Sweet Dreams

Having trouble sleeping? ABC's Tech Contributor Tina Trinh tries out the newest technology that could help you get a better night's sleep.
3:24 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for Sweet Dreams
Are. Oh. What you're awake and watching us right now chances are like us can't get in a good night's sleep yet stability bits or not it could be. What's on your bed. To blame what new technologies and betting could be just what the Stan van Orton you know ABC that contributed to deter. What is it didn't work out have to do with good night's sleep it's all about the year and the same technology that keeps his cool in the courts and he just cool in Tennessee. Called beds here and it's taking sportswear out of the gym and into the bedroom. All that heat it's wet that interrupts your work out and turns out it can minarets a good night's sleep to. So much heat that comes up about everything in the news so in order helping same pattern we wanted to that he and Leicester with everybody in this fancy cotton sheets and things don't always helped when it comes to catching some shut eye although it's often and then natural. It also takes on heat moisture and trapped him next to our skin. But just like the fabrics and work out here looking for bodies could play the same technology works for keeping body school address. We found is that we needed to get any technical fabric into the pillow. That would allow if you can keep moisture and we get away from morehead bed here causing dry tank and it's built into their pillows and sheets. All of our products and manufactured with. Things political performance polyester long table Polly allows us to create leaf pattern. When moisture hits it it looks at what's to travel down the left of the right of your body. This is a heat reflection. Technology a different than dry pet tri tech is just more secure. Quick thinking away this is taking your body temperature which is 98 degrees when you're sleeping. And it's deflecting it all night long. I can't believe how cold steel like anywhere attach it feels really really cool. And a cool that means schools heads will prevail all of us. She's more in mind and body can sleep to get better things in life the reality is when she's when you eat last. Now that's worth sleeping on teen trend ABC news New York. This is serious both state and this is cool to the cuts this is a little more we always want the cool side of the pillow will both sides a well that is really cold this actually it's that is that I need this desperately right now go ahead. I can I got it comparisons cats can we can't get. But the news their tails for awhile for several hotels and if that's okay you can rollover out of blamed it for you somewhere and this is the only love struggling with the sleep for days. So apparently a set of performance she's. Will cost you around 200 dollars a set for four and a bad performance sheets. Who nude pictures of hostess who performed at a mattress protector can rescue 9200. And seventy dollars he's pillows about a 150. OK compared to when he's thousand and whatever count sheets. And write a better hundreds having just for one hello. It's just for went up to that facility of the Soviet go there let those things pricing Egyptian thousand count all the ceemea that's the second when you first set but I think. I like this cooler ones why a lot of had a nice and actually him. C Hastings brown and slip through when we come. Okay three.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Having trouble sleeping? ABC's Tech Contributor Tina Trinh tries out the newest technology that could help you get a better night's sleep.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"26394014","title":"Sweet Dreams","url":"/Health/video/world-news-now-sweet-dreams-26394014"}