'Say Yes to the Dress': Lori's Fight

Lori Allen marks one year since breast cancer treatment.
1:45 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for 'Say Yes to the Dress': Lori's Fight
It's not -- hearing precious breast cancer I have all the staff I have here -- That aliens and shed his army -- -- of originality by. The response from everybody. We eat these -- And what it means that is not Barbie and she -- breast cancer awareness came and -- -- issue o'clock I. -- money factor here just a little bit more. Time's -- email. Times and found alone and it lets you cannot it cannot -- -- entertainment center has. Actually it. -- mountains may -- -- -- -- my name is adding I watch your show all the time Atlantic but the when -- and -- you had breast -- -- online. I was nine yourself not Valentin had not been in treatment and ran and -- -- past years it's. The first it would sell hard and dislikes he -- T exciting. It's your company. Hyundai Accent bubbles come here rattles -- not winning and that's his sentencing date -- yeah. But this -- -- Prayer -- -- -- how sweet it was and I mean permanent normal lady battling breast. And I don't -- this anymore and in the lady stayed in next meet battling the same thing.

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{"id":20464909,"title":"'Say Yes to the Dress': Lori's Fight","duration":"1:45","description":"Lori Allen marks one year since breast cancer treatment.","url":"/Health/video/say-yes-dress-loris-fight-20464909","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}