How to Properly Put on a Hazmat Suit

Doctors at the NIH in Maryland demonstrate the use of protective equipment used for treating Ebola patients.
2:21 | 10/31/14

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Transcript for How to Properly Put on a Hazmat Suit
Here now and what we call the special clinical studies unit. The National Institutes of Health clinical research center. Here in the NIH campus in Bethesda Merrill. What we're gonna do you today is explained to use some of the procedures that allowed us to give her the optimum medical care at the same time me safe with regard to personnel. This is cooked hot fix it. A certain characteristics. Protecting them splashes. Who that we often referred to them when we talk about people get into situations where they have a lot of cars and their loans beauty and things like that. He's gonna go into that leaves him. An area. Gonna go into the middle room and then the most contaminated area so the principle is. When he comes out and DOS he's got to go but most contaminated the list and never contaminate. Though these contaminated area that he's gonna go into. Okay so what's going is it that way and in coming out this notice what's happening. His Burton's second pair of gloves. Are coming off with a second layer. Okay that's important. And he's maintaining complete lack of contamination while he's doing. You can see that this process is not an easy process this is what we call that special clinical studies unit here at the NIH clinical center. That's right behind me is the room that we took care. Mean effect. What we were demonstrating today just a little while ago with the process. But what we call time putting on personal protective equipment and adopting taking it off. And in this room which is the room immediately adjacent to win patience. Is an important because it's the point where. The physician or nurse technician. See he takes all the personal protective equipment so that they come out to where we're standing right now. Which is the completely on contaminated. States where we're seeing in the states that's completely contaminated there definitely is the room itself. In which you know person was infected in this material. The next room which is the intermediate. Which is what. And in the room that's not contaminated beaches.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Doctors at the NIH in Maryland demonstrate the use of protective equipment used for treating Ebola patients.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"26602547","title":"How to Properly Put on a Hazmat Suit ","url":"/Health/video/properly-put-hazmat-suit-26602547"}