'Motivated' podcast: Shaun T on how to find your truth and transform your life

Fitness expert Shaun T reveals his tips for living a happier and healthier life. He also discusses his new book, "T Is for Transformation."
27:58 | 11/13/17

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Transcript for 'Motivated' podcast: Shaun T on how to find your truth and transform your life
The day with a really great exciting guest Shantee. Fitness emperor. Because you built this empire isn't quite as amber 'cause they give me your violate its like a page long. And I think that most of most of our listeners know you. You've created tons of exercise programs and guessing the most popular and sanity and size is that is that accurate. Think so by the insanity is. Just popular because it was so hard and and sizes popular because. People wanted to dance and medium and feel like their work and up actually thing T Tony five is a very. Is one of my most popular programs because we release it and helping everyone understand that you'll need to work outs when he five minutes today and so that was Massey we. This collection. Really yeah Tyler program. And I actually appears in this a little known fact about me I love infomercials. I love them so when I'm up at night an ounce of into the channels I will skip past the show. And see an infomercial and stop everything and might get a snack cannot tell you something yeah. I love in commercials that it open and not because I have them I literally they're great. I'd flip through channels to see what I can buy M and it's so funny because will be sitting at home. And I'll say about it and statements and you can do to eyesore won't. The deal is that the I know you because I watched the infomercials intently. And counselor to see those transmission I don't wanna be buried the lead. Big day for use celebration in your book is out now John TT is for transformation. Unleash the seven superpowers. To help you dig deeper feel stronger and add your best Latin elation think you can add author to amber amber and author yet let's talk a book. I am so seven super powers. This is not necessarily of this book. It's not if it's not a fitness book in terms of your bodies have fitness but in terms of them. So for so many years having been a fitness industry for twenty years and having dean weak minds though asking. I'm third. And pack. Yes though I've been in a fitness industry for years and when I realizes a lot of people you know. Diego gave me this and meeting transformation. They take the photo of their cited gates at a waiting dictated beats and in literally less than two months later. Their backs and now feel angry. But personally. And thousands and thousands of taking thousands and thousands of people food test groups many many test group. Where they feel amazing and making strides in Maine and eight yes. Are happy for a few weeks and see them and then eight with their head down when he skinny because they have sustained transformations. Heart maintenance is hard. But that's marker in the book it's about fitness it's about some life it's about you journey use recreating this story and understanding that. Sustainability happens in these small steps. And as you know and a lot of people out there you know you've gained a week beat it's. Ellen is a symptom it's a simpler now it hasn't and so what I want you to do is understand that you have to connect at a sentence because. The struggles that you had. Produced the most amazing. Super powers that you can have been so. Everyone wants to get read. The trouble they went in this of that and they were English everything to go back and everything in the clause. Why if what if you actually reached in the closet and said you know I'm gonna face that I'm going to be transparent with Everett was kept me back and we're. Where can promise you. Is as you go through that thing you've been hiding them and you become transparent refused so. You're gonna find out there you're gonna find out that you develop an amazing strength from going through that struggle and so full weight loss in. Instead of saying mausoleums are excited and Indian government and now connect. Right down the successful moments ago because these are amazing superpowers in schools that you can use when you it's it and so that. If you have a tough day Wednesday with two number 45 you know. At weight loss when I was when I was 45 pound down and I had a plateau would that I do you can connect. You're addressing this very complex way. Because White House isn't about eating less and exercising more if it were that simple we look like you read. Lord for yogurt right you. A year and it's very complex and you mention any OC people on the hang their heads you know because they have not maintain their weight. And there's all the shame attached to it and what a really big moment for me. Was saying ashamed of having gained weight my weight fluctuating at shameful. YE a mechanic Harry and shame anymore it's a reality there's something happening in my life. I'd I'd behaved in a way that was counter to Michael's. I am now paying the consequences cutting back on track to additionally any shame in that so so when you talk about the super powers meteors really speaking to be how complex all of that is. So what are these superpowers that can help us you know companies do. So the first when I want to talk about which news. Something that a lot of people are freed of the first super powers actually uncomfortable. Being able to get a comfortable. And that leads to change right in so some people are so afraid of change change and a job change in. Oh my goodness have to eat something different or they print so much pressure on themselves at I don't know if I can do this and with uncomfortable on this. Calms the process of questioning yourself questioning whether you can actually commit. But if you think about it every day when you get out of bed you're meet putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. How much gonna get through today common remember reached that deadline network. How my. Or if you do use to start on a fitness journey. And the many you say I'm going to start to try and lose weight guess what happens you have decided that you were gonna take uncomfortable steps because in order to progress. Yet the do something that's a little bit tougher than you do yesterday. And so that's what progressives. The do you find that when people start a fitness journey and they start putting themselves and physically uncomfortable situations. Are they able to then transitioned that to life to putting themselves and comfortable life situations is. Is there parallel there there's a parallel months ago. If it anyone who's ever done my work especially insanity they know that's I don't care about the week I care about how deep you and I want you to take the sixty days or however long Europe your personal program. I want you to take your sixty days or thirty days or whatever it is. An and connect to those moments that you haven't work better really tough and imagine you'd get through that moment now translate that into your life. So imagine for sixties or implicit position or you're you're human a Berne union. And you say for sixty days I've really had to garments from Amman say keep our trust in the lead in New York has passed that they're. That positive self talk immediately. Correlates with what's happening in your life in so you feel good about that so you have to take. The positive self talk that she doing your work and something to work and on. To produce immediate results and your body and produced the measles and what of one of the other superpowers that it you liken I had so many there's not an average in the time to time when our agenda the truth bombs I wanna get to an. Society that they couldn't guarantee debt. OK so one of my other one of my favorite super powers it is a superpower itself it's. Now and everyday conversation and most people talk about someone being selfish it's deemed as a negative connotation as saying. If someone call me selfish and most of the time out of morality say that the criticism right now with storm caused this officer Mike yup. Absolutely because if you are. Positively selfish at one point every single day of your life gas way you have given yourself the time you have given yourself. Positive self and NG deposits of talk the trust and believe in you aren't so the first thing I tell people to do in terms of being selfish is when you wake up every day. Instead of thinking about which you your boss needs or even is that I think about what your kids need unless there's an emergency. That seemed like blasphemy to save a mother I believe because of oxygen mask on first. I think that as it and that's the problem people's well. After due to smoke and the Deutzman the dias but imagine if you felt really good every single thing you do something amazing for you. You put it. That you give yourself the confidence and so now everyone else is going to benefit from your happiness. But if you don't it yourself excite me and you don't give yourself could and jeans in you don't give yourself. That one point today that it's all about you gets way you can start to be bitter toward everything else. So those superpower means selfish and understanding it is okay to give yourself the time it's their here's another example active and when it of the game itself is kind of funny so most at a time when someone compliments you you say yeah and asked him and lose this hour. That adventurous sorts of unionized UGC and accurate it is world wars and modest when I want you to do. From this lower maintenance so we're gonna try to authorities answers on the opinion a couple of use amazing your body fat each moment. Of true. Bell goes through go to comes across this office which he said dad in him. But it the first these. Org Seoul. And you say thank you to that that a pushing away the compliment we eat. Train ourselves to push away common we don't want attention because of how unhappy we are and so once you. Except be a little bit selfish it at that to be selfless. But if they human like Myanmar has been read read read about these its agreement Mike Hutton. And an aggregate my heart attack by bats every time because he wants me. And that's that there's a saying thank you I've been working really hard at this and thank you for noticing eggs and I mean it's a great great way to beat this itself. It's a truth bombs what it what are the truth bombs what is any truth bomb. A truth bomb as though is a direct quote for you to understand this is how eight days it's it's not a non sugar coated form where a speaking. And talking and listening in reading so that you get straight to the point because. A lot of times at a fitness journey. Or a weight loss journey or your relationship we eat sugar coat the issue where most people wanna hear exactly what is requiem in him. We can hand if you've ever been enough argument with your spouse disagree with someone. People beat around the bush in makes the conversation long normal line and then it just carries a hole went to extra words that you don't need to hear from me my messy streets and appoint what is the issue at hand and so that's the truth arm. And I wanna start I don't know if you have when you are talk about I don't slow. Here but I'm interest annaly youth thing is lime street and in her book is. What it once you are so wanted to want to want to focus on goes back to talk about about self love. And that is nothing looks as good as confidence field everyone thinks that you should only field when you reach that certain number but what if you walk out the house this very day after listening figures put on those fields lore. But on knows that new outfit and walk up and walked the runway as you walk down the steps your car as you walk into the officer you're walking. Through the parking lot ensued the office and I am laughing now on the I want you to walk the runway on which he deliberately looked act like. The gnarled as my stable world as must each because nothing looks as good confidence feel there are people out there who have a six pack who. On the cover of magazines and yet he talked to some of them they're still not happy they still say. All of that and he didn't lose this and I am I at that now with how do you feel right now and so connect to where you are. And be confident at this moment and so if you as you go along your journey if you walk the runway everything but if you had your speech everything today. By the end that you journey you have. Developed a positive self confidence that you can really take you actually be very motivating and motivations and have to come from place of loading. Oh look at these girls and I was dismissed miser that competence can be motivated. Pelican keep this up and get better yes which is a great places are touched the roles of the role because you know why right now you are the strongest person you're going to be you know so who love it it's there. I you people cancer an amiga and seated there. Most people can't seem at this moment that stretch marks on them arms mob and my hips and he's he really afridi naked in front of people does that bother you district mark bother you not anymore used oh goodness. Well one thing and never. Bother me and I am with every time I get more and only good thing about it me. Nothing about the that's an attractive in my opinion though about how to are stretched right now before at least you now light. Day it is what it is it is a reminder. That asthma and I got really big accidents vehemence lost the way right so. Now it's a reminder of mustering my accomplice. Sneaky. Appointment and that in Kenya union of putting out and acted a little small hide. And it's another treat but with an August another treat bombings calm atmosphere. Hayes accept it life as it is expect your responsibility to change. Because excuses arts schools of incompetence that built monuments into nothingness how those who specialize in them seldom accomplished anything else says don't. Don't saddle and and specialized in excuses if your life is this way. You either have to accept the responsibility to changes or excepted as it is an once you. Except the responsibilities change it because you have the power change and that's when it goes like. Rust. Raft but you have to either you're going to act on something done or you have to accept it to the way you can't have both weigh exactly about it and do nothing and so what I wanna. You know I wanna talk about this in. The reason why that truth bombs the special smears and might be job and had on the front rather being sexually abused as a young Qaeda and getting older and having that. Weigh heavily on the every single day. I was saying to myself and I'm connected to continue to be heavy armor and accept responsibility changed my life emigrant go to fair and face the demons that have happy. And when I realize it's as hard as cities. This steps to success and feeling so amazing when you actually like this before and you take the father Claude that you face and so. You know exception either of popular music that responsibility changes but the thing. No you can change what I think it's very easy for people on the outside looking in to look at you and say you're gorgeous your fit you have this you know huge successful fitness empire. Com. What you do know about struggle which is a lot you've had to face your stuff and deal with it. In a very rural very real way and so. You know I believe that life happens that ends in some people ma oh is that right. But I every seven years you have a major transition and transformation. And everyone is listening go back and think what happened seven years ago. So from the age of prima seven to fourteen. How is ours. From age of at the age of 78 years I was sexually abuse and and fourteen amid decision to move out of my house to make it changed left home fourteen F fourteen. At aged 21 eight. Came out as a gay male. At age it's funny I released my very first international Dina fitness program and so I've read everything and years. You have a major chance summation and so and I am married seven years ago and there's something happen and amazing as there are and what amounts are. Com anyway I just think that you know. If you actually pay attention TI from pay attention to what's going on are in your surroundings in your world. You will be able to connected these transitions and make the transitions and changes so great and monitor and adjust so that you can really keep control of what's happening. A lot of people really genuinely wants to do better when it comes to their. There health and Mamas and fitness and weight yes thumb and I was one of those people that for years I wanted to do better but I just did it really know how these so if you're speaking to in someone who wants to be fitter they they have a gold they've tried for years to accomplish it they can't get there and they don't know why. What advice would you give someone to be able to take a real look at what's standing in their way and deal with it. Right so when new things that I tell people at the beginning of a fitness Schoen. And I tell people who health leaders and at the tells someone on you know area high cholesterol or diabetes you have a lot of weight to lose you know. A tellem don't go into the room and tell this person you have a long road have you and you know you asked them what a great first step is. Problem with the human joy in life. Gonna talk about the problem because there they're there. Or or for yourself when you're looking into yourself you already know with the issue in the problem but would do I enjoy life. That's the first the second step is connecting to your story saying. You know you look on social media and there's the before picture and after picture but I'm I'm more concerned Rick. What happened before the before picture what was a journey to get to the before. And what's gonna happen after you take this snapshot and added that after phone right and so what's gonna happen. So that's the second thing connect NT journey and the successful steps where does that every day stepped that you can do took create positive social change because people go after. The big picture and I want people and a lot there don't put the pressure on yourself. Not everyone is you're not striving to be on the cover of fitness magazine right people get paid to do that as a force hype job but. Thank you I mean it's important for people to remember that it's yeah you're a fitness model or even if you're an actress and actor. That is your job to look like that but the rest of us have to go to a real job I mean not that's not that's not a real job we did not fitness related job and we have kids and grocery shopping in. It's a completely different way of what. If they're completely and that's why topping the don't. Looking at the cover of magazines and I have many friends who are fitness models and I love them I can tell you right now. They're like this is really hard this is very tough if you. I want people if you are listening if you Google. Fitness competitions art you know you'll see people really ripped and he grew go where having that that a figure competition you'll see because it's not sustainable rack and I want. Some important for people to know that even those people don't look like that any day of the week they have did get to competition. Baze they look like men onstage and then they don't. Right and I want to tell people my personal story when it comes back with people might say. Audience and the you fit you'd get an arms and lesson when I have a photo shoot their things that I do that I have to like. One of them really good and looked remotely immediately summoned the clinics have heard and don't drink water. Oh your muscles pop yes. So if things don't turn water pretty much for the last you sip water ice like the tests. Among its 36 hours and an in the morning. When UR's super meaning you haven't eaten UE. Wicks war chocolate in candy because what happens there's. It's sugar coats it actually pumps. That some people out there and I have a lot of difference you get this. Go beyond this amazing culture and eat really well and in the day activity. You look at him realize Panama on the ground and at because your body thank thank cute but here is that it's funny. But here is the ironic part about. That's why I believe in 85% how the 15%. And because you have to understand. You can eat healthy which you can still have five you know have to eat lettuce all day or just. You know born grow chicken you can go to the movies are happy. If you go to the movies remaining is when I'm happy and this is so thorough. Every dollar of their movies popcorn and the pretzel bites I don't know why I like Richardson and together. And some meaningless sound hires Avery as weak and now I'm just a guy 68. But generally I think a more saver Nam a modestly. I'm not mess is that don't even as Obama. At. But and I'm a firm believer in doubt don't eat what you don't like and don't do activities you don't like. So I tried for years to diet eating salad and then one else that you know what I don't like cold vegetables. I'll liked cooked vegetables so I'm married without again I don't want to there's no rule book that says that the only way to consume vegetables. So adding give you if you try to look for the things you like it's a little less pain painful. And and in terms of that offer some wanna say we have so much incumbent I hate coal forward if there but if got a failing to say when it's in terms of eating in human an amazing part of the witchy like other thing is. We knew ye ask yourself especially if you're in the beginning of the journey how's this gonna make me feel afternoon. It's important question because as the emotional eating which we've all done before trust me I've done it before but if you ask itself. Com I'm gonna feel after this is digested and am I gonna beat myself up for eating are among gonna celebrate right. So when you go to a party don't be afraid to eat cake because you can actually celebrate the moment with the people. Every day if it's you know late at night in yet the choose something. Watermelon somebody was literally from but you know eating watermelon is bad and the brownie and refrigerate it right it's the lesser evil writes the wood dale what's gonna make you feel better or even him breakfast lunch and Dynegy use an effective talking to your food and you don't have to do it physically out loud as it might be weird. But when you're looking at the menu or when you're in the grocery store talks at about what are you gonna do it right it should be worth it it should be where it's really worth it. Yeah I've got to the point now that the I mean the evidence but at a pizza pizza because it was discussed and pizza. I think I'm Pete says I'm the best plan must on the knock on her for note right. A little bit of a personal news really great person if you put video up on instinct campaign. You and your husband art X. One CE. Two babies. It is Stan thank. You so much I really appreciate that I'm it's been a very tough journey a five year journey in China to have kids we've tried. Rule this is our twelfth time trying and we had access. Many stared its many egg donors. It's been really tough journey and you know full disclosure it was such a tough journey that. Me as a motor Beers with something that I was ready to give up and many tears sleep this night anxiety and now we are. Even though that's behind me I still like to know what I gained from that and I gained persistence and passing game and even and learning more about what commitment really means and another creaking island about that giant Virginia becoming a dad. Is knowing when to lean on someone who cares about you does. You know people out there who are going through any kind of Bree Austin work turning relationship journey. Do you forget to lean on the people who really care about you. Talk about in my book it US average of the five coasts beat Nazis who were your cast that's powerful who to cast members and you show and so. Actually hats who. Mean all it's gotten in really half and helped lift my spears to continue his journey but now we're here. And in just the future we were inflated and item ever went through so what do you with the next phase of your life incidents would be a dad and I hope we Vietnamese Ingraham do you know what the gender of the baby. We do I have to call you can tell you. Publicly that it is is it is the Vermont decorated appropriately if I walked into the ministry when an Alley if you walked into the nursery you would adds to know how I mean I would not actually thing. People some. They asked for some pictures but. Review grass or pictures out black I'm black and white photos assays. Because it's fun it's 100%. He would now. Whether it's a grown a boy or your on a Guerrero Bora Horry you don't know that you would go if you pick names. We haven't picked names and so what. Actually here's we did we chose a bunch of names but we wanna look the BBs and die first before we name. That's a great idea I mean you do get a sense of their spirit from the moment they come out and just now and you tip is if this service and they you know Bob Regina huge task now will give you a little hands everyone out there and towns got corner program despite. When we saw Scott networked together he's my Boston days I'm as Boston but when we sign anything we put XP to you know so our initial efforts are less sinister even though people an image on T need them entities tempore transformation. But what's. I got this veteran. And a and I know right by my math she was for Thompson. Though because the little fun and interesting person fun fact personal story. I never met my biological father so and I found out he was adopted the and so it whether you in his last means that now it really makes sense I love that you know money show on T and that's why. It was so important for music acts the what does it mean them because I never met. This person and nine month deadline Wednesday it is estimated. It had it. Bruins and say you're sorry you gave us a hint. About the babies of us are here that's Scion SB to these honesty to black we will be signing SB force so we do you know that they will be asked. Me. The about the pronouncement and. But is out we hope that we know it's going to be huge seller off and because you are so inspirational to so many people thank you so much for being here Meyer the book is T is for transformation and we American people finder on social media people who are finally act Sean TS HAU into the on Twitter and in Seagram and national FaceBook dot com slash on T fitness on FaceBook. Are you gonna pervaded pictures that ran away mimic the sweep them. You'll find out and soon after and maybe not that day because I'm one literally. I know we're going to be soaking up the love him. I want to spend a good week with them before I'm like here world I'm Colombian little selfish you know if they go to supervise our offense for the super banners on the effect Yuma.

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