50,000 Russian Troops At the Ready on Ukraine's Border

President Vladimir Putin sends reassurances that Russia has no plans to invade despite troop buildup.
3:00 | 03/28/14

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Transcript for 50,000 Russian Troops At the Ready on Ukraine's Border
This is a special room. Reject the notion that. There is. -- -- Of influence. Along the Russian border that -- justifies. Russia. Invading other countries. President Obama may rejected but Russian tanks and troops are building up on the border with Ukraine as the deposed former leader now in Russia. -- calling for more secession boats. Across the country everyone I'm Dan -- in New York this ABC news digital special report it is not. Ballot boxes at least not yet but that has regional tensions rising again is -- heavy artillery massing on Ukraine's eastern edge. US police as many as 50000. Men. Ready to cross the border so with the latest on the crisis in Ukraine and president Obama's latest comments want to bring in from Moscow ABC's care Roddy and -- thanks for joining us. We have seen the video now troops tanks artillery building or built up. Along that border what is it going to take -- is far sparking a full scale invasion. I think there's only one person that knows what that is about to -- -- himself. US officials have admitted that burial on intelligence doesn't really know exactly what he's going to do at this point -- -- Evidence of a massive troop buildup along the border but there that doesn't mean there's a political decision to actually go in at this point. Like I said there's only one person that knows -- that will be. Viktor Yanukovych a former leader of is now speaking from X -- in Russia he's pushing for new Crimea style secession -- across the country. How likely is that happen and you know essentially how Ukrainian politics to respond to that kind of a battle call. Well -- as you can imagine that the government didn't hear the interim government does not want that to happen they have scheduled. Presidential elections -- May they think that that's the way to go at this point. You don't get a coach may want to do this but it's sort of pie in the sky at this point but I will say. That the Ukrainian government is certain western governments have also accused. Russia's intelligence service infiltrating east and eastern Ukraine and trying to stir up tensions over there. So if they do want to create a sort of -- -- like situation they could do that. President Obama said this morning fact that -- -- may affect not be getting -- west's message straight this with the president's. What I have -- -- Is that. He may be entirely -- The west he certainly misreading American foreign policy we have no interest in. Encircling. Russia and we have no interest -- Ukraine. Beyond letting the Ukrainian people make their own decisions about their own lives. So care to questions -- But do we think that who believes that statement and really Mort does that comment represented an attempt. I think that is an attempt to try to. It looks back at Russian history passed the Soviet Union -- -- -- promises by US presidents and leaders in Europe. Not to expand NATO towards Russia's borders and that's exactly what they did in the late nineties if you listen to Putin's speech just a couple days ago -- a week ago I should say. That's what he talked about the most that Russia was betrayed and I don't think you trust them at this point you're talking a little what's happening on the ground -- -- -- right now the seat of a new government. Who was protest in what what are they after. Well there are several people outside of the parliament right now -- -- here. They are members of the a radical right wing group called probably sex -- the right sector. And they're the ones we're actually in the middle of that battle against life -- last month. And they're protesting. Because they there just was killed. Just three days ago they all Interior Minister resigned that these -- the folks that would when Russia goes this is that there are -- taking over the government to give. These the guys they're talking about. Course they don't have -- support but every time something like this happens it gives the Russians an opportunity to use their propaganda to see that this is what's coming after the Ukrainian people. Ukraine caught -- linked US and Russian diplomacy and hundreds of miles above the ground and -- it is not necessarily all bad between. Russia and the United States at least once you leave Earth's orbit how is it going. At the International Space Station on a collective effort with cosmonauts and astronauts up there. Yeah they -- -- a couple days ago it right International Space Station today. Like I guess that in the US who like to say that politics and is that the water's edge. But -- international politics and the -- -- -- when that is certainly some that maybe we can look at as a reflection for diplomacy should be working. A little to close at home. Today an anniversary. -- no war in Crimea in 2014 not yet anyway can't say this end up where this state 160 years ago. What were they fighting over back then and is it a reflection of what's happening today. You know I think this is that. Speaks you're talking about the anniversary of the crime in more -- really what I -- this speaks to is these strategic importance. Of that peninsula you know -- small piece of land but it's been fought over for centuries you know. Right now -- people forget that that. You know credit is the home of Russia's black see fleet it's an enormously. Importance. Strategic spot for the Russians as as their only warm water port and -- that they can get to the Mediterranean from. So I think that just talks -- exactly how important is places and bad and one of the reasons food mart it's about the strength of that region ABC's care Roddick -- Moscow -- thank you for your time really appreciate that. And of course you can keep up with all the latest from Russia Ukraine and real time by downloading ABC news -- starring the story for exclusive updates go. For now though I'm down Cutler New York. With this ABC news that special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"President Vladimir Putin sends reassurances that Russia has no plans to invade despite troop buildup.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"23102727","title":"50,000 Russian Troops At the Ready on Ukraine's Border","url":"/International/video/50000-russian-troops-ready-ukraines-border-23102727"}