How US can ramp up its vaccination effort

University of Pennsylvania professor Gad Allon discusses bottlenecks in the vaccine rollout and how to address them.
5:14 | 02/17/21

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Transcript for How US can ramp up its vaccination effort
For more on the nationwide vaccine roll out let's bring in got a lot of professor of operations. Information and decisions from the University of Pennsylvania got thank you so much. For being here out looking at the way it's developed there how can officials learned from places like the Navajo Nation are West Virginia. But even successful in getting their communities vaccinated quickly. So far. He I think it's a great question and and to some extent I think one has to understand really. All the different steps to get people vaccinated so we fertile had to develop the vaccine. And we have to manufacture them then we have to this share bid them and then we have to back sedate people. No the reason I'm outlining the entire process is because ultimately the main issue we face is that we don't have enough vaccines. The net the resigned saying that is if we had enough vaccines any question about priorities station. We do not be any shall we would just try to say tried to back to make as many people as we can as quickly as we can and don't usually lead to would you be vaccinated today or tomorrow. Maybe a week from now. The usually faced now he's that's his there and not enough vaccines we have to decide how to allocate them across different states we fifteen states. To make sure that we actually give you for your ET. To those who are more from the bull. As well as take into consideration equity. These shall we dad is and a solution for that. He is that if you look at states look at this he said states like West Virginia that may know. Sacks in eight WT lies 9597%. All day shots that they each anywhere that were sent to them why you see in my state of Pennsylvania where we only administer and do now 60%. And then you ask why and end the main reason for that penalty if you look across countries who see Israel than by Nile vaccine eight did. Team in fact six million people be even fact the ever more vaccinated more people than any states in the USC drooling California. When the you don't even think about distended I'll sighs then decide differences. The main reason for that is looked forced well fourth Virginia or we heard now here for an alcohol. Is based central centralize everything. That's Rio waiting for the vaccines. And no one to decline to actually create the registry. They to create speech wage and where you can goal once enthralled and register in effect until these state. Only very few states I know West Virginia and no New Mexico very few states isn't. One register Rican born register and you know you want to get the call immediately. As a boxing is ready for your Liberal Party station. In more states if you're involved in one B or one seat. Used to have to call and check again and again again. If you say wants the issue with that the usually is that we ultimately get Donald spoilage what do the spoilage since we have limited capacity. Supported you get the two got us eight people are that were scheduled. Are coming toward their day off there shot and now have to delay it because there's not enough capacity. Or there are centers and we know that are. Throwing to wait so these vaccines because there were remaining no shows. And now they have because there is such a low baited him mostly appreciable lived before them at the same day. So because of the high fragmentation of the mark this situation here in the fight and we're not really creating a centralization of that but to the federal level. Very few state of the state little. We get a situation where. Mean even though we have many Schultz the commercially were delivered the ready eaten we have supported quite a bit after up to these points. Wanna address that with you because that seems like the biggest shame if you have vaccines going to waste when so many people need them so what's the fastest way. To fix it we're not good automatically get a national registry that's perfectly organized but so what's the fastest way to solving those bottlenecks right now. The way to solve it is I know that we heard now that people have to wait sometime in drive the wee hours. Generally speaking when we talk about genocide being more tele T dog. Care so much on the tightly in convenient in fact. One thing that will be a thing improving things by law would be if you say a deal with every day by 5 PM. We're going to send an email blast to ever mentally livings at thirty miles and he doesn't matter. What's your level of what's your age what your party is Asian if you come within the next hour you will be administer the shot. And that's what we mean that ending Israeli acting Israel nor the study involving eighty small social network people in different phase from groups who say war there is going to be waist today. Making sure that people are going to be there it's 5 PM 6 PM 7 PM making sure that there is not a single shawl that he's got a goal wasted. And and the thing. That's got one appealing his single dating many states a misspeak when people in West Virginia and New Mexico you've seen do you get a sense of urgency. I don't get sense of the federal level I don't get the sense of urgency. At the state level and we need to get to the point where realize that just having a long line and having people check again again again the same web site. Is not a solution tried got a lot we have delayed double we so appreciate your time today thank you. Really uninteresting guest thanks very much for that I was very enlightening.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"University of Pennsylvania professor Gad Allon discusses bottlenecks in the vaccine rollout and how to address them. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"75956667","title":"How US can ramp up its vaccination effort","url":"/Health/video/us-ramp-vaccination-effort-75956667"}