New York Girl Addicted to Eating Deodorant

TLC's "My Strange Addiction" features Nicole, a 19-year-old who eats 15 deodorant sticks a month.
1:52 | 03/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York Girl Addicted to Eating Deodorant
James -- nineteen years old I live in the -- city. -- -- -- -- My life revolves around eating. When I wake up in the morning -- -- children. Actually eat tomatoes over your language snow -- deal. Middle of the night how we -- nicely balanced. Nicole. First had the urge to taste deodorant when she was just four years old but two years ago -- her occasional cravings turned into a full blown addiction. Now she to have a stick of deodorant in every day. -- -- So it's like a mouse in my mouth and that is unique taste. Hamas is really trying my. At the same time I'll miss the warning because it is -- I'm craving. I think there -- always and everywhere because I don't know when I'm -- and creating. How -- you get to the -- I'll have my. Reza -- probably -- -- she did not -- not -- fit I was Sox play I don't believe anything. -- -- -- How flexible -- -- it's -- spoon and naturally. Smiling. I don't like specific. Brands the the ones that -- is switching -- thing. But deodorant sticks aren't the only way Nicole satisfies her addiction -- -- them. Because -- resident doesn't give them on T if there was no limits on how really -- Let's listen I didn't like me much I'm really not feeling couple Alex my home -- a routine. --

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{"id":18630592,"title":"New York Girl Addicted to Eating Deodorant","duration":"1:52","description":"TLC's \"My Strange Addiction\" features Nicole, a 19-year-old who eats 15 deodorant sticks a month.","url":"/Health/video/new-york-girl-addicted-to-eating-deodorant-18630592","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}