Vaccine Watch: President Trump’s antibody treatment

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff gets an inside look at the antibody treatment from Regeneron the president received at Walter Reed Medical Center, and that he is now touting as a potential “cure.”
5:10 | 10/08/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vaccine Watch: President Trump’s antibody treatment
With president trump of the White House now recovering from Kobe nineteen some promising news from the White House positions memo today stick the president's latest physical examine vital signs are in the normal range certainly good sign for a patient who needed oxygen just a few days ago and some are pointing to the experimental monoclonal antibody treatment that he received while at Walter Reed as a possible reason for his improvement. And it some the president is now touting as a potential cure. So this week are Bob Woodruff got a behind the scenes look at that and to body treatment currently in clinical trials at some hope. Could serve as a bridge to a vaccine in our latest addition. A vaccine each. After the president's flight from the White House to Walter Reed. He received special permission to try and experimental drug. President given the best health care available in the country and to experimental treatments it includes a promising potential treatment known as monoclonal antibodies. But because the safety trials are still not completed in the US very few other patients have been granted their use. For president trump. It may have helped if you're asking me my opinion yeah I think it made a difference I think that the monoclonal antibody. Made a difference and it is in clinical trial now. To try and prove definitively. If it works. But in a new video release tonight the president is going much further touting the treatment as secure as they gave me region around. And it was like unbelievable. The president received anti bodies made by the Biotech company regeneron which started its trials here. At the holy name hospital in New Jersey. These antibodies are directed against the virus and they've been shown to reduce the amount of virus and it. Reduce the symptoms among the 29 patients that we have used in the three arms of this study. They have all gotten better. Here in their pharmacy they showed us what they are almost certain it was the president's treatment cocktail of his point three what exactly did he get short so. This is the antibody cocktail former general Ron. So the way that this is prepared is it comes is an IV solution. But it wasn't just antibodies. Trump also got a cocktail of drugs that included steroids and anti viral medication. The render severe is an ivy piggyback and then the tax and that's a Sony can either and I see him push. Or and or hell. The president was not the first to receive free Jenner ons antibody treatment although unlike the president. Volunteers for the trial don't know whether they received the placebo or the real thing. He had no smell and OK yes that I had to this after this injection Yasser just a couple of days they came back yes cracked. One of the other companies producing monoclonal antibodies is Eli Lilly. Weeks ago we witnessed their treatments potential to stop then I'll break in its tracks many calling antibodies like there's a bridge to a vaccine. We are giving patients the and a body. Which the vaccine is intended to make your body produce one of the studies looking at prevention of even the spread of called the via. In a nursing home what do you want to get you on a placebo or anyone like the real power there are saying. But last week highlighted the possible impact of these antibodies as a way to treat people who are already infected that's exactly what doctors were hoping for. When the president took the treatment. Clearly he appears improved. I am inclined to attributed to the three different therapies that he received. And at the UC hell center in Denver this family also volunteered for a Jenner ons experimental treatment. I was the bring your codes in the firmware. My daughter and I were watching TV and I really the person filling and I looked at Harrison. Used to explain yeah you are killed and then. I our hands and then the next morning we both hook up with no teachers now. After the infusion Graham says she got over her symptoms notably faster than our sun. I like to think I got a placebo and she yards out around because you know no way she could still recover from faster than I was yeah. It's made my blood Andrea. Day really. It's possible that I had my smell back during a couple hours afterwards just a moment or two. Since the president's use of monoclonal antibodies trial facilities tell us volunteer applications have risen dramatically their hope of is that this will lead to faster government of. Approval I think that. All of this attention to this therapy may speed up the approval in the mechanism by which you would do so is that people will be even more inclined to seek out. Enrollment in this trial. Today Eli Lilly announced it is seeking emergency use authorization from the FDA. And since monoclonal antibodies have gotten all this presidential attention. Stocks for both Eli Lilly and regeneron. Have gone up. I'm Bob Woodruff tracking the race for a vaccine. Bit of a boost to the market based on that good news our thanks to Bob for that.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"ABC News’ Bob Woodruff gets an inside look at the antibody treatment from Regeneron the president received at Walter Reed Medical Center, and that he is now touting as a potential “cure.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"73490031","title":"Vaccine Watch: President Trump’s antibody treatment","url":"/Health/video/vaccine-watch-president-trumps-antibody-treatment-73490031"}