NY governor enacts new COVID-19 restrictions and reopens field hospital

Staten Island Borough President James Oddo discusses Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest coronavirus measures amid a rise in cases.
5:56 | 11/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NY governor enacts new COVID-19 restrictions and reopens field hospital
And your New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced at a field hospital reopen in Staten Island to try to keep up with surging cases there are joining me now for more on that Staten Island Borough president. James Otto is here. President I appreciate you being here what's the situation like in the hospitals there and how do you think this facility might help. Good morning. Aren't going to call for being quickly process I don't him is the only Borough of hospital so we are really you know under added capacity in its rulings and issue and we watch anymore she need rule. Two hospital systems essentially turned themselves or you don't agree one more. Seating icu soon. This this new home if you will easy building a brand new building built on the campus of South Beach psychiatric center. And it's intense it sooner. And she uterus is a huge source C. When are we seen the negative tests and let it go. On as well this'll Schuessel. Actually yeah we don't listen in war but the initial me. To come less. And it's an Arab creating. Age train ceased. Ruf troops who were even more seriously you know sung on my understanding is it won't be online at least more. And he served. On the ground hundreds so it couldn't eat sugar greedy university he saw all I'm. Unappreciated. Governors being so please get us ready for a little worse she's America's. And New York has a color coded system to determine areas where schools restaurants and businesses can remain open and where they need to close. A Staten Island is split in two part of it is a yellow zone part of it is an orange zone how does that work out. She's somewhat confusing. Only cost sources some currency and just encourage sat on the did a little deeper and you know there's a yellow zone and arms and news actually website at Bernard seated by and we are being. Your address your business and when you're resident if you are confused. Time Warner you know yeah and she current urine what was normal in the design industry need. With a little work you can shape your. It is typical. We we got to sell. Shoes degree initiatives. And we wool issue an arrest soon would be even more severe restrictions we don't trust your message. We continue to try you cross. And are you happy so far went with leadership and how expend conducted both on this city state and federal level on do you feel like you're getting I'll support you need. Yeah us and I understand it's easy appearance and now you'd ruin toward center. American blonde siren and Governor Cuomo. And I no. Unity and records are records aren't these mistakes collectively and individually and all who union GG. All over decades old control room. Gruesome it's. You know run me and I'm pleased with the level of communication. Went on he's he's through the level of and again I get a coincidence she is real. We can't rest are part does not want war. So consuming. Are. We don't have to all she's. So would you do anything differently in terms of the restrictions. Not all of a lever in the metaphor that the governor used earlier. A light sweet she's. And I'm also we're excited and beyond nor are so I was the metrics to see you talk about announced our behavior changed get to loosen the belt are all don't we didn't we didn't spirited discussion. About Orange and rented eating yellow and restrictions. The reality is that has to be a barometer. And I I think audiences that notion. Yeah we have to adjust on the fly. The numbers it. And you have said that Staten Island may be seeing higher rates. Than other parts of the city because unlike other parts of the city most people dared don't rely on public transportation they have cars. So they're likely to travel more how much does that worry you ahead of the holidays. Or does any you know O'Leary is reviewed by our own homes. Did freeze return frequently so. Are driving. All about talent and try to changing majors and signatures. That are just geographically close your New Jersey and yeah. Our behavior does Porter in the didn't know received eight highest. Highest individual did teach ice cold feet hostels aging members. This is received people who may. Snapshot in time. He'd be worse it ain't gonna need some more about you reached now worried about it. Early January. When you have Thanksgiving be eager combined with Christmas you know holiday behaviors shall. Against it is. Hard times DD. Share your neighbor you're Mormon you sell and according. The message we're hearing throughout the country right now step number president James not a we appreciate your time thank you. Cute.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Staten Island Borough President James Oddo discusses Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest coronavirus measures amid a rise in cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74380660","title":"NY governor enacts new COVID-19 restrictions and reopens field hospital","url":"/Health/video/ny-governor-enacts-covid-19-restrictions-reopens-field-74380660"}