Trump breaks his silence after Rush Limbaugh’s death

Former President Trump repeats false election claims as President Joe Biden clarifies his school reopening goals.
5:46 | 02/17/21

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Transcript for Trump breaks his silence after Rush Limbaugh’s death
The Biden administration is take a lot of heat about its mixed messaging around the reopening of schools and this is former president trump has broken his silence following the passing of his ally. Rush Limbaugh so joining us now to break down the political headline today. Our political director Rick Klein and ABC news White House correspondent Karen Travers Rick let me begin with you present from spoke out. On Fox News about the death of Rush Limbaugh on American political colossus for decades he. Was that a friend and ally of Trump's as well as a first time we've heard from president trump since his acquittal. What did you hear from the former president there any thoughts on the impact Limbaugh's hat on shaping our politics today. I don't think is an exaggeration to say that that. Rush Limbaugh pave the way for the media environment on the conservative side that allowed Donald Trump to thrive. Rush Limbaugh came before Fox News I became before the the investigators escalator ride that that that president trump. Referenced in his tribute to Rush Limbaugh today. A Limbaugh understood something about trump and boosted an elevated a lot of the same ideas concepts conspiracy theories. How far right up policies. All along the way and I think as president comes said today he could have gotten where he was without. That the stamp of approval from Rush Limbaugh and his massive radio audience across the country so many cars. I heard talk about Donald Trump taken seriously. As a presidential candidate long before many media organizations that the same. And I think notably Terry you heard president trump today say that Rush Limbaugh thought. That I won this election and by the way I thought the same thing he said he wrongly falsely perpetuated that big lie that ultimate lie. That led to his impeachment. Indignant all the way through the rest of the Rush Limbaugh's life. And even now to this post presidential period by president trumpet seem to me almost a fitting tribute to say that he even in his passing. I commend him for believing this falsehood that that I. There were some by the original troll in in many ways that changed the way we see and talk about politics or better we're committed to Karen on. How Biden in his town hall last until a lot of questions. About schools use force to clarifies administration's messaging. On his goal to open schools the first hundred days of his administration so are they moving the goal post here at the White House what do you sense. Yet Terry they move the goalposts and they move the goalposts back but there also insisting they never move the goalposts but the has said that it's a goal to get the majority of elementary and middle schools open by a the first 100 days so ended April it's. You know in that goal in itself was criticized because some say that was an ambitious enough that we're RD almost bear and just having a school opened one or two days for. Only a percentage of students is in re re getting the job done well then it got a little more complicated because the white house Press Secretary last week. Terry she said that that is the goal but we're looking at 81 day a week there was a lot of backlash to that parents not happy saying that Tora looking out one day of school is checking off an accomplishment in 100 days. Last night the president called that a mistake of communication. Sort of throwing the com's team under the bus there. And said that no their goal is still to get the majority open Jen Psaki a white house Press Secretary houses saying yes they do and get five days a week. But still they are facing a lot of tough questions about this than a lot of criticism about how they're doing this what the reopen plans are. And get a lot of pressure now to try and do this safely and get students and teachers back in the classroom. And questions about whether one steak only hear the teachers the teachers' unions are really the main stakeholder in the administration struggling. With that question about whether teachers need to be vaccinated. In order for schools to BO. Yet this is at very big source of tension between teachers unions and school administrators the issue of vaccines that wish to note a lot of teachers who've been in the classroom since the start of the school year and of course have not been vaccinated but we're seeing this play out in a lot of big cities. And the CDC last week released those long awaited guidelines about school reopening and they said the teacher should be prioritized. That they don't have to be vaccinated to go back into the classroom. Biden was asked this last night. And he did not echo that at which is very notable that YD and he just say yes I agree teachers don't have to be vaccinated. Vice president Harris today in an interviews said the same thing. While Terry the White House clarified that later this afternoon saying the president believes teachers do not have to be vaccinated. To get back to in person teaching but they do believe they have to be prioritized in this process. The back and forth showing that political cross pressure isn't so Rick what's your take on the politics surrounding the school's issues. This is enormously complicated because it's one of those issues that I think cuts. Across party lines up parents want kids back in school probably they want it done safely about every time he set up a metric like this you find new complications and I thought -- to hear president Biden outlined the the issues involved with ventilation systems with the future of the cafeteria workers and bus drivers are made safe he even raised the prospect of needing to extend the school year into the summer adding classrooms I adding teachers to be able to have reduce class sizes. That is just not a practical solution and I'll tell you at this time where he's trying to corral Republican support for Colvin nineteen bill. The fact that teachers unions appear to be an impediment to school reopening in so many parts of the country that as a galvanizing issue for Republicans is gonna make it easier frankly. For Republicans who oppose some of the Covert relief that the president. Is fighting for I do not know how they square this circle is a difficult one. And in I'll tell you if we've we go well into next school year with schools largely not reopen that is a prime political issue for the mid term elections. Yeah and for parents like you and Karen and in May and Diane and all of us all parents across the country to critical issue. Rick Klein Karen Travers thanks very much been with us thanks to.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"Former President Trump repeats false election claims as President Joe Biden clarifies his school reopening goals. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"75956537","title":"Trump breaks his silence after Rush Limbaugh’s death","url":"/Health/video/trump-breaks-silence-rush-limbaughs-death-75956537"}