People of color dealing with not receiving treatment needed for heart disease

Tara Robinson shares her experience and obstacles she overcame when dealing with a heart attack.
4:56 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for People of color dealing with not receiving treatment needed for heart disease
But what do you do if you face typical risk or worse symptoms and yet you're not able to get the kind of diagnostic care or treatment you need. Sadly this is a reality for many people in America especially in communities of color. And something so many doctors as well as patients struggle with daily across the country. A. Our listeners tell me these. Are hard. At Harvard in that witnesses and amp. And it Steelers hours here or stay. You know. Tarot Robinson never expected she would have a heart attack but beginning in October of 2013. At the age of forty. Terrorists says her left arm started to occasionally go numb and had pain in her neck. The Indian slim I too much our rights act immediately are. Now eight ERR silly. Has scrapped. Remember Spain and each year I don't have a street. Blood pressure or cholesterol sheen's she maybe it's S it's. In sell best in prom and it may. Jester acts who. News few months later Tarrant woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain sits straight up and is an act. Old saying you know summons her. Are not and airline on in. Aren't new she was taken to the hospital where doctors ruled had a heart attack. And teens. Aren't lower this time. ET on behalf and Hart Matt looking back the race later Saturday. Now lawmen had to act they're not know one out singles three things later. Because I did not I had my I don't know what I'm experience. But on her third trip to the hospital doctors finally found out what was wrong. And I in accent watching my main artery an honest and the men want the same pops seems content. Gary our exit say it because the color scheme in our costs outlined. They he would turn anyway in any go home to. The back on the house com I class. And studies have show. Got black patients presenting to the emergency room complaining of pain are less likely to receive adequate pain control or pain control for that matter at all. Doctor Michel Albert is a cardiologist at the University of California San Francisco. She says the country's painful past plays a major role. African Americans how I have high distrust of the health care system opt for good reason. V have experienced. Experimentation. In the pops related to I was search and other types of discrimination. And so the community is not possible of standard. Medical. Structures and systems. According to the American Heart Association while heart disease is the number one killer of all Americans and African Americans experience in nearly 30% higher death rate from cardiovascular disease. The American Medical Association. Recently identified a new set of guidelines for health care providers to better identify and combat health inequities and Blake meets. We all have boxes. And those viruses can enter in to the care that we deliver. On to our patients many institutions are actually mandating implicit bias training for its stock but this look at this point. After surviving her series of heart attacks. Tierra is now wasting no time. And she's committed to helping others find their voice if you don't feel comfortable times the accident on the cost of sovereignty and really. Minorities built more content comments and our excellent game. Today. In any our why green cast where. Aren't the relationship. We the minority community in I think it's saddles not just vehicles to bridge those gaps. And I'm so pleased to report that Tara continues to do well. And we thank her so much for sharing her personal story. If you think you may be at risk and your concerns are not being taken seriously. Don't hesitate to seek a second opinion if possible from a different hospital or medical center in addition. Always ask for full copies of your records and make sure you understand the diagnosis. And the steps for follow up. And lastly it never hurts to bring a companion with you to lend an additional pair of ears and dies and help make sure all of your questions are answered. And your concerns are addressed.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Tara Robinson shares her experience and obstacles she overcame when dealing with a heart attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76099979","title":"People of color dealing with not receiving treatment needed for heart disease","url":"/Health/video/people-color-dealing-receiving-treatment-needed-heart-disease-76099979"}