Organizing tips for pandemic food storage

Sarah Hornung, creator of The Eager Teacher blog discussed fridge hacks for storing and organizing food for longer periods of time.
3:09 | 07/07/20

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Transcript for Organizing tips for pandemic food storage
As many continue to work and teach from home. People are stocking their fringe even more than usual and with households looking for ways to store their food for a longer before it goes bad Kelly use a few helpful tips. So here to help is mom of three and creator of the eager teacher blog Sarah morning Sara thanks so much for being with us and the Internet. Who went crazy after you put pictures of your fridge up on social media clearly everyone was very impressed on how organized at wives. Have you always been this organized. Hi everyone. I'm I'm I have always been organized but certainly and happened three kids and being a working I'm. I'm that organization had to take a whole new lapels its forensic scientists are right each day. I'm but that the picture that did go viral that was something really resonated with Stanley and and I think now more than ever it's relatable because everyone's outlook their kids. And everyone's kids want to eat all day. A lot of people buying in bulk now on to limit the number of grocery chance at their takings of what are some tips. To keep all of that food from going bad before we actually get the chance to eat it. And that's fanatic and hearing a lot it's family they're going to happen Iraq all the food and not realizing that they can't eat it as fast as. Maybe they thought and things going bad so one of the things that. A lot of people don't know about buying and called it. You can freeze T it's practically hear I'm that's something that might Sammy does that really makes a big difference and so little bio larger federal by a bank that she's throw one in the freezers one in the fridge. If you're buying and bulking have a bigger container. Just putting it into smaller cars and soaring knows enough friends and using what you have there and then reselling guitar you've got out teachers for how do you store the food. So how do you stripped of food is important because it all comes out and see not wasting not letting it go bad or your and eat bets are the first step is by storing things in nuclear containers. That we actually can see what's in your bridge you can see it's in your injury and then when it's kinda rush happening and you know what you avenues are just simple and that really do make a huge difference. I'm the next idea that really makes it a big difference is one thing Erica Elliott I always open mics containers of yogurt I bet if it opened up a lot things and you play that game up. The everyday topic is that they eat if any more so by writing on the date that you opened things on the top of the container just for the shower and putting an average that tells you how not really an open. And really prevents weight because you know and prioritize what you need to use Ers and actually topple it infects all. To me aside as those items that kind of creep out I'm you and content to get moldy when they're sitting in your friends. And then another tip is using bridge spends especially for smaller items I have averaged beans for everything frat little yogurt the is that my kids eat eat in my I'm baby's breath out of my cabinet separate and keeping anything in solemn. And eating smiling in new containers that they don't get lots they're not calling behind the bigger items really makes a big difference. All right I am already getting my mind working on when I'm gonna do when I get home we certainly appreciate all of those great we all want to have a refrigerator just like you Sarah Corning think he's delighted for being with us. Fate you so much for having me.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Sarah Hornung, creator of The Eager Teacher blog discussed fridge hacks for storing and organizing food for longer periods of time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"71655533","title":"Organizing tips for pandemic food storage","url":"/Health/video/organizing-tips-pandemic-food-storage-71655533"}