Spotlight on California's growing COVID-19 crisis

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer discusses California’s COVID-19 surge as hospitals become overwhelmed with cases doubling over the past week.
5:20 | 12/09/20

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Transcript for Spotlight on California's growing COVID-19 crisis
Mayor thank you so much for being with us this morning I know you're very busy right now. I added a predator. Week's hearing about Kobe fatigue that includes front line workers as we just heard. How do you get people to stay vigilant and this just continues to drag on. Well yes that's the exact right word which is which is vigilant. And constantly reinforcing that we all in this together. We have the same goal to everybody healthy. Doing all the right things obviously learned that masks really foresee social decency. And really working double time as well to not only protect the lives. But to protect livelihoods. And sending a lot of times I'm not my final today's is here again really trying to buttress our small businesses which are the backbone. Finally our economies and digital equipment every city yellow or. Yes so many of those small businesses really hurt in this pandemic that's stay at home emergency alert that was issued to people across the state. How are people responding to that there in San Diego. You know there's a lot of frustration. Because you don't folks are really as I said trying to do the right thing and we're constantly urge you not but we spent so much time line. Following the science is we got this new executive order. Things like closing down playgrounds. He's got to hear your family your kids who playground. We've been saying it's okay to be outside and encouraging people to be outside. The new executive order also check out outdoor dining which has really been. A huge staple and lifeline to not only are businesses that from ups to yoga to be outdoors so there's been a lot of push back I think rightfully so. When policy some of the things that are based on science because we want everybody to do the right thing. And follow signs. I'm curious. How do you think we are able to safely do use some of those things is there an option to bring some of those things like outdoor dining and playing and later and outside back anytime soon. Well that's that's what we're fighting for because again it's it's protecting lives but it's also protecting livelihoods. You have to Nuba. And is there are one of the things that I worry that most of us when we get on the other side of this pandemic and we will do we have jobs for people to go back to. And you know there's so many Californians are hurting right now. Other that lost their jobs. They're not able to receive their unemployment check because of the literally believe that fraud this thing happening in California unemployment are only 500000. Californians. Are waiting to receive notice checked so this chastity and all hands on deck effort bitchy people say. But also to keep our business is alive as well. You have advocated for schools to reopen is there a safe way to do that under this current stay at home morning. Permitted very strong advocate of quality in our schools. Being open and. For safely for teachers and say please pursues. A distance learning is no substitute. For being inside the classroom and that's that want to that we hear over and over from parents. All over California in the distance themselves. It really has to be focused on testing providing the re sources. Test Cecil BED solicit students and teachers. That's on the question on here in San Diego as we develop plans to move or because we haven't got that leadership from the state of California. But I absolutely 100%. Strongly support opening arsenal safely in the very near future. So the challenges that you're currently face seeing your city do you think there's a disconnect as the science with corona virus has sort of changed. Over the last several months he had the very beginning we did know a whole lot about it now no more have the policy is not shifted with the science. I think Iraq and I think kids read we look back to all of the uncertainty I'll sign the series California but nationwide. Lungren virus first really was probably a back in March. Oh we have learned a lot. And one of the things we have learned of course is. Al outdoor activity is safer it's safe to be outdoors and that's life. As we have policies and procedures are probably you know party we've had so many constantly change. When you go to that bank for and in some cases businesses is and it'll have been open and close five yes that. We begin elucidate and support and that's not what we want we want a clear set of rules and guidelines and guidelines reflect the science exactly what we have learned. Since March to now obviously in December. Mere year term in tomorrow morning and what steps are you taking now to ensure that your successor. Has the re sources and information. To keep Sandia safe and healthy. But this is exactly providing those resources providing that help in his support and we provided. Over twenty million dollars and small business relief from our city but to our small businesses and so it's really about keeping all of that going. Providing that lifeline. And encouraging everybody to get seated at the right thing goes wrong this the other one keeps 88 in save money he Californians say. And that's the number one and again. He has so many people across the country feeling the same pains that you guys are feeling there in San Diego mayor Kevin Faulkner thank you so much for being with us. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer discusses California’s COVID-19 surge as hospitals become overwhelmed with cases doubling over the past week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74629014","title":"Spotlight on California's growing COVID-19 crisis","url":"/Health/video/spotlight-californias-growing-covid-19-crisis-74629014"}