Visit a Leading University in Transcendental Meditation

ABC News' Josh Haskell takes us inside Maharishi University, a leading retreat for teaching transcendental meditation.
12:49 | 01/21/16

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Transcript for Visit a Leading University in Transcendental Meditation
Josh Haskell not on the campaign trail today I'm actually it more Hershey university continuing. My road trip through some Iowa landmarks and who would have thought that one of the leading universities for transcendental meditation. And sustainability would be here in Iowa but it is which is talking or some students are actually in the middle of meditation right now but. They said it was totally fine if we sort of showed them and we're not disrupting their meditation this is a computer science. Class. That is currently meditating. In fear feel are aware and right now. Morgan speak to an actor who went about the education in the curriculum here were students meditate. Two times a day here on can't so in the morning in the evening. This is part of their curriculum that was a group of students practicing transcendental meditation. But it was computer science costs and it just connect. Shows you moving about the curriculum here is it doesn't matter what torture and what class what you're studying the thousands the 1000 students here they are all required to practice meditation. So I wanted to connect with David Fisher. He's won the professors here he can tell slow but about the curriculum what makes this university so unique and David what are you come up stand right here and David tell our viewers live on ABC digital camera come this way just look at about this university in what makes it so special and different in sports developing student. Well most universities. Happy emphasis on doubt on his much information. No wisdom. Skills knowledge and so forth. As they can into the student a few of them are progressive lines trying to come up with the most progressive ways they can to get that mountains across. Where NUM difference is that we put a lot of emphasis on developing the student him or herself. And so we have a technique for doing that transcendental meditation. And we can't consciousness based education. And there is now quite a bit of research published in respected peer reviewed journals that show that it actually works it really does help to develop the student. So developing a student as well as the process of getting the knowledge and distant and the knowledge itself we put all three of those together. We can't practice this based education and that's how we're different from most of the members. So as you just saw that computer science class they're not just learning the techniques of a particular subject there are also taking the time after that class ends. To practice meditation what does that do for the student. And increases their field independence and increases there intelligence that is actually measurable objectively merit measurable IQ and a number of other learning parameters. But David you were telling me that over the course of four years a student's IQ improves. Drastically compared to other university well lane that Republicans are drastic drastic improvement but how do you measure that and and how would you say that's happening. Here are rather than at other places. Well because we know from the research that we've done. That practicing TM activates parts of the brain. That otherwise would not get activated and overall by releasing stress. It allows the brain to. Become more functional than it is to become more coherent and the different quadrant of the brain and so pork. Become more incoherent with one another which allows them miles the student. The owner of the brain to learn more efficient. And how would you sum up transcendental meditation to our viewers who might not be Miller how does it vary from other forms a meditation. The big difference is that requires no concentration no contemplation. Is effortless. That's what distinguishes it from all or other types of meditation. So you're given it's it's not a religious thing it's it's simply you're given a meaningless monitor you reputed to yourself. For about fifteen timeouts and it class today. And did transgendered your mind chance in stock and as you do that you get to the level of all thought. And then stress comes out and you just reprieve that over and over and over gap and did you get rid of more and more stressed your brain functions better and better. David what you tell slogan about this building that weren't pretty. Interest hitting college. So he's building that you really see on many other campuses that this is where students are learning where teachers offices are explained to us the structure was designed what goes on here. We started up this program has sugar program insisting that all 2003 it was the first four year degree program. And and now. And we were originally house and you know with us here. He went. And basically all we're teaching students about sustainability. Our building was contradicting. So we've we decide penthouse and building blocks talk that actually reflects what we're telling us. So about 2005 we started planning this building hands. We moved into the about three years ago. And it is and my opinion. The most ambitious and environment building on the Platt in what makes it sustainable woman makes it Salim dish so here is up. What we tried to do we wanted to head off and always. Heating cooling. Water wastewater treatment electricity. We're not completely operated with electricity. Over year. Uses that are more use. And and and that we wanted the building to meet or different. Phyllis optical architectural principles. Of course lead which is an industry standard. And living that would challenge and and working very architecture. And that. Wanted to build entity. Have dateline throughout the building. These large trees that hold up the roof whole trees. And in addition to that pump actor blocks which Jamaica. The thermal mass of the walls both inside and outside so putting all of those features together on building. No other environmental building has come anywhere close to having that much ambition all commercial. And before we go and speak with your students will need about transcendental meditation to just practice. Finally can just tell our viewers why Iowa why is this place and fair Fairfield Iowa and M how did it. Come to be. That is because we've mop the campus. Which was used to be Parsons college Parsons college close. There was a campus available the movement was looking for a players parents campus that you just aren't out UC Santa Barbara that area. And one this campus became available the moment body so that's why we came here. We'll thank you so much and appreciate you letting us in on your busy day here at the university and it looks like the students it. Finished. Practicing transcendental meditation this is a group of students in their computer science class this is how we started out showing are you guys done. Did I disrupt U at all what it's doing through. It as the little. I'm so sorry. But is the is that goal that you're not distracted by what's going on around you. It's. Just turnaround and so Menem whose rate your who I was speaking to earlier from Ethiopia. And your rule. From war on. Madison Wisconsin. And problem from the hall. In your teacher from China he so much for having us in on the classroom so when I ask you guys. You are taking class this year that are similar classes taught at universities throughout the country. But what's different is that your practicing transcendental meditation twice today. How does that affect used student. From you think. For programmers need to have this kind of mansion and into zone. Where. Transcendental meditation. Gained its. Focused more big. You programmer and in computers. And what about you haven't would you say that this program desperate. I think that woman's nation including those colors is really helps relieve stress. It is being hired on colleges. So. Decreases stress. She's still the same amount of homework and it's the same tests and exams but you're telling us that the fact that you are participating in this implementation allows you to. Maybe a little bit more relaxed students sleep longer until a little more acts. Deep sleep easier more today. And I take it that you want to go into the field of computer science is well yes they did. So what attracted you to go into the school and the first is because there are ready to throw the country to teach computer science courses. Well. Aaron and so my problems Cohen Malone stresses there so I heard of this college. And highly contradictory. Stress free environment relief checks. Excellent candidate for talking to us now go over and talk to Stella. In stellar tell us kind of what. Transcendental meditation is done to use ST here. Has no computers. Kalus. It's really helpful. Get to me. That's good seeks to masks and you have but this. When you made it that's the kind. If he's asbestos and news he helps us that game more PTV. Two missile that confidence he. No. Things. I have to ask how did someone from Wanda and up in Iowa. I my dad is a T and teacher. Like introduced to him when it has so when it came here. These school. Choice. And TM is transit implemented yet TN is. Its. So my last question for you and we're going to talk to men are you excited. Is you go on to your career you graduate from here how you take what you've learned that this university do you believe it your practice meditation for the rest your. Introduced its new well. Is. There anything. Yeah. And man hours this course and meditation act Angela. Oh it exits in a positive way. And Kevin see if it he hopes to relieve stress so he can focus on his tiny. Will Smith is Hobbs and confidently. Will we want to think you guys so much for letting us into your world for the day and a sorry about being a little noisy for that 102 period but I think it was interesting to kind of show that world so I think you'll lets you get. Place. Acts. So that's is seen here maharishi university. In Fairfield Iowa Hillary Clinton was here just about two weeks ago I covered an event and neighboring town and so the candidates recycling through but. Talking to the students here politics the Iowa Caucuses it's not something that's on their mind at all there. Here to learn study and as you just her transcendental meditation allows them to do that successfully without. They say the stress is that their friends and other colleges in terror cell law. I'll be back on the campaign trail tomorrow but for now this is ABC's Josh Haskell signing off denial.

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