A$AP Rocky in Swedish court for 3rd day of trial for assault charges

The rapper pleads for justice during his assault trial, claiming he fought with defendant in self-defense.
4:06 | 08/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A$AP Rocky in Swedish court for 3rd day of trial for assault charges
Move overseas to Sweden in what is supposed to be the third and final day of the asap rocky trial again at the Grammy nominated rapper pled not guilty to charges. Of assaulting a man who was allegedly. Following his crew in Stockholm in asap rocky said he acted in self defense and yesterday both he and the accuser testify. And asap says he is just looking for justice so. I want to bring in a Rickey smiley who's the host of the Rickey smiley morning show to discuss. Some didn't see you making this morning. Yes what is your take on this entire situation. Is declared in our that's probably one reason I have spend economy. I don't really go out the current Super Bowl on but a whole different and everybody's Ratner. The cure or quote in the computer make your money. It's not important because when you're celebrity a rapper singer comedian whatever sometimes to become art. And we immigrant labor costs hostile environment right now if you could bomb threat to American that community United States. Titled here necessarily state. You know because it's safe energy out here it is not in the United States where but the law definitely different. And I hope that your child get a trial or whatever and from the video bit I. Like. Under market knicks. Am inch. Vote. I understand. With it's happening now. And we are Kristi Kim cart car anywhere. What are your carpet belt chops ticket didn't. Ought to get him out sick and get him back where we appreciate I'll bet. That's pretty that's where it is now a month. Yes he's been locked up sends the fight happened on June 30. Right right it's it's it's scary and it's that spirit. Yes so what they said that you know if he's convicted he would face up to two years lay even think about that sentence it seems like. I'm that's I mean that's a pretty long time especially when he was working he was on tour. You know he didn't hear it commit whatever cannot they have been at it that whatever it almost like YouTube and it. And arts and you would be arts we're in the umbrage. At the that you should do jury. It's at its discretion. The whatever my saying it whatever you. The guy injured. And the money that are in on that man. Where he could do in Albuquerque and any clamor in the oil and dobbs and denied that they. Eight it bigger and keep and they got my ma particular group beyond a reasonable doubt but whatever odds. But it is it's I really red and spirit that. They. Are right now that the environment right. Yet and just before we go. We we keep talking about asap rocky but we can't forget that his his two companions that he was with are also. In prison as well. Allowed three I didn't I didn't know it odd that debt. Everybody why why did they lock up every. 00. Because the video that we saw. Read it while at. The guy gray carpet not from. God their country. It. And hear from. It we know. It is really messed up now. We. Right Rickey smiley host of the Rickey smiley morning show thank you so much for joining us good to see you. Yes.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"The rapper pleads for justice during his assault trial, claiming he fought with defendant in self-defense.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64736153","title":"A$AP Rocky in Swedish court for 3rd day of trial for assault charges","url":"/International/video/aap-rocky-swedish-court-3rd-day-trial-assault-64736153"}