11 Injured in Israel Stabbing Spree

Tel Aviv police arrest Palestinian suspect behind latest lone-wolf attack.
5:04 | 01/21/15

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Transcript for 11 Injured in Israel Stabbing Spree
You can. Bus stabbing spree injuring eleven people on Abbas in Israel three of them critically. Here's the latest in a series of lone wolf attacks in Israel's major. Right now the international hot spot Tel Aviv is round a left. New York the Israeli government says it is treating today's stab Maine. The terror attack and we're joined now by Associated Press reporter to you Goldberg. In Jerusalem's he would give us the very latest about this attack and the suspect. Short of a suspect is now undergoing questioning by police he has been all day. He was shocked by eight by police earlier this morning now. What we know about the suspect is accused of 23 year olds from the West Bank town of -- car and she was in Israel illegally here right this morning came with a knife. Boarded the bus and carried out the attack we've heard from police about his motives he said he was driven to carry out the attack. Because of the summertime yachts or. Because of what police say is extremist Islamic videos that he was watching that glorified reaching head and we understand that. I. But he was also. Inspired by. By by tension surrounding Jerusalem site that's holy to both Jews and Muslims so he's currently being investigated. By Israeli police right now. So TO we know that he made it into Israel are authorities sane exactly how the suspect mated to is now. They're not saying I don't know that it's too early to say exactly how we came in but this is is a constant problem that Israel faces being so close to the West Bank which on the one does how to eat Israeli security separation barrier but on the other hand there are still supports pockets where Palestinians can't sneak through many you come in legally to work. But there are a number that come in illegally and there is also which it's in this case we saw today. And we also know that this attack of course comes after the horrific massacre in synagogue a few months ago or lone wolf attacks getting. More common. Well you definitely see over the last few months a series of a lone wolf attacks we've seen them apparently in Jerusalem. Alston and in the West Bank in different settlements in your settlements and you've seen them in Tel Aviv both today and a few months ago. About a dozen Israelis have been killed in these attacks state Palestinian attackers who used. Cars to attack pedestrians it is knives has resigned his case they used ousted. And police faced severe problem trying to stop these attacks because. He's the attackers are not affiliated with any militant groups. There's no way to its use intelligence to figure out what they're plans are many of these attacks art if not spontaneous and not shared with anyone else does the police can't really track and struggle to stop. And we also know that Israel bombed Hezbollah targets in Lebanon over the weekend do we know that that there is any connection to this. It doesn't seem like there's any any connection. This is this militant doesn't cite his attacker doesn't have any any links to two militant groups. So there doesn't appear this doesn't appear to be ED. Potential response that that Israel. Is is is waiting for in light of of the attack. And we also know that Hamas praised the attack but the group has not taken responsibility cracked. Correct the earth is taking responsibility called it a brave and heroic attacked seeking calling it natural response to the crimes of the occupation Israel's occupation but it did not claim responsibility for. And we know that tensions of course are high in that region in this attack comes during the start of election season in Israel. How might this affect the government's response. Well it's more likely to affect how voters might respond because there has been a string of attacks over the last few months this may be something that could. Working Netanyahu prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's favor he's seen as a security hawk. His main opponents eyes it hurts RNC delete me. And that they they promote and they're at it the way of the of negotiations with Palestinians rademan and trying Hartmann a hard line. So we may see that the security issues Israel in face of the last few months could work Netanyahu's deeper on the other hand. Is that voters may see it as Adam. As nick that he sees things as having it have may have had enough. With the violence and could cast their ballots in favor of sun Livni and her son who do want negotiations with the policy. All right Associated Press reporter Tia Goldberg in Jerusalem thanks for joining us and giving us an update. And you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Tel Aviv police arrest Palestinian suspect behind latest lone-wolf attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"28375887","title":"11 Injured in Israel Stabbing Spree","url":"/International/video/11-injured-israel-stabbing-spree-28375887"}