Teachers navigate how to discuss the pandemic

Teachers across the country are facing how they’ll discuss the impact of the coronavirus and racial justice issues as students return to their classrooms.
4:51 | 08/15/20

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Transcript for Teachers navigate how to discuss the pandemic
Since school shut down in March the country has certainly changed the pandemic leaving many Americans plagued by uncertainty as teachers had back to school weather and physical classrooms are virtually. We asked how there are planning to have what may be difficult and at times uncomfortable conversations with their students. For a living through history. Straight game. While the girls and definitely nervous about what remote learning is gonna look like and we tickets. Obviously and it year last year. I think expectations are a lot higher this year her teachers. On the first day flu and make sure that our students. Tell him how he's easy. We are excellent energy and senate contest created taste classic presentation. Yeah. Sounds may join the international same shock that. We are all in unchartered waters that may have been totally. Yeah others not so much so it's and they shouldn't have their world. We are going to be actually current. All right kind of teaching children look learning. Kicks and moon and to teachers who are our teachers are going to be teaching from Holmes who contributed to trim their own classrooms and you don't. And actually stupid social interaction with the students groups. Some openness carefully the most important for us as is and now it's going to eat to help students style. What is it being hot if you don't know what your concerns are hand. Are those concerns not the same rules there generally. Everybody else involved. Jerry already introduced some gas particles here right here go boom boom boom one of the reasons that virtual learning is inferior to. Learning is that you're not able to you know me and I think the really excite kids and get them a rat brains are on. There is nothing more important signs and do I am so the trick is I think to try and get aidid's men need close enough alternatives that you can you can find her. Or an island in Canada's still out. Right now with our fire sustained. A Sudanese are as well let's teachers. Possible suitor or you're this you're not dressing. And in nineteen early this year I talk about. The history of Chicago you know the history segregation. In the city acts are a match our. The racial demographics and each neighborhood and when some of the dating. Scene there was. That CDC the Chicago Tribune's website and I did sink well this severely seen nothing to teach you about. This entire these neighborhoods were a lot of questions from our re are. I want to talk about these things while leading minds Bolton and user dealing with this all this remote and virtual learning. The best thing we knew he honest. We have our fears and our challenges the it can't win and I were parading. Procedures about. Than any community that acts each other in the you have. Typical conversations that there are many kids courtroom. Wearing masks and personal protection equipment is a political choice it is a some of their freedom and while. Estimates at least we get out of those kinds of importance and it's also a place for safety ER number one priority. We have several lessons and didn't you know who started to justice. With just pretty much trying to shoot a chance. She's without. An overwhelming them because they are still very young. Teaching them dead meat it's important to. Just not. We have him but it didn't know what is happening in Hawaii you and him he them not necessarily in the politics of the fact that. Social injustices that need to be addressed. You know I actually learning really is about. Mullah incentives and all Mullen on the world's team and I think you know on all the lines of communication and give us as a voice wasting some. Mean when Whitney an amazing bit more active they might participate more and and we have to actually meet eighteen minutes just you know let me millions. I'm enough Indies and what's going on and I might not nice Eminem's Manila moment and let me like a real and ask them what outlet on the stand in mind mountains she's not wrote last year that rivers and many more days of face I'm.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"Teachers across the country are facing how they’ll discuss the impact of the coronavirus and racial justice issues as students return to their classrooms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"72386918","title":"Teachers navigate how to discuss the pandemic","url":"/Health/video/teachers-navigate-discuss-pandemic-72386918"}