Quadriplegic Mom Uses Thoughts to Control Robotic Arm

Jan Scheuermann, 52, can now feed herself thanks to technology from Pittsburgh researchers.
2:03 | 12/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Quadriplegic Mom Uses Thoughts to Control Robotic Arm
We were introduced to some groundbreaking research going on here at UP MC. Imagine not being able to move your arms and your -- that's the reality -- to casings -- Tim and Jan who shared their remarkable story. And also their bravery they've been taking part. In a study where they concentrate so hard and their brain waves to actually communicate with the robot. The starts to do the work for them against -- anymore. Thank you indeed have many children are picking the fans -- right. But for the first time in ten years this mother with quadruple -- -- Could feed herself with a robotic arm that was controlled by her minded it was developed right here in Pittsburgh so. After being diagnosed with a degenerative disease a decade ago. The -- mother spent a year with TP NC researchers. Undergoing surgery and brain studies then these ultimate test. You say that was all you. -- computer game that was all you. I just can't stop -- the richness of our control is astronomically. Larger than what's happened before. We seen robotic arms before but never one that can move in severing different dimensions. Tim -- also deterred the UP NC researchers after a motorcycle crash left him paralyzed. I'm timeless moral right now it's not working it hasn't worked in eight years. But he too could control a robotic arm with his mind I think ultimate goal would be to have something that is fully implantable. Not that provides sensation. I think ultimately. In the long run what we'd really like to do is to see that technology -- even further forward. Where potentially we can use this technology. To stimulate muscles within the body. To potentially use their homelands. Knowing their prayers are possibilities. Makes their hard work so worth it. I feel like I get. Much more out -- -- than this study gets out of me.

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{"id":18005328,"title":"Quadriplegic Mom Uses Thoughts to Control Robotic Arm","duration":"2:03","description":"Jan Scheuermann, 52, can now feed herself thanks to technology from Pittsburgh researchers.","url":"/Health/video/quadriplegic-mom-thoughts-control-robotic-arm-18005328","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}