Oregon Man Begs at Roadside for New Kidney

Earl Martinez hopes his "Need Kidney Donor" sign will soon lead to a transplant.
0:23 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for Oregon Man Begs at Roadside for New Kidney
An Oregon man in need of a kidney transplant has taken his search. To the side of a road coral Martinez is 28 years old he suffers from a hereditary disease that rules out any one in his family as being a donor. He's been on dialysis for eighteen months he receives treatments three times a week and -- insurance company is now set to cover all of the cost all he's looking for. Is a willing match.

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{"id":18295274,"title":"Oregon Man Begs at Roadside for New Kidney","duration":"0:23","description":"Earl Martinez hopes his \"Need Kidney Donor\" sign will soon lead to a transplant.","url":"/Health/video/oregon-man-begs-at-roadside-for-kidney-18295274","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}