Psychiatrist stresses importance of self-care for good mental health

Dr. Jess Clemons emphasizes the importance of practicing self-love as a strategy for taking care of your mental health.
4:38 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for Psychiatrist stresses importance of self-care for good mental health
Oh we talk about self care and mental health a lot in this space in earlier this week. I sat down with a woman that I wanted to have a self care conversation with for a very long time doctor Jessica Clemens or if you're one of her 61000. Is to Graham followers than you know her as doctor jets she's psychiatrist using her social media to effortlessly break down the stigma around therapy and mental wellness one post at a time so take a look. Helping. Oh what a safe space actually means. What I use that term it means a crease for there really isn't sort judgment I'm sure we all judge people that we interact with. But it's about how he's sort of recognize that fact a way that we in track. And and work to sort of not bring those judgments popped into sort of a conversation and he really listening to understand be an impact thick. And so let's say spaces where you know your experience is just as important as someone else's experience and we're all really just trying to learn and support one another thing that's another. Important piece when I at least mentions a six days at the supportive environments. Yeah definitely. I think you know there's lots of conversation about self care now. And and I think for some people it may feel inaccessible because it's about the things what you buy them aside as you Gator and the products they have to purchase. But what you provide is you know just the idea that you really do the work with yourself and so so what is self care mean to doctor Jess. Yes so if it means the opposite of what most people think it's not about getting you know your nails done an overspending. Money in a spot it's really about keen attention to what's going on and Hurley. In it took me awhile to really learn that it actually was during their residency when I recognize. There's an internal world. Before if you like what are you talking about absolutely but I learned that what that means is there is the internal world is made up if you feel leans your thoughts. And if you set a little bit with yourself you'll start to sort of be in tune with that sizzle self care is really being in tune with what he Philippine need. Paid he had a long workweek in your body seen any drastic yes grass that is health care if you had a difficult time in a relationship and you need some support. And you want a colloquy need to cry yes absolutely yes cry you know so it's really learning how to pay attention to. The messages at your own body is telling you yes it's not about spending a bunch of money to sort of mask with actually happening. And you're on Wednesday Graham yes it's not like. Actually therapy session but it feels that way just getting like that that little nugget led to need in the middle of the day a half so energy for example and the people that you have around you so give me your not yet on who your tribe your circle is and how that impacts of self care. My personal time. Or any in general in general I think your tribe is done now yeah. I was sure he got the young big influence I think I mean nothing vineyards for it's rotten silent period period. I don't think well I you know I think. I would say to reflects look for people that really reflect who you want to the comer who you are becoming yeah. And you know it doesn't mean that you have to cut ties with people who are sort of reflecting that just being really cognizant of who you're investing your time is a game. Toxic people this sort of goes with it died so you know one of the really hoping that Swiss people actually said was you know toxic people can be in your family a shirt shirt again and so one of the things that he shared have to be well conversation was. You know you have to really focus on who makes you happy and what makes you happy. And really block out those people who doubt yeah and that sounds a little critical and are sometimes it's hard tire and buy it. In order to relieve reached the places that you want to go. You really have to do you an appraisal of who's around. And again it can be thirteen simplest is spending a little bit last time. With those people who are toxic step toward time with the people who make you focus on so this sort of goes along with them the boundaries. Foundry is selling corn back every essential there be sent yeah. And that is that a question that a get a lot in my direct messages and Indiana's. Is you know I feel guilty about setting boundaries. But again if you do not set boundaries people will do you anything to you that they feel it boundaries are just simply letting people know. Where you stand in what's reasonable in the interact with you. It was a beautiful conversation in just reminder that's health care it is not something you have to purges it's just. Taking care of yourself by yourself in your own time.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Dr. Jess Clemons emphasizes the importance of practicing self-love as a strategy for taking care of your mental health. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"64296756","title":"Psychiatrist stresses importance of self-care for good mental health","url":"/Health/video/psychiatrist-stresses-importance-care-good-mental-health-64296756"}