Vaccine Watch: US vaccines in high demand around the world

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff reports on worldwide demand for vaccines as unvaccinated countries continue being hit hard by COVID-19, even as some Americans resist getting the shot.
5:29 | 06/10/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vaccine Watch: US vaccines in high demand around the world
The White House's plan to purchase 500 million doses of Kobe vaccine from Pfizer provide for the global waxing program Kodak's. We'll be welcome news to those around the world still struggling to get vaccinated becomes even as some justice here in the US could potentially go to waste as vaccination rates decline. So what are the hurdles to getting more vaccine doses overseas. ABC's Bob Woodruff takes a look in this week's vaccine watch. Yeah this morning. RS said is just try to get as many does change eight. Vaccines in arms Americans while we think about the rest of births are hollow and and try to just you. Around walls. As of now more than five billion people around the world have not yet received a single shot. Some countries have not received vaccines at all including for Rudy Eritrea Tanzania and Haiti. I'll tune in shops have been administered worldwide and about 80% of those are either in high income or middle income countries. Some desperate for a vaccine are coming to the US either because there are not enough vaccines at home from a from a former home home. Or others don't trust the vaccines they are offered in their own country. I had more more more more hopeful. Made. Me happy in Decatur. Moment she. No yeah. But it really is a bit of the wild west right now I think the good news is there's more more vaccines being develop pending mean more available. President Biden plans for the US to ship up to eighty million vaccine doses around the world by the end of this month. And has also pledged at least four billion dollars to the international Kovacs efforts. More than any other nation. Are they announcing the first 25 million of those doses will go to the country's most in need. I'm 191000020. I'm going to be shared their program called ax. Which is hard on the world health organization's plan to unionized. Countries that are lower resource the remaining six million will go to countries prioritized by the US. And to UN front line workers. It's a drop in the back and be mean it's it's a good well jets share. But it's a job and buy it and you we need to be says or in countries are ramping up their current. Production. Kovacs initially promised the world one point eight billion vaccine doses by June. But by the end of this month that promise will likely fall short by about 190. Million doses. They're needed another 250 million by September. And it's really hard because India where the majority of these vaccines are supposed to be. A fact chaired Cass Gilbert their doses to its own thanks but. Adding to the growing complexity of the global vaccination campaign new questions about which vaccines will count for international travelers. Yeah. Teens are treated equally in both seems vastly out armed international stage where we're seeing certain countries experiencing a surge you can decide how. Outrage you incredibly. Are well played back teams across our nation. These surgeons are related both experience and also because. Vaccines are using those countries were just not as a factor. This for example vaccines like AstraZeneca on Russia's sputnik be. And China sign a farm had not been approved for use here in the United States. Because without saying these are all different vaccines are so they're not identical in Indian in the way they work and and then also presumably and how well they work. So the question is would the US or other countries allow travelers who received them to enter. Even if for some countries these were the only vaccines available. What does that mean for all season were turning to US and at a require the immunize as part of their. Their college experience it. As far Maxine to me not. You need to be accountable and have to start over and we Jackson's they teach religion to dozens of 500 maybe it's a single shot of a Jane Jane as a booster. Starting July 1 countries in the EU will allow free travel for those holding a digital Covert certificate. Proving they are vaccinated with one of those approved by the European medicines agency it's complicated because teach people how. JR has the right vaccine for the country get wanted to go to you and what is the protocol. And as for the United States still no clear guidance. This is Bob Woodruff tracking the vaccine.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"ABC News’ Bob Woodruff reports on worldwide demand for vaccines as unvaccinated countries continue being hit hard by COVID-19, even as some Americans resist getting the shot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78186926","title":"Vaccine Watch: US vaccines in high demand around the world","url":"/Health/video/vaccine-watch-us-vaccines-high-demand-world-78186926"}