Wash. Man Accused of Fraud in Treating Cancer Patients

Court records show several people died under Sung Min Im's care.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for Wash. Man Accused of Fraud in Treating Cancer Patients
Juiciest herbs prayer honey and salt mixtures that's what more records allege sung -- am. Advice cancer patients to trust rather than traditional cancer treatment. His treatment is also spelled out clearly on his web -- a person that I knew Beverly -- says she became a friend of one of -- patients when she lived next dorks. She offered her own account to the Washington state department of health. I saw the person doing things that as it turns out -- are acts of doctoring and are not. Legal to do. -- is also accused by the state of telling patients do not seek medical care but we did find a disclaimer at the bottom of his website saying cleansing way is not a medical facility. And that care must remain with the specialist physician. That it's an educational institution in accordance with the word of god we went to ends facility but it was closed off by -- gate and no trespassing signs we were told by phone that M was not available to talk to his -- is not guilty of practicing medicine without a license. Or of the other allegations of wrongdoing. But -- says her friend suffered and died of cancer too soon because of the treatment given by M. The whole world -- -- just a really strong wonderful person. Because she put her faith and. Wrong person however she does say her friend believed in prayer and non medicinal options that's what she want to that's -- team just wholeheartedly believe the signers was -- -- when -- -- proved to not work and at a high price. According to court records her friend was -- 69600. Dollars. But I wasn't going to leave her. No I -- there -- defeat any. Talk to -- Told -- it was all right. -- make sure that the children were taking care.

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{"id":22582502,"title":"Wash. Man Accused of Fraud in Treating Cancer Patients","duration":"3:00","description":"Court records show several people died under Sung Min Im's care.","url":"/Health/video/washington-man-accused-fraud-treating-cancer-patients-22582502","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}