'Sidewalk Talk' brings free therapy sessions to 40 cities worldwide

Traci Ruble, Sidewalk Talk founder and executive director, discusses her organization's commitment to helping people manage stress and anxiety.
4:06 | 05/14/19

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Transcript for 'Sidewalk Talk' brings free therapy sessions to 40 cities worldwide
Many guys as you know we've been staying focused on mental health awareness month. Whether indeed debilitating depression or anxiety or your everyday stress. We're trying to normalize talking about these issues and talking about it Clinton can quite literally be. Anywhere he wanted to including the sidewalks so I want to bring in Traci Rubel who is the executive director and founder of sidewalk talk. Traci I just want you to tell me a little bit more about this because. You're kind of not doing something where it's making people. Making therapy accessible to everyone tell me about it. Well you know. I can really thanks for having us on you know I am really fundamentally believe there aren't enough therapists actually in the world to heal what's going on in our society and if we all gotten better listening to one another and growing in that capacity to hear each other. Well it actually happen is we create a culture where he can we wouldn't have as many mental health issues. Yet and you were talking to on our producer a lot about this how mental health is. Beyond your normal self care when people think of self care they may think of just the basics like. A massage them having a spy on days of talk to me about that. He asked so get what's been happening increasingly as that we are living busier lives where we're not connecting with one another and with. A song using our phones we forget surprise really meaningful human connection. And what we know only that the blue green actually is driven to want to connect and it's part of what makes us healthy and well. But Cass flat we don't do that very much anymore in fact we don't even know how and we sort of think that. Using social media outlets I sometimes referred to as kind of cheap relating making because some of your producers and center facet relating. And fits the bill but it doesn't it doesn't actually make us mentally well again why do you. Think sustaining mental health is is so difficult especially in the society we live in. You know I think number one reason is that we all busier lives we're all has claimed to colonel that mean at this point and we have less time to connect we have less time to take care of herself for not sleeping well we're not eating well. But fundamentally we know that loneliness is a health epidemic that. Not only directly impacts our mental health but it impacts our physical health to Italy actually live a shorter life if we're not connecting with one another. So just getting back to these images that we're looking out I just find them so incredibly amazing just that people are sitting. In public on the side industry. Have you found that people are just willing to die vaults personal information just right there in public. He had it spent amazing how much more comfortable if you are talking to a stranger sometimes the people that we know because. There's no preconceived notion about after people don't really really safe to just sit down and unload. And then say pass I feel after ten minute fifty minute conversation so much later and now I can go on my way meaty carry forward to the next person I'm gonna listen to sixty so excited that ripple effects of mass. I really love that and for someone who is not in one of the forty cities where side sidewalk talkies and what can they do what do you recommend. So couple things he can join our community complete duties online listening with one another but I actually think that anybody whose interest it. Should start a chapter I am hoping that when people see as out there on the sidewalks when he does is it visibly inspires people listen better in their own homes. But if he can't get involved with us. Get involved with the club or organization where you repeatedly meeting the same people week after week and that continuity of connection over and over again is really what starts to make us feel while inside. Having a place of belonging is still so important for our mental health. Well Tracy. We appreciate what you're doing I'm glad that it is in forty cities it's incredible and I'm definitely gonna look for. Your team here in New York so thanks for joining us. Thanks a lot or haven't I'm Kimberly haven't been rescued eighteen to thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Traci Ruble, Sidewalk Talk founder and executive director, discusses her organization's commitment to helping people manage stress and anxiety.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"63033067","title":"'Sidewalk Talk' brings free therapy sessions to 40 cities worldwide","url":"/Health/video/sidewalk-talk-brings-free-therapy-sessions-40-cities-63033067"}