US reaches 200 million COVID-19 shots

In remarks made Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced the U.S. would reach 200 million COVID-19 shots in arms on his 92nd day in office.
3:32 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for US reaches 200 million COVID-19 shots
Back in December. I set a goal of administering 100 million shots. Vaccine shots my first 100 days in office. Cut the charm. Some told us that couldn't be done who's awfully ambitious but we didn't 58 days as an incredible step plan. And so I said a second goal to liver 200 million shots. In my first 100 days in office. The goal on Macs in the world. Or in prior mass vaccination efforts in American history. Went tomorrow's vaccine. Or vaccination numbers come out. We'll show that today. We did today we hit 200 million shots. And noon 92 day in office. Who 200 million shots. In a hundred days not under a hundred days actually. It's an incredible achievement for the nation and here's the context. You know that the pace removed when Mike took officer would have taken us more than 220 days almost seven. Months to seven and a half months to reach 200 million shots. Instead. Marking this milestone in April we would not have seeing it until early September. At the earliest. Some experts say that our rapid vaccination effort is already saved tens of thousands American lives. We'll never know exactly but we know it save lives. I would've otherwise been lost. I'm proud of the work my administration has done to get Americans vaccinated. But more than that I'm proud of the American people. This is an American achievement. A powerful demonstration. Of unity resolve. What unity will do force. And a reminder. Bully and accomplish we pull together as one people to a common goal. Back in March 11. I outlined a vision of what America could look like by the fourth of July. An America. That was much closer to normal life and we left behind more than a year ago. We remain on track for that goal. In the weeks since then more than a 120 million shots have been given since announces July 4 rose. More of our kids are back in school and after a long and painful year more grandparents are below hunger grandkids. It's great progress. But if we let up now. And stop being vigilant. This fires will race the progress we've already chief. Sacrifice we made the lives suppan put on hold the loved ones who've been taken from us. Time we're never going to get back. To celebrate her independence. From this virus on July 4. It's family friends and small groups we still have more to do in the months of may and June. We all need to mask up until the number cases goes down so everyone has a chance to get their shot. Two Americans sixteen years and older. It's your turn. Now. So go get your vaccines before the end of may. We can do this. And we'll do this as long as we don't let up. Thank you all very much. As I sent a long time ago we're gonna beat this long as you do it together.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"In remarks made Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced the U.S. would reach 200 million COVID-19 shots in arms on his 92nd day in office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"77221321","title":"US reaches 200 million COVID-19 shots","url":"/Health/video/us-reaches-200-million-covid-19-shots-77221321"}