Nurse Breaks Ebola Quarantine

Police keep an eye on Kaci Hickox as she goes on a bike ride in Maine.
11:20 | 10/30/14

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Transcript for Nurse Breaks Ebola Quarantine
Nurses KC Hitchcock said she will not Obey those a bola isolation rules. And she meant it hit Cox out on a bike ride this morning in her neighborhood in Maine the spotlight. On her life as health officials wanted to stay indoors until that's one in one day quarantine is over. And you can see how she is responding to that hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. This story is developing now we have reporters fanned out covering every angle we want to begin though with ABC's Lindsay Janice on the scene in fort. And Maine Lindsey you're getting a firsthand view and some video of her movements. And that mood in the small towns at the scene for us. That's right Michelle around 9 AM this morning Casey pick axe and her boyfriend had Wilbur stepped out of the house where she has been. Hold up for the past several days remember she agreed that she would temporarily quarantined herself just for a few days. After arriving back in Maine on Monday they way they hunt and their bikes their helmets on and took off. We at least toggle hold thrill of reporters the following them getting video of that but we tenants to actually see them. On their trail was a fifteen mile trail that they bites we caught them on the way they said good morning they said it felt great to be outside. On their way back they spoke to the local police chief for a little island and went around back into the house. Casey had packed had warned. Did she warned officials that she intended to break for quarantine if they didn't have their requests to have a quarantine lifted. By today and she did that. And Lindsay this bike ride comes after stepping outside of the house last night to speak publicly what do governors have to say. That's right the nurse taking those first steps outside of her home last night to speak to reporters she told them she'd been in negotiations with. The state of Maine all day long trying to come up with some middle ground Casey kick out says. She's willing to it comes quiet with this and to find some middle ground justice is willing to comply. With active monitoring by health officials we saw how the official cover here yesterday and take her temperature she says she's also willing to restrict your travel that she does not agree. With fallout quarantine she says she is asymptomatic she has tested negative for Burleigh and she is no risk she says this fight. Is bigger than herself and she is doing this. Because of all those aid workers that will be returning back home after fighting the fights in West Africa and she doesn't want them have to go through the same ordeal as she has. Even going so far as to say that you couldn't hug her he wanted to but there are a lot of locals there in the small community. That don't want to do just that give us an idea how this small town the landscape is beautiful but how is this changing. Since she returned there. That's right we are right on the border with Canada deep in most countries that tiny tiny town. And there is a genuine debate here are some people understand she doesn't have a bowl is just not showing symptoms and their foresee. Can't speak contagious and she's not a risk. Well a lot of people would prefer the sea air on the side of caution some people are. Very concerned even going so far as to cancel elective surgeries at the local hospital here. In east hit Cox should show up their sick. The governor. But talking about how that local hospital would simply be overwhelmed this is a very small town the police chief. Telling us yesterday we went for ride with him is car that he has been inundated with phone calls from people. There worry. Clinton also know that she has a police car posted outside of the home and was followed when she went out on that bike ride today. Are they don't stop trying her to stop her from leaving or just keeping tabs on our. The state can't stop her from leaving the only way they can do that is if they carry through a third ride of filing a court order to enforce for quarantine at the moment they have just said that they expect her. To abide by voluntary quarantine something she subsistence is now willing to do so what they've done is they've put. A state police officer right outside her house tell mom and her her every move. And to report that back to the states. Now Lindsay you mention that she's trying to find some middle ground what is next burners pick Cox's Steve hoping that all of this. Goes away in the coming days. You know she told us that she's having a hard time even thinking about the next five minutes is taking this one day at a time she originally said she'd go to court today to file that order to have her quarantine lifted now she says the ball is in Maine's chords and she wants to wait for them. To make the next move we know that they have made that move going to court asking a judge. To force her to take in a bola blood tests so we'll see how this thing develops. But Casey hit cuts certainly willing to discuss this with the main she says she's only gonna. To take legal action if they try to enforce the quarantine. ABC's Lindsay Janice live in fort Kent Maine keeping an eye on that thanks for that live report. And I wanna turn now to ABC's Aaron pictures he in new York and ABC's news chief health and medical editor doctor Richard -- for more on this story Aaron let's start with you let's follow up on this. Political football there are some harsh words from governor Paul a page of Maine saying quote he wants to force her. To actually take a blood test. This is a whole new tactic that governor the page and told me about just moments ago on the telephone. Where other state officials have said the state was prepared to go to court to enforce a 21 day quarantine govern old Paige told us that this could all be over to date. If hit Cox would only agree to take a blood test if she's negative. She's free to go on her way that this is same tactic that New Jersey ended up taking with Casey Hitchcock's once she tested. Negative for Ebola they released her from that tend to university hospital in Newark. And now she's been her home in in Maine for the last couple of days and and as you saw she went for a bike ride she's defying the quarantine. The state appears willing now not to fighter on the quarantine but they want her to take this blood test so the governor says. But the state is now going to court to force her to take this test. Her attorneys told us no need to force are all you had to do is ask. All right so let's turn to doctor bass are now of course we've got governor look page saying this could all be over with today with the blood test but many in the medical. World famous should have been over days ago hit Cox is saying she's not symptomatic. How far of hands and has this case gotten. It's it's it's pretty interesting and if each chapter is is a little more surprising them the one before that. Eight it seems likely the lake to lake Casey hit taxes is following big guidance from the CDC which would put someone in her. Her category not under quarantine but but under some travel restrictions toward. By very very crowded places they would be able to go out and get exercise like she's doing on on her bike ride. And so she's following those those guidelines but but the CDC does not have authority at the state level states have their choice as to whether they. Will adopt CDC guidelines a war adopt their own. And in Maine has decided to go another route. What would I find most interesting right now is the call from the governor to do a blood test and that it if she's negative on a blood test she can go about her business. That the problem with that is that there is no blood test that will accurately. Detective bowl of before someone has symptoms do be great if there was but but there isn't. And so I'm not sure what the value of a blood test and a negative blood tests we would have even when someone has the very earliest symptoms of a bola. The test isn't accurate and so in which aloft and see is that they'll be an early blood test and then as symptoms progress they'll be. A follow up blood test. So while well what about a blood test once someone's not showing any symptoms right that's right saying did there is no blood tests that the taxable before someone has symptoms so. If if Casey is infected. With a ball up and hopefully she's not a blood test right now would be negative. And so it doesn't really change the equation me in any way from a medical perspective. Are we at that peak time for her to be showing some signs of symptoms she's got what about twelve days left in or quarantine. You know it depends when her last contact. Was with with patients. In in West Africa the the typical incubation period is up to eight to ten days. You look out to 21 days because some people can develop the infection later on. So I'm not sure what they she's on India in her in her period of fits and another ten days. A endure incubation and she would be in in the inept prime period but it all depends on when she a patient. Contact all right Aaron we have heard from Lindsey about the police presence around. This home in Maine what's governor's reasoning for having so much security around that home and on her. Well the governor said it's for her own good. He says that she has the entire town scared to death and that if the state police was a matter house then all hell would break loose now from Lindsay and in our other folks who are up in. Fort Kent they say that may not be entirely true the whole town may not be scared of are indeed she has gotten a degree of support. But the governor says he she doesn't want the state police there he will pull the car away. Nonetheless when she went out for her bike ride the state police followed the health secretary had told us last night that she wanted to know what the very least if she defied the quarantine. Who she was coming into contact with the now the state is prepared they've drawn out some some court documents to try and I get her to comply with this blood test we just heard from the CDC. Reflecting what doctor bastard just said. That they don't encourage blood tests for as bowl on on people who don't show any symptoms because they're really useless. And doctor messer of course are watching this bike ride again take place this morning just a moment ago symbolic not only of the fact. That hit Cox wants to be free but also that she's healthy right break this down separate. What's going on politically. And medically to what's just going on in this nurse's life right now. Well you know it is it suggests that she sees trying to push the envelope and and me and be a test case here over. What you can do in terms of restricting the movement of someone who is not sick. And who from a public health and medical perspective does not pose any direct threat to the community. I'm are you able to require quarantine and it'd to in someone in that situation. Because they may eventually develop symptoms. Ya that I think is is is the big question here. From a medical perspective what she's doing is not putting anyone at risk. But it is destined definitely pushing some buttons up and up in Maine and will be adjusting to see where it goes from here. All right doctor vasser and also aired a terse ski thank you so much both of you for joining us and ABC's Lindsay Janice from Maine. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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