60 million people on lockdown in Italy

Normally packed with visitors, Venice, Milan, and Rome have been deserted, greatly impacting the Italian economy.
4:47 | 03/10/20

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Transcript for 60 million people on lockdown in Italy
A dramatic spike in corona virus cases now leading to the most sweeping government measures to contain the illness outside of China. Italian authorities just announcing a sweeping traveled in sixteen million people now on lockdown. Tourism in Venice and across the nation now ground to a halt the streets and canals and T today. And in Milan the business center of Italy a virtual ghost town aren't James long when is on the ground and files this report. Tonight the whole of it to the is on lockdown. Prime minister Giuseppe Conte announcing extraordinary measures that put more than sixty million people into quarantine. And tonight the chilling reality behind the numbers and icu in northern Italy. Patients being placed face down a technique to help their lungs get oxygen. A last ditch effort to keep them alive another 97 deaths reported today after 133. Yesterday. Have a full 160. People have now died. In the worst corona virus outbreak outside Asia major tourist hubs falling inside the red zone Venice and Milan now deserted. And even in Rome life is crawling to a standstill. This plaza at the coliseum is normally packed week visits is now take a look at it. Virtually deserted as the same story a tourist spots across Italy. This is is staying away and residents told to stay indoors and it's all having a massive impact on the Italian economy some tourist boat still making the trip. Getting stuck is still a real possibility right renewal gonna happen we kind of knew adapting to go back. The summer spike may be on the horizon China and South Korea now reporting a shot full in cases. And James long and joins us now near the Vatican me now when the north of Italy was shut down we saw images of people racing to train some try to get out officials were begging Italians not to go south that was just this weekend and now the full. Lock down what changed James. Well I think the Italian authorities just trying to get out in front of this I think there's a real sense that. Whatever officials were doing it just didn't seem quite enough that there may be days maybe weeks behind what really needed to be done and Ashley. Over the last couple of days. Very senior people have been hinting that the whole of Italy really should go into low down including former prime minister's. I didn't think anyone today thought it was going to happen quite say quickly there was some talk of the road and region may be going into this special measures but I think. This was a really and the government just try to do something that they knew was going to work because if you look at northern region where this quarantine has been in place. The cases have been coming down and not is what they hope to replicate across the rest of the country. Now well we'll see what happens I mean. What we've been instinct to see is that as you mentioned that the exodus from the north if you like has been replicated now on a national level I've had this might experience have been looking to try to get out told Italy as you can imagine. And it's very difficult Lara all the flights are getting some early but top so. Before if it was kind of a regional escape now it's a nationalist gave money all the the full government essentially just some seals the apple sold seals the borders will wait and see what happens of that in the meantime they've been trying to and so people to stay home. Your arrest of Cal's which is basically. I mean it's it's kind of an. You know I don't mind of people to stay I'm initially means stay I'm house I have started this didn't I'm kind of trending on twits analysts celebrities all this have been using it. And the government have picked diplomat trying to just. He reached economy younger people as well to make soul that they understand it is serious that if they carry this virus banana realize they've got it. They can give it to elderly members of that famine of course Italy had a very elderly population sight I most trust he's being used deceived whether. Any the month. And now a lot down efforts already impacted light there in what's the government gonna do to help people. Many of whom won't be working for several weeks potentially. Well I mean needed below Don has been extraordinary mean just about every public space has been affected by this through walking around Rome today as he sold it with just about every every whack in the whole of Italy I think the biggest biggest issue is the economy an 11% was wiped off. The Milan stock exchange hotels. Ha ha I'm being impacted and a huge way taxi drivers just everybody's. Got any kind of relationship to tourism which is such a big notes. All of the economy hate. Is being impacted by this there is a stimulus package which is coming out we had five billion year as is going to be easy tries it kind of help people who are just gonna have to staff time. And but it's unclear. Just how long would this is going so lost sight of I think he'd it's a guessing game colonel of people and living in that scenario. Mostly very very frightening and Romans Italians in general are hoping that this cause is a sin is possible. They have frightening I mentioned on james' long and our thanks to you.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Normally packed with visitors, Venice, Milan, and Rome have been deserted, greatly impacting the Italian economy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"69495181","title":"60 million people on lockdown in Italy","url":"/International/video/60-million-people-lockdown-italy-69495181"}