Papal Conclave 2013: First Day of Voting Ends, No New Pope

Black smoke emerges from Sistine Chapel as the first day's conclave ballots are burned.
16:49 | 03/12/13

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Transcript for Papal Conclave 2013: First Day of Voting Ends, No New Pope
And -- when this is ABC news digital special report I'm Dan -- and new York and you're looking at a live picture of the chimney. Above the Sistine Chapel the smoke is coming out of vote has been held for the day. We are just looking at some of the early seconds of that smoke billowing out there from the chimney as those 115 cardinals. Have cast their first ballot to elect the next Pope. Rain -- the Vatican tonight's long with some evening lights. Sometimes making it somewhat difficult to tell but at that point it does look like it could potentially be as safe. Call. That it is black smoke of course -- -- hedging very carefully because often times because it is dark out because it has been raining. It is difficult the -- exactly the color of the smoke but it appears though -- less it's going to lighten up in the next couple of seconds. It appears that it will be black smoke which indication that. No pontiff has been declared I want to bring in. Father Matt Malone who is. Well joining us now to give us some insight on this and father Malone you head as so many people had decided earlier on today that it wasn't likely that we were gonna have a decision. That's correct yeah I I I think the world wouldn't flabbergasted at that light. The truth of the matters. The to the church was caught off guard by the announcement and wrong. And the church -- challenges are great. And so the cardinals are gonna take your time making this decision and think carefully about. -- they've spent time together. General obligation over the last several days and instance I'm socializing in dining together. It still remains. They need to think long heart temporarily. This matter and to decide this quickly would have been really mutual. And southern of -- -- -- -- you're the editor in chief of America magazine your -- with us now from Rome. On. -- what was that about how long have the cardinals then now. They have been there. Since. It's. About two and a half hours of my math is correct. That deadly -- and cognitive start shortly after after 1 o'clock. And explain a little bit now than what is the process that first round of ballots have been burned the result obvious in the black smoke coming from the chimney what's next. Well they will go to dinner and and they will have and night prayers and -- -- retire the evening tomorrow -- rule of grunts again actor hotel in the walls of Vatican. And they will be transported back. Of the Sistine Chapel after morning prayers. And there -- -- immunity to votes in the morning. And the possibility of two more -- in the afternoon it none of those -- conclusive totals for our ability possibilities tomorrow. And two opportunities to watch the -- of the morning one in the afternoon. OK although the fact that there are two votes held in both time periods should if you get watched -- again the voting process for how exactly the ballots are distributed among the cardinals. Little -- took him and. Time this afternoon was they have to decide. Who is actually going to be people who -- a -- it's going to tabulate votes. Take a look at. And to verify -- all -- have been taking. The first thing they do it is each carton was given a ballot and it says -- top and Latin high -- This screens on and a nurse blank space. -- cardinal writes in that space. Their choice in a way that. It does not reveal -- and writing character. Or -- it. On bend those salads are carried out. One -- one. Their place in Amman and current -- chalice. In front the -- -- Michelangelo's last judgment. East Harlem Mexico swearing that he has decided this good conscience on knowing that you be touched by the lower court. I'm places in the container. And then these engineers. There are three of them. Go through the balance one -- to make sure that poll that everyone who has voted and has voted that are more ballots than are voters. The second their clients the -- And the third. Justices. A safety and make sure it does the other two have acted correctly. All right so in hazardous -- -- a lot shots there from Saint Peter's Square some of the crowds that gathered outside for that shot right there for those. First signs of smoke coming from the chimney. Those -- now dispersing. Into the evening rain I want to bring in now father John got -- from the United States conference of Catholic bishops from Washington DC and father got very. Have -- -- not that black had it been light indicating that -- new Pope would have been elected what would happen next. Well the next. They would've taken him and this whole process probably 45. Minutes to an hour and they would have taken the newly elected Pope -- to what they -- the removed tears because it's a very emotional time. Taking this weight of the office. And change him into the wildcat sick which is the sign of hope. And then after bring him back into the Sistine Chapel were all -- cardinals would column two congratulate him and two. Two ask -- blessing and then he would be taken out. Into the front of the church of Malaysia there the front -- right over the main gate of saint Peter's. And the senior. And well announce. Nuncio -- mobius who gaudy mobbed him we have a we have hope. How they must pop on the -- we'll name the name. And he will say that. He has chosen. Whatever name as his papal name. So but that takes awhile and and -- interest you know -- that I noticed that smoke was very black they're they've gotten very good at. Apparently. Showing now but. They've had some problems in the past because. The name though sometimes the smoke is white and looks too dark. So Pope John Paul made that'll change that if it is white smoke in the -- kinda wondering. The bells of the basilica all of them will be start to rain and so there's that. Very tense moment where you're looking up at the chimney -- wondering is that -- is that black. And then the cameras turned to the belts. And all of a sudden you see the first movement of the bell and you know indeed that's white smoke and in at 45 minutes or so. The new Pope will be announced an end to the world to an end to greet the world so. It's quite dramatic thing but I I think that's a great change so there's no doubt if it's white smoke you're gonna hear the bells do. Father got -- I'm very happy that you pointed that out because in the news business often times there is a race to be the first. And in this case there is a race to be accurate. Which means that we will sometimes have to hold off on making any kind of declaration until we hear those bells and -- in fact that smoke is -- You mentioned a little bit about the process if in fact a new pontiff was elected today and a wonder if you could explain a little bit about the significance of the room of tears that is just off the Sistine Chapel. Well in. Are there are it's it's -- not a large room. But he goes in there with with the -- a couple attendants and the changes in there. And there are three different -- actually conceived there's actually more from three. They usually have in traditionally had three and they are different sizes one for smaller man I guess there are three there. Once -- one for a larger man and one for middle sized man so he's able to. The somewhat and then the taylors will come and obviously later and and actually tailored to exact his his exact. Measurements so. It but it's just to get through that first announcement and so that it had but it's more importantly than what's in that room. Did you could see a small that is just how emotional it is in there. I can imagine. The emotion of finding out that your of the one. And must be certainly surreal and I hope somewhat purple it's one of the reasons why every -- Every Catholic around the world names him by name in the U -- prayer. Because you can't do this job hunt without a tremendous amount of spiritual backing and so that's what we pray for now for all of them actually. That's an interesting point that that -- so small and so intimate and is probably the final moments before that man. Who'll be elected the next Pope will step out onto the world stage and his life forever changed. A father -- I wanted to bring you win as the 115 cardinals are now. Making their way out of the Sistine Chapel and they will be dying for the evening and then retiring to sent to -- -- house. And talking a little bit about their scheduled for tomorrow they will be. Holding mass that the Paul line chapel there -- have a prayer service in the Sistine Chapel and the voting will begin. About 430. Eastern time. The nation's fourth 4:30 AM eastern time ends. Say in both of those votes the smoke is the same as what we saw this evening black and no one is elected. They would then retire for lunch and returned back to the Sistine Chapel where the two afternoon votes. If that day were to continue want for tomorrow and let's say those four votes still hold no conclusive. Pope. How many days can that schedule carry on is there are limits. Good three days and then there are required to take a break and they hear from. -- of their -- A senior members played reflects the wrong you know the nature of their -- and a reminder of what it is that they ought to be considering making their decision. And sad day -- Four you know if they don't reach conclusions literacy for another three days than they would take. Yet another break her dead. And are they now they they they are completely closed off essentially from the press but among themselves though. Do they have conversations about this did they discuss the votes what kind of dialogue goes back and forth between now I wonder and tomorrow when the next vote will be held. Well certainly there are talking amongst themselves and -- and challenges. Church faces and the content. Men -- they need to -- helping the church to meet its challenges. You know there are certain protocols around this spends and they are rather -- even when you're not in the -- so for instance when does not go around. Closing -- -- to throw one's own. -- -- -- It would be rare that you -- he would speak directly to many are considering voting for. You would probably speak to his friends and his colleagues first. And a ascertain you know this is what I'm thinking -- -- disputed city could this possibly work. It's very indirect and again its -- and that is that in directness is accustomed that is developed. Over centuries. As a means is you know keeping human nature checked and making sure that. We don't there's nothing there that would encourage him to -- We -- -- -- anyone who has just now joining us you're watching an ABC news digital special report live coverage of the papal conclave on down Cutler and New York. And in -- of the Roman Catholic cardinals have vote ends but they have not elected a new Pope the black smoke from the Sistine Chapel chimney. -- a little less than fifteen minutes ago capping off a long historic -- the cardinals. Well now we heading into their Porter at the Santa -- house. And father got three. As they're now going to be reflecting on today's activities. Do you find that this. This process is -- is it is -- unifying. Event for the Catholic Church or as in the past ten days. As so many issues that affect Catholic Church is facing have been brought up is it -- somewhat raise those issues to a higher level that could potentially be divisive -- Well it's certainly could be divisive I think that that again is why it's so important. Consider what the dean -- -- Donald said of his homily. This morning in saint Peter's to the cardinals he he said. That this is to be a unifying moment certainly for the cardinals but I think for the church as well. It doesn't help to have in the church is always face struggles. And if those struggles they need to be faced and in a -- and a healthy way. So I think that -- all of us are praying that this will be a moment. Of great unity for. For the church and that it will be a time where we can move forward. With. In evangels -- nation that is able to proclaim not ourselves. But Jesus Christ I think it's important for us to remember why the church is. It's not about a man it's not about any of loss in the -- it's about. The lord using the instrument the church. To proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ it was so anything that. Distracts us from. From that goal. Needs to be dealt with so that we can get on with the business of what we're about and I think that that's. What we're all praying for in the church that. Whoever is chosen might lead us in that direction. Certainly dealing with some of the struggles that the church -- house. But also to do it in a way that allows us to move forward and keep our eye on the ball so to speak. Father Malone your thoughts from Rome. No I would I would agree with. Identity. You know and we wanted to. This light it is less like. -- election in a democracy but first call the church is. Democracy strictly speaking -- and -- Do we have to remember. The cardinals. Who are just sitting in this are not. Op really conceding. There were as. Gauging the election they think have been investigating. And literacy and state thing there -- work as an active prayer. And and so. That's why didn't appear strange to the outside world. That is used to watching very different kind of -- And so I would agree with Monica street it's important to remember. This this is a unique kind of experience and it takes as -- player reference. It's -- in the lower. Father Malone -- forests from Roman father got three in Washington DC gentlemen thank you both for your time this afternoon and the weight. Well not go -- a second day of voting for a new -- continue tomorrow in the Vatican and that is good news for Catholic organization that has set up. This is -- alarm. Dot com the site takes your information it promises. So the overwhelming excitement there of course ABC news has no such limitations our whole team is watching that chimney for signs of white smoke to keep an eye on On your computer on your -- -- -- -- tablet Twitter and FaceBook as well. Always have room and welcome news. So from --

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{"id":18712697,"title":"Papal Conclave 2013: First Day of Voting Ends, No New Pope","duration":"16:49","description":"Black smoke emerges from Sistine Chapel as the first day's conclave ballots are burned.","url":"/International/video/abc-digital-report-papal-conclave-2013-day-voting-18712697","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}