Sexting increasing among teenagers, new research finds

The study's lead researcher offers advice to parents.
1:10 | 02/27/18

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Transcript for Sexting increasing among teenagers, new research finds
New concerns for parents this morning but a spike in sexting among teenagers researchers say 27%. Of kids under eighteen. Are receiving sexually explicit tax including nude photos. In nearly 15% or sending them many teens don't realize those pictures could end up in the wrong hands. Her parents to have conversations. About. Dating relationship. Sting actuality pure relationships eighteen inch often so that they can really have. Laura and a common dialog teens or that. Problem does RI's. Concern rises the team to a parent and the. Well the study found 12% of the teens surveyed forwarded. The photos without consent those pictures are sometimes used to bully other teens and blackmail them into taking more explicit photos. Meanwhile doctors say social media is putting teenagers at a higher risk of depression and suicide. Now a top medical group is urging pediatricians to screen children for depression every year starting at age twelve. They say 20% of adolescence have a history of depression.

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{"duration":"1:10","description":"The study's lead researcher offers advice to parents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"53383311","title":"Sexting increasing among teenagers, new research finds","url":"/Health/video/sexting-increasing-teenagers-research-finds-53383311"}