What you should do to stay healthy amid coronavirus outbreak

Dr. Jennifer Haythe answers viewers' questions about what to do as COVID-19 spreads across the U.S.
5:30 | 03/05/20

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Transcript for What you should do to stay healthy amid coronavirus outbreak
And now we have doctor -- hate the New York Presbyterian Hospital here with us now on set to give us some advice on how to protect ourselves. And our families accident thank you so much for being on we appreciate it thanks for having we have received questions from viewers and so I basically just won a relayed them to you and see if you're able to answer some of these our first person's asking. How worried does someone who is immune compromised have to be about -- ninety. So immune compromised. Patients are people who have underlying illnesses cancers transplant things that have them on immune suppression. Those people have more concerns they are certainly more vulnerable to diseases is why we're seeing these outbreaks in hospitals and nursing homes more commonly. And as someone else is asking thousands of mail packages come from China and are delivered every day should be weed we be worried about the virus being on these packages so so far the CDC and the WH are both saying that we do not need to worry about packages you know I think this is similar transmission is the flow it's not like you don't open packages coming from all over the country because someone may have had the flu who sent him we don't think it's going to be in packages we don't particularly about long on surfaces are for the most part we're saying Sato here. Back the nearest my daughter safely home in Pennsylvania on spring break she's scheduled to return to Florida this weekend should hot let her go or should they keep her here because. Florida has case is Pennsylvania and does not. We all want to keep our kids back on the right side and I think scares but I think that probably the best advice is we should let people go. You know there are cases an actor Eddie cases in every state pretty Stan there's no safe spot her saying. I think people have to live their lives there's going to be a lot of exposure to similar to the flow I think it's times like your daughter compact. And we're seeing an uptick of cases here in New York City someone's asking should people who ride the near city subways. Be worried about corona virus and of course this can apply to any major city with public transportation right I mean look. Public transportation places where large groups are congregating as always going to be a place for you can get diseases and viruses transmitted easily. Touching the subway pole sitting next to people but again think of it like the flow you don't ride the subway. You don't not ride the subway during flu season because you're worried that you're gonna catch the floats so I would. You know proceed with caution wash your hands very carefully always wash before and after Wear gloves on the assembly if you want. There's no indication to Wear masks right now in fact we really have to protect our. You know health care workers and not overuse personal protective equipment that they mean there's really a shortage actually going on so. I tell people it's fine to travels fight to take the subway if there's some change and that. Recommendation. A let us. And this next hearing is not in an area that currently is reporting cases that is saying just be prepared. When corona virus hits our area what should I be sure to have on hand and house. So I have told my patients and people I take care we have things like Tylenol and now. Ibuprofen and motor trend soups things that you would want to have if you were sick and needed wanna leave the house to go out and get it there's no real. There's no cure for that there's no special treatment but especially as people start to go out and panic shopping want to make sure you have the basics in terms of fever reduction cough production things like anything that you would need immediately that I have to -- yet exactly. And then I'm curious myself I have a little one at home and lots of other parents do and they hand washing advice works great for adults but. For my little guy I can't wash his hands and Alan and I don't wanna put hand sanitizing on the because he puts his hands it is now write your baby weights and effective alternative or what can you do in fact. You can use baby wipes you can use like the wet winds things like at that have you know some mild soaps and on to clean up my dad your right you shouldn't be putting up corral or any of the hand sanitize or is on children can put it in their mouth but you can't put a little bit on until you wiping yourself where it's dry so that once it's dry and evaporated it's safe but again you have to eat it caution. And of course the big stress in all of this has been people worried about catching the virus but. Those worries the concerned about catching the virus can breed stress so what can people do to make sure that they're mentally healthy amid this outbreak. Look it's good to talk with your friends but also you have to have some perspective here I mean we're talking about. A virus that has infected a lot of people but not as many people as things like the flu there have been a number of deaths which are all tragic but in general the death rate is relatively low compared to other illnesses that we've seen in the world. You know I want people to have about understanding that as we test more which hopefully will be wrapped up in the next few weeks for gonna seal homer people that are testing positive with mild symptoms. So try to reassure yourself take a bath Medicaid. You know talk to your friends that don't get all over excited trying to you know limit your exposure to. Sources that are not reliable sources of information so it well. As we see we may see a big uptick in cases of doesn't necessarily mean. The number of cases are exploding just that we're testing Morse are going to find more right we're not all gonna die of corona virus okay this is going to be this may in an in factor you know when we look. I have not yeah. I'll get a dime corona virus audited eyebrow and a virus you know think of H1N1 you know that was 645 to sixty million Americans were infected with you know it's like think what happened is we've got so much information coming out of China that was scary initially. And it's really shaped how everybody feels about it and look it is a serious fire as it can affect people a serious way. But if you looked at how many people we could know right now how many Americans actually have it. And compared to how many deaths there are I think people would feel much more real short time we'll thank you imagine handing me appreciated the issue.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"Dr. Jennifer Haythe answers viewers' questions about what to do as COVID-19 spreads across the U.S. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"69415594","title":"What you should do to stay healthy amid coronavirus outbreak","url":"/Health/video/stay-healthy-amid-coronavirus-outbreak-69415594"}