How 1 personal trainer is powering through the pandemic

Irving “Zeus” Hyppolite discussed how he’s helping his community while making a living during the pandemic.
2:29 | 04/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How 1 personal trainer is powering through the pandemic
We're back now with a small businesses powering through this pandemic so many having to give it. Focus on how to continue being of service to their community and keep making a living at the same time. Like this popular personal trainer in New York City. When he was hurt easily people's lives whose. I am deeply personal trainer New York City I've been true in other city for the last ten years. Prior to the pandemic I was training about eight or ten cards that day I was little city weekly boot camp quoted in the U. Which put in about thirty to 35 people per car. Once again dedicated. Remembers everything to stop its in colonial reserved for them closed out. No we don't know how long so at that point I really have to figure out what does it do imprisoned training business. Down one on one interactions huge strength being president would decline is huge display now wondering. How to articulate his title. He bills how does any of this run to right leaning. I moved into they've grown which I never thought I would which was being virtually shrinks. I started. By suggesting to clients first hey let's go virtual. Denton extra sort of does this was my boot camps was it's been huge in New York City I decided to take that you can't. And really soon. I didn't know this was an alert but the people who will give cities for. But the classes basically set where one can donate it's more important that I use my platform. To inspire and help. A lot of movement there are people that depend on what I do. Folks like me to view has been seeing stay healthy state motivated. By staying on line and stay until a freak out homicides. And allows you to reach more people. Any small businesses that might be struggling actor is one piece of advice that I would have it is for this moment in time. Finally sue. Reinvent your real. And so about the this system where everything has he paid war. It was huge for me to say that stripped of annual and that's just give people something that you can enjoy and allowing some. He is back in. Bruce Smith. Way to goes is keeping us moving and inspiring us at the same time we certainly thank him for his story. And the wishing him well in the weeks and months ahead.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Irving “Zeus” Hyppolite discussed how he’s helping his community while making a living during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"70387392","title":"How 1 personal trainer is powering through the pandemic","url":"/Health/video/personal-trainer-powering-pandemic-70387392"}