ABC News All Access: Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020

President Trump speaks out about coronavirus, Rep. Clyburn endorses Biden, update on missing Idaho kids and more.
24:57 | 02/27/20

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Transcript for ABC News All Access: Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020
Tonight on ABC news all access fears over the corona virus on the wives. The new warning from the Centers for Disease Control plus. In major endorsement from the so called king maker of South Carolina they could shake up the race for the White House. And an ABC news exclusive hear from the stepfather of two children missing since September their mother of rested in Hawaii. Good evening I'm Stephanie Ramos all those stories are coming up in the sex half hour but first we begin. We have a big story the core roan no virus it's been spreading overseas. New cases are diagnosed around the globe including a surge in Italy along and South Korea where an American service member. Station there has come down with the virus and now president trump is speaking about the emergency. ABC's Alex fishing has been following the developments today. Today a grim milestone the World Health Organization reporting for the first time you're more new corona virus cases outside of China then and it Croatia Brazil Canada Pakistan Latin America and several other smaller countries American universities like fear field in Syracuse have canceled study abroad programs in Florence Italy. Others have taken similar action in South Korea and in the United States preparations to deal with a deadly virus now fully. Moving ahead we're very very ready for this I'm going to be announcing. Exactly right now. That I'm going to be putting our vice president Mike Pence in charge. Health experts say the country needs some 300 million mask in case of an outbreak. However China controls many of the materials needed to make them I still don't. Think this this administration seems to have grasp on it presents taken very strong and decisive action here in terms of protecting our borders. And in New York State home to the largest city in the US governor Andrew Cuomo says all the suspected cases of -- nineteen have tested negative. He says they expect to have a positive case in the future but they're ready for it. Yes we're preparing but. This situation. It is not a situation that should cause undo a year. Health officials are recommending that Americans pay extra attention to their surroundings cleaning the surfaces that they touch. Washing their hands more frequently ends covering their mouth and nose is when they call in sick. Staying at home Stephanie. Thanks very much Alex and the CBC's deputy director shared some advice with ABC's Robin Roberts today on Good Morning America Nicholas. The CDC's principal deputy director doctor and shook it. It's good enough to join us now live from Atlanta appreciate your time this morning we know how busy you are we've also heard about. These strong warning from your agent CX so can you please break down how dire the situation is right now. This is a relatively new virus and we're learning every day more and more about it when things we've learned is that it's quite transmissible. Beyond of that outbreak in China the outbreak on the cruise ship we now have outbreaks in in Europe. Outbreaks in other countries in Asia and we recognized that. Are very strong measures here in the United States to contain the virus to keep it limited to very low numbers. May not hold for the long haul we don't know exactly what will occur here but the transmits ability has us wanting to be prepared. We also know that the virus is not as severe as we first feared in the reports out of Hubei Province. What we're seeing in terms of severe cases. Is prime nearly the elderly and people with chronic conditions like diabetes or. Heart disease that are hardly hit. What we aren't seeing a lot of disease in children which is a feature of flu. So we're still learning. And we wanna be prepared and the outbreaks in Europe and in South Korea in the Middle East have made us want to. Raise our attention and how are you being prepared because president trump is saying that. Everything is under control do you do you share that right now and when what are that the steps going forward. We work very closely with state and local public health partners we actually practiced for pandemic. And threats like this. And so we've been intensifying our communication and outreach to the health department's. Because when outbreaks hit it's really on that front line city county or state. That public health is on call so were equipping them with guidance about how to address this ratcheted arrive in their communities. And working on their strategies. We're also on reaching out to the health care sector. And to businesses and educational settings it's really a question of making sure that those plans we had for for. For a potential pandemic. Our updated and ready to implement should we need them and does your advice for people who are watching this morning precautions that they can take. Will this is a respiratory virus and we think it's spread through respiratory droplets you know coughs and sneezes and so forth. So those sensible measures we talk about every year with the flu are important steps that she can take. Cover your mouth and nose when when you cough or sneeze stay home when your sick. And wash your hands it's a great reminder that washing your hands is in good prevention steps for respiratory virus can never say that enough doctor and sugar thank you very much appreciate. Some really good reminders there thanks to Robin Roberts and the CDC for those tips moving on now to the race for the democratic nomination for president. We were in the spin room after last night's debate speaking with some of the candidates about the other tasks they took from their rivals here's ABC's Eva pulled back. Let him run up. Today issue privatizing prisons and then went after you on maps and night. That's something Manning a lot of South Carolina in the south Carolinians will take pretty personally they were a lot of them really against the idea of privatizing prisons. You owned a business that did back. Judge I didn't install and business that did not. And I sold it fifteen years ago because I decided it was wrong and I've worked against me for fifteen years. So actually that was something we think I was making them Clinton actually wrote the crime bill. Can put hundreds of thousands of black and Latinos in jail that's the reason that we incarcerate people at seven times the rate of other countries. So actually I didn't work I did make a mistake I collected it and I moved on from decade not only working together in private prisons in my home state. But also working to get through the kind of harsh sentencing to Joseph Biden has been for. Also working to seal the game specifically. To support African American Latino women want to put. I have a long history of working for racial just. Mentioned you would consider removing and feedback. Where was quiet. Vibrant now why why would welcome to the question that I another spot not bring that up why would you consider remove them well I think what you wanna do is. Embassy location as a symbolic statement. The United States. I'm what I'm saying is that house to be looked at within the context. Of the United States doing everything it can pay to protect the independence and security of Israel but also pulling. Providing justice to the Palestinian people you got youth unemployment because look something like 70% people can't even beat. Possible despite the miserable living conditions there. And I want to mark foreign policy would be to say that the Israelis to save the Palestinians you know what we're gonna footwork on the sofa. But it cannot just be a one selected policy pro Israel and us the considerable pain and the suffering of the Palestinian people as well. Paint it happened on that please stop your momentum. I don't want to I think we did just fine and I think the issues that we're talking about raising that minimum wage for a living wage fifteen bucks an hour. Making sure that every kid in this country if the opportunity to go to college regardless of income. Demanding that the wealthiest people's interest up paying their fair share purchase I think that's an agenda supported by the American people I think if you don't Condace Pressley so I don't. Most of them feel like they're trying to get a sound bite continues tomorrow and that probably be successful. But I thought it was important for the people of South Carolina. And for that's fourteen super. It's Super Tuesday states I thought it was important for them to hear how presidents. And president when asked about her on a virus talks about what measures people should take. To make themselves safe and it brings calm to the situation instead of constantly fighting. He's the state coming up are you don't win Minnesota of course salmon ahead acting didn't side that last two holes have pretty significantly ahead. And it's an important state there's something like ninety delegates commented. I think it's one of the things he should now as we have staff in all fourteen states. But when you look at what really matters not just the first step of this primary step to. Look at the general election in Minnesota there's one person that wins Indy style Trump Ice that is. Point of that is me no one else is about. Talking about issues that matter to south Carolinians right on the ready 2015 minutes ago the world when that happens you wouldn't ask happiness and oh yeah they're talking about it. One universal background checks to so critical to closing beat Charleston loopholes and revenue reverent in his honor. In the honor all of those. Victims from that church. We have to get this done and literally we have a president I was the one that met with him at the White House after Kirkland sat across from him there's a video. And he said the times I had a little piece of paper wrote it down that hatch marks. My that he wanted to continue to nursing background check the next dating back with the NRA and painful that I will not follow it includes. Thanks to our Eva pilgrim and to the team there in the spin room last night's debate was the last ahead of Super Tuesday coming up. Next week and when we come back the big endorsement from the team maker of South Carolina politics. But will it be enough to get former vice president Joseph Biden back on top. Hear from congressman Jim Cliburn himself. Right after this. I have been saying to the needy. I've known for long term road awful. But I have not decided. Lament the shooter if the public. That voted. The joke. So after months. Should be voting for Joseph. I promise you this. If you send me out of South Carolina. With a victory. There'll be no stopping news. We'll win the nomination. Win the presidency. And most important. We'll eliminate the fear so many have in this country. Of a second term of Donald Trump. That was Joseph Biden speaking earlier this morning after influential South Carolina congressman James Cliburn. Publicly endorsed the former vice president this key announcement comes just three dates before the South Carolina primary is set to take place. Back now with more ABC news all access finds 38 dealing troop caught up with South Carolina congressman. To discuss his endorsement of biting and what could meet for his state of South Carolina. Do you think that people will follow your lead religious and arm hopeful that their wheels are you essentially saying that. You hope to stop senator Sanders from winning the nomination because you see him building too much of a liberal collection. To win a general election. I'm not trying to stop him. I'm saying to people who what I think. We needed and who it really. An up and stop in about it yeah I'm just aren't informed. I'm curious sir at 538 we spend a lot of time tracking public opinion trying to figure out what the will of the people actually is. And we rely a lot on holes. How do you come to a conclusion about what or who is best for South Carolina. I go to church. And that suits their churches. Our grow. To sort through places ago. To restaurants. I grew to announce news. And I taught mostly. To the people. In motels and hotels who made in the for a major sweep in the flows. Those who people are taught to. That's how you come to a conclusion about what's passports are Carolina so what is best for our. What does the state meat from a nominee. We needed a nominee. Who we will do three things. Explain to people. Port you'll candidacy. Mean to him. Senator that. This is what my election means to you. This rumor that to mean means to your family. And as a romantic. Connection means to your community. And I sit there ever when we canvass move past. Talk to people about what's in it through the victim over the fairness and due from McNamee but would you do to improve their communities. I'll problem seems to me there is to minicamp its. Sprint. A trend in the people in the last month bill. Drug connected. Even when good example. What it means to you but the candidates. That you can be of need to be of us and Europe just a college. It's accurate. I hate my and a yeah that's about caucus of the that he and a because we got people will be electricians there will be close them they won't be a lot of things. Bob us. Nomar. Has both of his sons. In Obama so with there that's what they want to do. So to that point South Carolina has one of these. Lowest median incomes in the country absolutely Bernie Sanders spent a lot of time talking about the structural challenges for poor people in America me you made it clear we're not interested in a democratic socialist. Why don't you think that's the right prescription given how much of a focus there is in his platform. On the pork. There's a big difference to me between rhetoric and reality. And it's not Rio. That tout here is no longer be free forever equities. Fabio for you know three through. When he and it's no different when do you make excuses for it is not realistic that do commitment and it. All student debt what is realistic is in layouts and programs as soon. It's accusing will be a four. South Carolina is something of an existential test for former vice president Joseph Barton's campaign which he state in large part on his appeal to. Voters of color being on the ground here in South Carolina close to action Heidi Michael perform. Well there's the election bureau. Today that it won't be in tools. If we're growth Avaya thank you withdrew his first. Offers I don't know. Active and me. Close. Had the resources. If you reduce their growth. Mighty quiet in. Gaza and also popular unions. And and the vote will appeal this villages and she has it misses that appeals this. Appealed to its daily news. And also ago. That people don't have a young people listen and people on the front of them it is. There is over as it grew out there and modern young people most people Cindy Padilla. So who's. Your analysis that emit eight. It's and then there's youth there's that it is oh. People's movement vote young people on both new and what's happening you cannot tell me. That there are. More. Black people and stuffed with sentiments to accord brokered. And Carla Harris then they're off to what's that I. So why does that star yeah. Is it is pulling 1415%. And after American news and ordered an com or gone from the contest. It's uh oh about the hips. And I believe this personal. The very citizen. Susan well past its grow with the worst. Supreme Court decision sister it's. Sit and I believe very strongly. When you make money speech and that's what that's been. You are saying. But the person with the most money. Got the most speech. And if you've got. An F the American community. There any mechanism to manage. It is find people you say it went people who got most speech. The race for what it when he is certainly heating up thanks so much the congressman and 538 dealing troop for that interview. Still just former vice president Joseph Biden have a chance to make a comeback after some disappointing finishes in the first few contests. 538 managing editor Michael Cohen gave his take. On how the campaign is doing and his answer might just surprise you. Here's that at the same conditions that allowed Michael Bloomberg the search in the race are also really different Joseph bide. First the moderate lane it's still wide open. Bloomberg surged but really only but I would buy it and second place in state and national all. Meanwhile Bloomberg's craftsman -- performance and that Nevada debate. Hasn't been fully factored in the polls yet he's only now coming in more media scrutiny. We've only gotten a few new polls during this area. Basically all of them Cho Bloomberg public at the same time the other moderate link and and it included judge Amy Klobuchar. A completion and the evidence of an ability to capitalize. On the strong felling. In Iowa New Hampshire second we're heading into South Carolina which is probably I didn't strongest day in fact. He still leads in our South Carolina polling average has eaten up a bit. Lot. In other words it's really easy to imagine a world where 15 in emerges as the main alternative. Bernie Stan. And to that again. Quickly enough at Sanders hasn't run away with rates. I didn't have to do it quickly but there's still a little bit high. Our Mike all that sounded pretty good but just how confident are you really. It sounds pretty persuasive right actually we were raising NFL on this before the Nevada debate before the Nevada caucuses if you had asked me then. I would've been about a man on our op its. Since then though they have on Biden's way and I'm pretty senator dot I'd say this makes cents. Of course that's still not incredibly competent right by himself pass out several more things though it's way. Primaries are incredibly fluid this one especially set out. And really anybody out through there really confident about what will happen is full. Will congressman Cliburn endorsement make a difference for Joseph Biden will just have to wait and see but all eyes are now on south Carolina's primary just three days away. We turn now to the search for the missing Idaho siblings. In an ABC news exclusive our very own Marcus Moore tracked down the kids stepfather in Hawaii. Authorities and the family of these children continue to ask these questions where are the children are they okay. Here's what did children's stepfather. Told Marcus Moore. Okay. Chad day bill breaking his silence at ABC news is there anything that you would like to say to people at all who remember when. Concerned about the kids are concerned about you. And you write anything at all you want to say. Dave built refusing to answer questions about the whereabouts of his innocence that children. Seventeen year old tightly Ryan and seven year old JJ ballot and can tell me today bill are hard to get. All right it's okay. On Monday date bill was spotted visiting the whole wide jail where his wife going fallow is being held on a five million dollar bail and glory. That little seed in this recently unearthed video. Competing for business Texas in 2004. Facing possible extradition to Idaho and criminal charges related to the disappearance of her children last September. I holder's justice and I opened children. And another twist a court document alleging that wills niece Nathalie Boudreau knows where tightly and JJ are. But he's refusing to cooperate with police in the document filed as part of an ongoing custody battle not Lee's ex husband Brandon seen here in this photo. Also alleges Boudreau. Police say the 46 year old lie to them about Jay Jay's whereabouts when they conducted a welfare check last fall. And that she and they feel left town the next day. Fleeing to Hawaii where she was arrested last Thursday police say Dave bill received at least 430000. Dollars in life insurance money. After the death of his wife Tammy which is now under investigation. Authorities allege that was enough money for day bill invalid to quote travel and hide from law enforcement. Thank you very much to our very and Marcus Moore for that and when we come back a performance with. It's unique family connection and a satisfying to him. More ABC news all access coming up right after this. Then fed Limbaugh talk Monday. But now sick. Let the good times roll in friends welcome back. To ABC news a lot sets took folks they're celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans yesterday. For ray needs plenty of costumes marching bands and you saw there and music and a whole lot of beats. Sticking with the music theme a very special show is going to Kansas City next week at the Kaufman performing arts center. It's a performance with a family twist Allen show from our Kansas City station explains. And music means a lot of different things to allow the different people on the thirty year old Richard Davis means family Thomas on what my parents are. World renowned musicians how can ever possibly try to do what they do Davis the son of internationally known conductor sir Andrew Davis and his mother and opera singer now living right here in Kansas City he's making a name for himself. Some success but it's it's always kind of a constant battle way. Governor taking on a huge challenge on a huge stage and it is concert entirely music that I've written and on C. Senators the son of pulling it deep family line with the branch of his old. Large. Field goals. He really it deserves that it makes are spent. I'm beyond thrilled and also a bit nervous but I mean who wouldn't be into our. Davis hopes the audience leaves satisfied and with the understanding I want let's take away more than anything but there is really just a great wealth. Musical talent. Said. It will work until the ABC nine news. Thank you very much to give the city's own Allen show for that story. And it doesn't for us this half hour on ABC news all access I'm Stephanie Ramos and this six ABC news lives.

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