your fitness and expert and yet it you know it was was on the other other podcast here -- Dan -- talking about that Bailey had Danga vehement yet while ambassador mats and he's the guy you know violently than 10% happier yeah it's hard to knock that annually could take the weight of the what he said to me that actually really turned things around me because you know humanity and street music must but do I was telling myself how about I was at it the whole time meditating in my mind wandering and he's second this is terrible you're wasting your time he says just beginning and without penalty yeah and everybody was like like I can just start over any time any time. Yes start again the definite monetary line per share but so I similar to Dan actually we have similar stores in terms of both a little bit of skeptics I think we went in to open a friend of mine she said. She came to race and mine about five or six years percent had don't know much about sports by. I see what you're doing is incredibly mentor I think that you could benefit from meditation Nestle would you suggest and she said kind of an outlandish idea she said. Well there's these ten days silent meditation retreats in the past and I I think she go attend what he meant she ordered the starches like. She's like yes it's no reading writing eye contact us about twelve to fifteen hours there meditation it's ten days on you have to do all time. But as you might have guessed in this congress is on the slightly extreme person. Away so I signed up for ten days meditation retreat having not you meditate missing many in my entire life. And that was my first deep Dinah is 2011 about six years ago an exclamation dream we are very raid does that sell outlawing. But in the end it was violent that's things if not be that they've averaged if for myself although I was hoping. Have gains in the athletic you know a field of play. It was so much more than for me to some might dated daylight just the columnists I fill my interaction with others myself awareness on dramatically improved. On and so that's been a part of my age you know sort of data five. Com you know it's not. Like among likely aren't attendees on meditation retreat although I have returned and done that tentative once per year so I just finished another one. A couple months ago another ten days those rose you know really impact well for me. I'm but the daily practice like you said you know what identity to start again ten minutes fifteen minutes like sit down take that and on to calm your mind and even if you don't feel like here it is perfect the simplest. You know among con man your mind is completely blank they. Just taking that time you know 1015 minutes that dated just likes it still. The only if only our lives are so crazy and hectic and busy now mind is no different than that. But taking that time really just really energizes me you know you think you don't have the fifteen minutes in the day. To do that but I find by taking a fifteen minutes I have so much more productivity throughout the day more than makes up for Tom Leppert had yet Levy had a compliment you mind right right jumping from an act them. And I was watching this YouTube video with monk and he said while meditation when you give the monkey's job is a monkey what's the breath. Yes I think about. And a -- it lacks the rat island I think our MIT said that you know our minds gonna wander like I've done these meditation retreat now on and try to minutes eight Davis in a Miami monitors all the time but giving yourself that permission nothing sellers the this is what's happening moments mom right now mine funding of course he's got to pull that back and you now observe your Bradbury notes and a few seconds and as a few minutes the lake just the practice of doing that. Is really purposeful and has been great my. And you have talked about the importance of rest and recovery and when you were embarking. The challenges that you re doing. And breast recovery was really really crucial absolutely and I think that this is something. Made him one of the most important things that is meanest in the fitness community and discussed enough mom all about. You know whenever you're into whether that you know going crazy heart and across that jam award to see you whenever it doesn't matter is I'm all about during the time and working hard commitments went on. Com but. The body actually get stronger when we are comfort you know that this we're putting stress in the Jan. But we're actually getting the gains from that strength when sitting still almanac goes with us tonight goes as Gingrich monthly bills that goes for a few and our body correctly. Comment there at times of day getting this round replenishing our body right afterward it's on to make sure we have the rate nutrients that actually build. You know help but the help elements of that so I think that's super important and throughout even outgrow this hunter in 39 day journey. Although it was pretty non stop and there was times as you know just you know. On the caps that limit in terms of being tired I think the success of that project actually Haynes on my ability. And he's second I had to have sit still in my tent that was flying from continent to continent those were restful moments and when our when I say restful I don't dispute. Mean I'm by all my mind giving myself the permission like this is dedicated breast now as a professional athlete in triathlon. It was funny I would take naps most days on the you know such and in the morning and and are the temperature in the afternoon sometimes change three times per day. And an app seems like almost kind of Michael luxury and daily news reality. I know that day an anchor and did you know when you're exercising six hours is different then than normal mom. But that was moments like purposeful as like it was like on terroristic an app it's like now I have to now operate. Again that's an extreme example but it's the importance of back rent slate it's not like. I'm definitely don't believe in like no pain no gain as the harder you push the you know strongly actually when you to a great combination of pushing hard. Healing yourself resting get enough sleep and that's when the full package comes together and even with. Even with weight loss which an island in the wellness spaces in the certain vehicles a lot of people. And you know I'm all for promoting that. You know when we have this high res cortisol levels from not sleeping from having too much stress and and I dated daylights. Com pat doesn't allow our bodies to recover and heal and essentially he'll lose weight so. Rest is huge component of all those things about self care yen to pressure your body take care bushel and mention goals through as a goalie working toward something tells me some huge goal. But. I do I deal voice. LA I'm not quite ready to announce. It's gonna be coy but does check back it almost social media column of Brady in my web site beyond seventy which incorporates all of the you know work we're doing with the Q isn't running kids' health all of the country. I'm keep an eye on that because they'll have some big announcements for you soon yeah we definitely well yet congratulations and I have accomplished in his car motivated and you really motivated me are ready listening I appreciate that thank you so much for having music and a pleasure thanks for our.

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