Russia becomes first country to authorize COVID-19 vaccine

ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on concerns the Russians rushed the clinical trial process. Experts say small trial sizes and lack of data make the safety of the vaccine unclear.
3:50 | 08/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Russia becomes first country to authorize COVID-19 vaccine
As we all know our way of life eating at restaurants visiting relatives young anal sending your children to school without fear can only really happen once there's a Covert vaccine here in the United States government has launched. Operation warp speed some of the biggest drug makers have been working feverishly to find a safe treatment. But how to assist too fast Russia has declared they are the first in the world to approve of vaccine couldn't even claims it is on daughter took it. Experts here though are skeptical calling the trial too small and too short but what if it really works what's next in panel has the dramatic development. Tonight bush claiming a major victory brutal world. It was the federal it. This federal wolf everybody just goes to benefiting and in the hoping newest. Not really sure of social component to receive a professionally he did do was look. Dmitry have had the Russian government thumbed back the vaccine told us the confidence it books. Even though there have been completed phase three trials its efficiency and invest that congress all the people developed immunity. Many scientists in Russia and around the world say it simply hasn't been properly tested with less in the hundreds of people actually receiving the vaccine so by law. Russia choosing to go ahead before completing that crucial final phase three trial that is used to show the vaccine will work safely in large population. The Nittany Lion to 2000 people for that final step which is just getting under way. Compare that to the tens of thousands nothing tested with vaccines being developed by Modano. Liza and Oxford which a further along in trials didn't Russia. Russians say their backs him was created so quickly because it's based on the previously developed Russian absolutely vaccine welcome this and the mechanics out warts. In used as a result clinical if I think mean people will be the Russians a doubling in the back seat sputnik. Tribute to the Soviets era when Russia launched a successful orbital satellites in 1957. It now being used to town run a successful once more in this courtroom even though Russia will start to administer the vaccine to millions. Does some backlash. A Russian association the pharmaceutical companies published an open letter this week. Appealing for Russia to delay. US health experts. All want nova. The two parties (%expletive) he's reaction exclusively with National Geographic. Hole. That the Russians actually definitively prove that the vaccine is safe and that I seriously doubt that they've done. People say why aren't the Americans doing that. Well because we have a way of doing in this country that we care about safety and we care about. And in panel joins us now so in what is the Russian government gonna start rolling out this vaccine and will they track how it works as more people use it. I would look this is a really interesting thing is certain irony just starting the phase three trials now with read about pastry this is the crucial stage the done the all expo approaches there rule involved in. Heavy phase three testing of the moment involving tens of thousands of people the Russians Rooney just about starting to do that now even though they kind of declared victory that they've already go to vaccine they're saying there's gonna roll attach a key Frontline workers accept. Medics and teaches. Possibly by the end of this month. But large scale mass vaccination rush and they say will begin in October. And panel thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports on concerns the Russians rushed the clinical trial process. Experts say small trial sizes and lack of data make the safety of the vaccine unclear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"72316676","title":"Russia becomes first country to authorize COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/Health/video/russia-country-authorize-covid-19-vaccine-72316676"}