ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Sen. Coons: GOP senators ‘lashing themselves to the mast of Trumpism’; Dr. Richard Besser: ‘No evidence’ vaccines less effective on COVID variants; Georgia’s runoff system may be tainted by racism
50:01 | 01/06/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, January 5, 2021
It was voted tree of the year but that did not stop there. Getting the the 115. Year old tree taken down in the UK to make way for a housing development that apparently did not include the treat its plan. Strangely symbolic moment for a country that's been knocked down and now locked down again. Showdown in Georgia voters taking to the polls today waiting on some long lines to decide the balance of power in all of Washington DC. The high stakes battle between senate candidates who have accusing each other but some low loans. President trump attacking fellow Republicans in the state how his high pressure campaign he's playing out. Meanwhile president trumpet issuing a veiled threats of vice president hands calling on parents to step in on that brewing Electoral College fight. Nation's capital on high alert with thousands of trump supporters expected to. Protests there tomorrow. Kobe crisis not slowing down hospitalizations. Nationwide hit a new record high. Los Angeles county high C news at three pulled capacity. Ambulance is told to not transport any patients who have little chance of surviving as more people sleep in their cars overnight for a chance to get vaccinated. Only to be turned away. And the emotional plea from a hospital bed from someone who once read here early went man slips. Square event. Do it for your children. For your little words. Duke crews. No charges to be filed against the officer who shot Jacob Blake in the back on multiple times. State of emergency now in place as the city of Kenosha Wisconsin. Braces for possible unrest what Blake's family is saying tonight. Yeah yeah man. I would all the excitement of the new year will move us past the pandemic the original epicenter already has a look at how Wuhan is thriving. So many Americans. Are dying. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us well I can't sing it like James. Brown. Pulls been closed now for several hours all votes are counted in the runoff that will ultimately decide the balance of power in Washington. Democrats need to win both the runoff elections to get to fifty seats in the senate and with vice president Connell Harris breaking a tie. It would ultimately have control of the chamber so let showing the two races that will be tracking all night long Republican senator David Perdue is taking on democratic challenger John costs have been Republican senator. Kelly Laughlin appointed one year ago by Georgia governor Brian Kemp is trying to win election for the very first time. Over pastor Raphael war not voters lined up before sunrise this morning in Atlanta. After record early vote of more than three million tonight Democrats hope they're strong early turnout will prove decisive. Well Republicans are banking that a big turnout today we'll give them the victory and with tensions mounting in Washington. Over congress' certification of president elect fighting. ABC news has now learned vice president pence pushing back against president trump during their weekly lunch today telling the president. He does not have the power to reverse the outcome of the November election on Capitol Hill tomorrow. We'll have more on that in just a bit but first our Steve Olson Sonny leaves a soft tonight from Atlanta. In Georgia tonight they are starting to count the votes and and ending the national focus all over this one run off election. On the ballot here in written. I also like you're ready to win an election and. It is super clear to voters here who were lined up B for the polls even open that their decision is bigger than Georgia that the results will decide. If Republicans keep control of the US senate allowing them to put a floor in the president elect's agenda. At the eleventh hour Joseph Biden and the Democrats are saying that what happens here today could determine if Americans get those 2000 dollar stimulus checks. What do you think about this election. And he voted him whatever they both have great friends and you think that the two Republicans can. I hope so we'll see after knocking does that's a dozen people who need to decide that. Democrat John also off who's hoping to take the seat of Republican David Perdue. Was out late trying to get more of his supporters to the polls. Georgia voters have never had more power than you have today. That's the reason the whole world is watching us in Georgia. A constant noise maker in this election as president of the United States who held a rally for the two Republicans Monday night. After weeks of saying that the November election in Georgia was rigged. He was here telling supporters to go out and vote anyway. Senator Kelly look who's hoping to defeat Democrat Raphael war knock and is trying to please the president and his supporters. Announced that she'll join the group of senators trying to fight the election results. I'm will live Jack to the collecting world I'm. A. All of this has put election officials here who were all Republicans. In a tough spot as they try to convince their voters that this election was safe and secure. The secretary what do you make clear that everybody's vote is going to count. Steve Elson Sami joins us now from Atlanta is say giving covering Georgia politics for years so what stands out to you tonight from what we know so far Devoe. Well what stands out to me are a couple things whining is that you saw these same sort of split. In the early vote in the blue counties that you saw in November which was 72382. To you in favor of the Democrats. But he are also seeing this city and suburban then vs rural split that's taking place between votes that a RD in the bank and votes. That happened tonight which is why this race. Is so close it is possible that we are looking at some of these provisional ballots starting to matter if this race continues to say this close Lindsay. Steve Olson's. Army in Atlanta for us thanks so much Steve. Rachel Scott joins us now from the GOP watch party in Atlanta original saloon there is resulting in coming in throughout the night. It is definitely a waiting game here look Republicans knew that this was going to be and theory tight race it's one of the reasons why president trump was in the fourteenth congressional district just yesterday that as an area in the northwest part of Georgia that they are particularly concerned about how to lower voter turnout that it did in the general election the president there. Trying to rally supporters get them to head out to the polls and vote. At this point they are liking what they're seeing in sort of the suburbs the rural areas that are coming in that are showing a lot of strong turnout and that Republicans in this race. We're betting on their voters to turnout today there were. We're looking at those early voting numbers and seeing very strong signs for them they know that Democrats. A traditionally like to turn out early to vote they're hoping that they're based got out today and they hope that last night's rally for president trump and that and the candidates in this race for the job Lindsay. And you talked about that rally last night it was at that rally that the president repeatedly push Mike Pence to quote come through tomorrow during the Electoral College certification. Where voters more fixated on the November election or the runoff. Way more concerned about overturning the results of an election that the president has already locks in. President sample forty even set a single word about the candidates that are riding in these two critical run offs are gonna determine control of this and it he would on this long rift. For pushing these false claims that the election is rigs. And so I tots is several of the president's supporters yesterday as they were heading into this a rally. And Altman said the U honest that is worried whether or not they should even cast their ballot because they believe the president's false claims take a listen. I don't. Have a lot of faith in him. It's frustrated she's very frustrating but I still believe and that democratic process that we have a right about this. Kind of like after the election for the residents on. Did our vote now. You think text messaging could potentially through practice that. It kind of I don't know why I have friends and then eat and in these are people that we too are not yours might be where. On the ground boots on the ground people all land it beats you heat that actually have health and Clinton. These kinds our secretary of state has lost our trust in we have not understand wire governor didn't call a special session likely. We called our state legislators week. Sent them emails and phone calls we did and we feel ignored and we don't understand what's going on him. Yeah and that woman is shot Anderson said she was personally trying to convince her friends and her family to get out and vote but she said it with a total change from what she was seeing earlier she had friends that were door knocking for president trump and a general election now they were worried about sitting this election now because they believe the president's false claims and we just have to say this Lindsay we cannot say it enough. There's been no evidence of the widespread voter fraud that the president is claiming I've already gotten text messages. From his campaign tonight continuing to push that narrative he has lost more than fifty cases in court what the president is saying is just simply not true Lindsay. Rachel Scott thanks so much. After today's high stakes run also will take a preview at tomorrow big day on Capitol Hill with congress set to certify the presidential election results as. Vice president Mike Pence presides. The president trump is pressuring a vice president to overturn the electoral count something that pence has no constitutional power to do. Meanwhile Republican senators remain divided on whether to certify Biden's win or to object here's ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. He'd lost to the polls he lost in the courts now Donald Trump is demanding that his own vice president act to overturn the results. Of the presidential election. Our great vice president comes through forests is a great guy. City doesn't come through blue like of what is much. Tomorrow like vice president in the past. Mike Pence will preside over a joint session of congress as the elect oral votes or formally counted though it's a purely ceremonial role. Today trump tweeted quote. The vice president has the power to read jacked fraudulently chosen electors. That's just not true. Pence has no actual power to change or reject any electoral votes. At one of Trump's long time lawyers is saying as much directly contradicting the president. I actually don't think that's what the constitution has in mind if that were the case. Any vice president could refuse and the any election. Pence has been trying to walk a fine line not repeating the president's conspiracy theories while remaining ever loyal. I'm here because eyes stand with president Donald Trump. Its effort to pressure is own vice president. Come after he tried to turn the screws on local officials in Georgia demanding the secretary of state find enough votes to change the election result. So what are we didn't get I only need 111000 about a palace. I need 111000 vote in here right. Now trump sees tomorrow's joint session of congress as is big last chance he is summoned his supporters to Washington. So far several hundred have arrived thirteen Republican senators say they'll join the more than 100 house Republicans. Expected to vote to reject Biden electors but more and more Republicans are coming out to say the effort to overturn the election. Is unconstitutional. Original role for the congress to object to it to the electors senator Tim Scott a top ally of the president's released a statement saying quote. There is no constitutionally viable path as for president elect Biden. He said he is encouraged to see Republicans standing up to trump or aren't. Bob really decent Republicans saying up now and in the United States senate. Who don't want to be part of this while Republican Party. If Biden making a distinction between the trump supporters and Republicans Jonathan Karl joins us now John. We know the president trump and vice president pence met today what are you hearing from his camp on how vice president will handle tomorrow and how to they think that president trouble reacted the ultimately certifies Biden's victory. Well the bottom line Lindsay is they've the president believes that what the vice president has a power that he just doesn't have. And the vice president self is fully aware that he doesn't have this power so. Pitts has said nothing publicly we've asked his spokesperson nothing. In response to what the president has said here but I am told by people close to the vice president that he intends to defy the president on this that he intends to follow the rules which means. It at the end of the process tomorrow it will be. Vice president parents. Who is the warned announcing that Joseph Biden officially formally and finally. Has won the Electoral College has won the presidency and that is something that by the way they. The these allies of the vice president fully expect. Will incur the wrath of a very angry Donald Trump. Right we heard him say that rally last night the hill like pence a little bit less. If that is to be the outcome now Republicans in the house and senator divided on how they'll vote tomorrow so just explain to us a process for tomorrow's joint session how these objection. We'll be raised. While Republicans are deeply divided on this I mean it's ish thing although you're gonna see a large number of Republicans. Object to this that some of the most prominent Republican voices. In congress are on the other side saying that this is wrong this is dangerous it's unconstitutional. That's what Mitch McConnell has said that's what Liz Cheney has said they have said that to a degree publicly but even more strongly in their private conversations with fellow Republicans. But what's going to have. It is it's it's a previously a formal process that you know was kind of an afterthought. Each steep. Ballot is presented. It each State's electors and counted starting with Alabama and going through alphabetically. And there are at least six states that Republicans. Intend to challenged these house Republicans intend to challenge. And on several of those states they will be joined by Republicans. If a Republican and C a Republican from the senate and from the house. Both stepped forward to challenge a State's electors in there are two hours of debate and and a vote about whether or not to accept those electoral votes. So I expect to see on several of those states at least three maybe more. There will be senators and house members objecting. And two hours of of debate and a long voting process because keep in mind this is happening in the midst of the pandemic and only seven. Or so members at a time are allowed on the house floor where this'll all be. Taking place so the voting takes place in waves it's gonna take a very long time each vote will take. At least an hour perhaps quite a bit longer. So this could go on into the night. Sounds like a long night ahead Jonathan Karl thanks so much. Thank you it's a we're doing now by Delaware senator Chris codes a close ally of president elect Biden thanks so much for joining us tonight senator. Not as of now thank you sing. Thirteen Republican senators plan to object to the final certification of the Electoral College vote tomorrow instead calling for a commission to conduct an immediate audit in certain states where they're been allegations of voter fraud. Which we know there's been zero evidence to support so what's a democratic strategy to respond to this at this point not anticipate that this will all play out tomorrow. Well Lindsay I expect senators both Democrats and Republicans in the senate tomorrow to emphasize what we know is the truth. That on November 3 the American people elected Joseph Biden in coddling terrorists to be the next president and vice president the United States. That in more than sixty court cases state and federal court cases. They've either been thrown out for lack of evidence or withdrawn. And at state after state with both Republican and democratic governors. And secretaries of state have certified their results. In some cases like Georgia after several recounts there is no compelling evidence. For the efforts being made by a small band of Republicans to challenge this important part of our democratic institutions. And I'm confident it will have no impact on the fact that two weeks from tomorrow. By its Khazei president elect Joseph Biden and vice president elect Connolly Harris will be sworn in. So let me ask you this if the fraud allegations are completely baseless would've been democrats' interest to agree to some kind of bipartisan commission in the new congress to look at. Any and all fraud allegations and fully the bulk of them so that these claims don't stay alive. Lindsay that is something we might consider I'm looking at ways in which voter suppression has been a real challenge in recent elections. And to consider allegations. But let's be clear we should not be considering that in any way that would slow down the swearing in of the next president. We have a raging pandemic. We have economic recovery to get to. We have bringing our country together. That our commitments that Joseph Biden made as candidate and that are important efforts he's gonna began as president. We should not be delaying that valuable work one more. Day would you say that there's any chance of president elect Biden has been too passive in letting this drag out as president trumpet now. Multiple Republicans questioned the legitimacy of his election Amy it seems like. He's waiting for this to may be all just blow over but does it heard his ability to be an effective president from day one. If large portions of Americans potentially believe that his election wasn't legitimate. Lindsey it does harm the prospects of a successful Biden presidency. That president trump rather than focusing on responding to this pandemic which is surging out of control. Has spent the last two months golfing and tweeting and indulging himself in conspiracy theories and in whipping up opposition. Two Republican acceptance of the outcome of the election that is a real challenge. But I don't think president elect Biden has in any way been passive. He's instead been doing the hard work. Of assembling a talented and capable cabinet of putting together detailed plans for how to take over. And to lead the fight against this pandemic and how to begin the hard work of bringing our people together. After the divisive term presidency. I know you've been an optimist on the idea of bipartisan cooperation in the new congress but. How a president Biden and Democrats work with these senators who are questioning the results of this election night. Our Biden's unity efforts going to be harder to achieve after January 20 than expected. Lindsay I am heartsick at the colleagues who have chosen. To throw themselves in the way of what he is an important next step in our democratic process tomorrow. I'm surprised at some of my colleagues who are lashing themselves to the mast of trump isn't and refusing to recognize the legitimate outcome. Of the election. But frankly we don't have any choice going forward but to try to heal the wounds of this election. To bring our country together and to find ways to legislate in a bipartisan and sustainable way. Millions of Americans tens of millions of Americans came out in voted for Joseph Biden. Even though they might be Republicans independents or Democrats who either didn't vote for years ago or who voted for Donald Trump because they were choosing. A more balanced rational. Predictable. And effective government going forward. I think Joseph Biden's done just the right thing to lay the ground work for successful administration. Turning out of the run off slightly in Georgia I'm sure your confidence in Democrats are gonna feel the pull off these winds but if they don't. How much does it damage the ability of president elect Biden to be able to implement his agenda if Republicans maintain control of the senate. I've served in the United States senate for ten years now Lindsay and I've seen how majority leader McConnell has at times. Betty obstructionist who's made it very difficult. For the Obama Biden administration to move their agenda forward. Four Democrats in the senate to get legislation moved forward and press to deliver solutions to the real needs of the American people. The last eight months whereas the pandemic surged ten. Recession continued. We failed in the senate to move forward covic relief is just one of many moments when I've seen. That Republican majority control get in the way of our delivering solutions that meet the needs of the American people. My hope is that if majority leader McConnell continues in the majority in the next congress. That he and Joseph Biden who enjoy a long working relationship will still find some way to come together that he will stop his obstruction. And that he will give a fair opportunity for confirmation votes. For those nominated for a Biden Harris cabinet. And that we will find ways that we can work together on things like rebuilding our country's infrastructure. Responding to the pandemic strengthening education and health care and moving our country forward. I know it's a tall order but the only way that I can get up and go back to Washington in the days that were in session is by being an optimist it's an active choice. I think that our entire country really needs that deal with so those of optimism at this time and lastly any word on when we can expect the final round of cabinet selections including. President elect Biden's pick for attorney general thirteen of your senate colleagues wrote a letter in support of former senator Doug Jones for the position. Would he be the best choice. Lindsay I think he would I have both publicly and privately supported. My friend and colleague Doug Jones. An experienced US attorney in an experienced senator someone who is from the deep south and has been an advocate. For civil rights and for I'm stronger community policing I think he would be a great attorney general. I expect announcements on the remaining cabinet positions in the coming couple of days. But more than anything I'd like to draw your viewers attention to the experienced and skilled and cohesive group. That president elect Biden has already chosen to service the core of his cabinet I'm very optimistic that the great team he's assembled will deliver real results for the mayor. Can people senator Chris Kearns thanks so much for your time tonight we appreciate you coming on the show. Thank you Lindsey. Next turning to the covic crisis imagine being in a serious car accident or being shot and knowing that an ambulance might not show up. That's a reality in America's second largest city already some patients in LA county are waiting for hours outside of emergency rooms just to be seen. All this is now a six state Georgia is reporting a case of that UK very pack up and has more. Each new patient delivered to the doors of an ER tonight. Health system spirals deeper into crisis. LA county now we showing an alarming order to ambulances trauma such as gunshot car crash were cardiac arrest victims who cannot be revived after ten minutes in the field. Should be considered dead. Not transported to a hospital. This is absolutely former Connie white triage is what they call crisis Madison. And this is something that any health care provider first responder this is our core of our worst nightmare is ever happen in the history of LA that has not. That crash of Covert patience has log jammed ambulances at yours some waiting as long as eight hours to get patients admitted. Others turned away. I've never heard of the murders departments literally refusing. Except Davos station saying. We had no more room goes so where else. Tonight a record a 128000. Patients in hospitals they 26% spike in the last month. Arizona with the highest rate of infections in the country patients drive and as far as six hours to find an open icu bed. I consider myself lucky. Not tonight that vaccine roll out continues to sputter. In Palm Beach, Florida this line for seniors stretching for hours just to schedule an appointment anti Daytona Beach seniors waiting overnight. It is a combination of difficult frustrating. And reward. If you get. About four point five million vaccinations administered not even a quarter of the goal of twenty million vaccine reluctance remains for. New York City reporting 30% of health care workers turned down the opportunity to get a jokes in Texas pediatrician doctor durable Tunney. Died on Saturday. Three weeks you see. Receiver in California funeral homes now using refrigerator trucks we have six times the usual number of bodies. And able to keep up what are mortician telling ABC news he's advising families to buy a place to keep bonnies cold reality of the search sitting in. We're birds. That shouldn't. You and I believe this was just the flu. Roof chuck CC's making this emotional plea. From his Florida hospital day. You know wouldn't do like these. Truthful prudent. Square. Do it for your children. We will words. To presume. People still being implored to Wear a mask Matt Gutman joins us now from Los Angeles and met turning back to the vaccine there was a proposal looking to cutting those doses in half. What can you tell us about that. Well the FDA has taken a look at that and it says right now it's not solidly rooted in the signs are there. Tapping the brakes on it they're not ruling it out completely. So at this point researchers from the dirt out at the National Institutes of Health are gonna spend probably next. Couple of months or so researching if the vaccine can still remain effective if street split in half therefore essentially doubling the dose is right but. The problem America right now is not the quantity of doses of vaccine it is administering the vaccine. At a fast enough rate that is the bottleneck right now it addition to that by the time that the research is done Lindsay. Other vaccines like that Johnson & Johnson single shot vaccine they could be just as effective. Might be available on the market and ready for use so this whole proposal might be moved. Anyway Lindsay. Okay thanks for that update back up and sang songs. Joining us now to discuss more on the Kobe variance in vaccines is former acting CDC director and former ABC news medical editor doctor Richard passer. Thanks so much as always for coming on the show doctor B now the UK has gone into lockdown due to the spread of Kobe than a variant five states Europe officially confirmed the presence of the various. How concerned should we all be in and how long do you think it'll be before it spreads to the rest of the country. Well you know Lindsay I think one of the things that is always certain when there's a new virus is that it will change you will mutate. It's something viruses do. And so I think it's really important that we remain vigilant that we look to see what's happening in the UK and it does appear. That this this strain does this mutant. Is able to transmit more more readily. And we should expect that what we're seeing in the UK may occur here in the United States so it's observing its watching it's being ready. And B get them to respond quickly should we see that this strain starts to take over in the in the transmission and United States. Now it's believed that the vaccine to work on the UK variant but there seems to be doubt when it comes to the south African variant. What's the likelihood that the original -- nineteen virus mutated in such a radical way that would be resistant to this vaccine. No wonder what I'm hearing from our morality is from vaccine specialists gives me some. Some but some encouragement that they don't think that's happening here but it's something that we have to be ready for and you one thing about these MR any vaccines. Is it they can't be modified very very quickly if that works to happen they would need to do it again additional safety and and effectiveness trials. But that is something to watch for at this point there's no evidence that the vaccines are less effective against these variant strains. There let's talk about the topic of cutting vaccine doses in half. As a former acting director of the CDC if you were in that role now. Would you be advising this move in order to help curb this spreading and do you fear that a change like this could cause people to become. Even more has a ten about getting vaccinated. Yeah I I'm I'm not comfortable moving in the in that direction without data Ed my understanding is that the NIH is moving India in the direction of doing studies to see. Could you reduce the amount of material that's hidden them mode turner vaccine and would still be effective your duty in 2019. That there were a lot of people myself included. We're very concerned about politics interfering with science and I was really heartened to see the process that FDA went through that CDC went through. That there is there are advisory committees were were left alone to make science based decisions. And I would hate to see got thrown away with it and and and and seeing a change that isn't based on data. If there's a way to safely and effectively expand the vaccine supply that would be a terrific thing it has been based on good to good studies especially with the matter hesitancy. We're seeing around the country we want to do everything we can't to inspire confidence not to undermine. Doctor Richard investor thanks so much. They specialty. And when we come back a chilling surveillance and their parents now fighting back after their eight year old committed suicide allegedly after being bullied for years. What happened to one of the richest men in the world who has not been seen publicly for months. Up next reaction after prosecutors decided not to bring charges against the officer who shot Jacob Blake in the back of multiple times leaving him paralyzed. We'll speak would Jake obliques father. Coming up. An out of Kenosha Wisconsin where district attorney has announced that he will not bring charges against a police officer who shot 29 year old Jacob Blake several times in the back leaving him paralyzed. How the DA explained his decision. And what happens next ABC's outs Perez is in Kenosha tonight. Tonight Kenosha Wisconsin bracing for more protests after the prosecutor declined to bring charges against the officer who shot Jacob Blake seven times no could no shows law enforcement officer in this case. We'll be charged with any criminal offense. Based on the facts and the laws they were peeled back on August 23 unfolding after police responded to a call about a domestic dispute. Okay. Here. Cell phone video shows 29 year old Blake struggling with officer Reston Chatzky and another officer both deployed their pacers but they were unsuccessful. Has Blake appears to lean into the driver's side of the car shows he opens one. Blake's three young boys in the back seat but not injured today the prosecutor saying Blake was armed we say with confidence based on. Blake's admission based on all the officers saying it. And this video evidence he clearly is armed with a nine. Shooting sparked days of violent protest a seventeen year old Kyle Reid and house charged with killing two in the unrest. I overnight Kenosha issuing an emergency declaration. Putting up fences in boarding up businesses the governor deploying 500 national Guardsmen. Awake and paralyzed from the shooting still recovering his family tonight disappointed but say they are determined to keep fighting for justice you cannot have a bill of rights for the police. And then other bill of rights for the people. We're all people. Our thanks Alex Perez and joining us now as a father Jacob Blake Jacob Blake senior and his attorney Patrick solving thank you. Both for being here mr. Blake let's start with you first of all I know this this is not the outcome you are expecting. How is your son's recovery going at this time in what was his reaction to the news that no charges would be brought against the officers. We'll cooers. There's was the outcome we expect. So blown. Nobody's disheartened. You went a step. The outcome you were holding four. Move I mean everybody is included this. We won't we were to open it was something different. But we will need to do what via. Patrick today is district attorney said that he would quote have to disprove it clear expression of these officers that they had to fire a weapon to defend themselves in order to press charges do you feel of the video provided enough evidence for this and were you surprised to hear that no criminal charges would be brought against the officer. I'd have Jack gold. Mr. Blake's comments I'm not sure surprise is the right word and certainly very disappointed in the process that unfolded today. A district attorney. Who works with these police officers every day. And a police chief. Who came before everyone in that press conference in sounded like an advocate. Verses a neutral fact finder. So I was very disappointed. In the process the video provides. No evidence I challenge anybody to watch that video. To see evidence of Jacob thrusting. At the police officers and so what we're talking about here you are the statements of a police officers that were held in higher regard. Then a number of witnesses who I know are prepared to testify. That that's absolutely not what happened and the video is evidence enough. And mr. Blake your family along with other community leaders are calling for the firing of officer Ross in chess he. Given the lack of charges brought against him how likely do you think it is that you'll be successful in. Being able to get that accomplished. Well I would rather than did they may be using. Believe view. Playboy. Committed in charge that they fired Billups. So feel like they're routinely. The he but I can't lose no progress. Rusty movement he's changed for him he was worried it. Must son who's gonna kidnap children. Who need me scared for his life. Bitty change back so now. We doing a juggling act now. Shall. Teach Walton we're do you have any tips that but not when it's this important. And Patrick your legal options at this point in a measure fight for criminal charges and did and what about the possibility of a civil case. George so there are some options still available to us as far as potentially. Raising. I I suppose. Criminal charges that's of course that's something we can do what are all still have some options available but with respect to a civil peace we do plan on pursuing a civil case. Very soon Ben crowd Michael council and the rest of the legal team intend on filing a case in. And mr. Blake oh what do you think the next step is for you in the community in Kenosha and ordered a feel like some. Semblance of justice has been served and an order for for healing to happen what do you want from your elected leaders and those who took an oath to serve and protect. Alone so until smooth then the British student the human race. He won't be a video. Racism is good good luck this whole. Full day in two be consistent with justice. And gracious you know we are dealing with and he -- base. That's the way immediately. Changing loads. That's how we view so we'll be moving a loan to another level. And lastly mr. Blake what was your son's reaction to the charges and what's his condition tonight. Oh sure to tell you shall been so. How can mr. Blake thank you so much mr. solidly appreciate both your time. Thank you Lindsey. Still ahead here on time our journey to the original epicenter of the pandemic Wuhan China one year after the outbreak that changed the world how they're now faring. Better than any of us. The announcement from American Airlines want they will no longer allow passengers to bring into the cabin and well of course keeping our milder results from the Georgia special run offs but you may they shocked at how his elections began and that state. And why we'll take a look by the numbers but first retreat of the day intelligence agencies making it official. That massive cyber attack was most likely caused by Russia. Welcome back everybody on this election night in Jordan with the US senate hanging in the balance. Which deeper dive into the State's unusual run off system and why some historians believe it has racist roots. In only ten US states a candidate must reach at least 50% of the vote to win triggering a run off election if this does not happen. And only one of those states Georgia uses a system for general elections not just primaries. Now in 1964 the Georgia legislature voted to adopt this system which was proposed just before the voting rights act and push forward by former segregationist state representative Dan Martin Gruber. 11990. Ahead of the Justice Department's civil rights division argue that Georgia's runoff system quote. Disproportionately. Disenfranchised. African Americans but he lost the case and today. Black voters are about 32% of the Georgia electorate but historically their turnout has been disproportionately. Low in run off elections. Outside the US more than forty countries including France and Germany use runoff elections which experts say don't carry the same potential taint of racism. And can help elect more moderate candidates. And we still have lots to get to on this very busy news day so horrific video appearing to show students and even an assistant principal ignoring a young boy. Who was laid out on the ground. The parents are now taking action. Not one but two huge jackpots that could make your 20/20 one far better than your 22 money but you may not need 400 million dollars for that. But first so look at our top trending stories on From. The. On juicy Georgia voters going to the polls one more tying an inherent right on elections that will decide which party controls the west and incumbent Republican senators Kelly lovler David Perdue and their democratic challengers rob Vail Oregon and John Oz up. Making their final pleas to voters after an out of the candidates achieve the required 50% threshold. My baby on the ballot and the wells. Business and collect about. US. Georgians are friends today. More than three million georgians cast ballots and early voting period. A record for a special election in the polls show boat racing at extremely tight and we need both Democrats complaining they will be tight with Republicans and east of the season with the vice president elect Connolly Harris being tiebreaker president elect Biden campaigned here yesterday and president trump and his second trip to the state just last night. And hospitals coast to coast are. Under strain outbreak in California and surge in Los Angeles is triggering more problems. The Grammy Awards issuing a statement that the January ceremony will be postponed until March and and in hard hit LA county Martin Luther King Jr. community hospital declared an internal disaster are turning to wait ambulances for several hours the cove in nineteen housing activity rate varies is staggering 32%. It's nonstop accident that tough task of containing and you variant from the UK also intends it from here in the US. Georgia and now joining the New York Colorado California and Florida on the list of states with known cases and by the time a new Berry does detect new and it's already probably widespread. And experts and local officials calling on the federal government to help ramp up distribution and vaccinations flies there it's the federal government passes them on. Alaska Airlines was a first to do what is now American Airlines old man emotional support animals on its planes the airline industry has had a hard time eliminating which animals were allowed so now non will be allows passengers had been claiming their beds promotional support animals so they could bring them on board for free and take them out of carriers on Boren an operational service dogs will be allowed small carry on and so can be brought on board for a -- and they must remaining energy carriers. School district still three years later has not told us what happens nearly four years after this third grader died by suicide. A federal court is allowing his parents to move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit in the suit parents and eight year old Gabriel today accused the district of covering up bullying and aggressive behavior and Carson elementary school. They point of this disturbing security video showing their son at school knocked unconscious and left there for several minutes. Some students appeared at Taunton can count it took nearly five minutes before help came when the assistant principal showed up. Two days later Gabriel took his own life from his mother's as the school never told them about the alleged bullying and saying instead he had. Paint this school district has arguing way telling us it's a horrible as soon all the time and I said great you should be sued if you're recovering this. Concerns are growing over the whereabouts of the Chinese billionaire generalized worth fifty billion dollars hasn't been seen in public since October when he gave a speech criticizing the Chinese Government speech prompted Chinese officials to launch an investigation into his e-commerce company Alibaba and it's believed mom may have been told to lay low because of the scrutiny. Plus Mega Millions and powerball at more than 400 million dollars that's only happened twice before the pandemic had an impact on sales people weren't getting out and buying the tickets for 400 million you still feel worse. More than Taylor Suisse reported net worth from your 400 million would you have to win both of them to be worth as much as. It was about this time last year that alarm bells started to go off inside Wuhan a mysterious virus claiming lives in the massive city. We don't know what happened next life as we know it altered. One year later we sent a team back to Wuhan China to see it's changed in his original epicenter and what Ian panel will show us may stunning. And. Could be forgiven for thinking this is old footage a reminder of the world left behind. Happy crowds jostling you he would sharing and breathing this amen but this isn't an old film. It was taken this New Year's Eve because while most of the planet he's behind closed tools. The city where the pandemic began policy aide in style. It's almost surreal how lonely told looked in Wuhan China. I'm hanging back out again. About a year after the first reported outbreak could cope in nineteen China was largely able to get the country back only speech. For the billions still in the grip of this pandemic the scenes out of Abu Hamed is simply stunning. So much so we sent to team to witness the citizens of blue hand. Going about their completely normal everyday lives never has the ordinary. Duke so extraordinary. Who play is a businesswoman named Wu chief them what it was like going back to her and he'll face in April last year. Today the role this is packed she even has faced to face meetings. Now in most places we basically don't need to Wear masks. Mike is back to normal like before but. China achieved what saluted much of the world by flexing its authoritarian muscle to impose one of the strictest law bans on us. In one of their largest cities. Wuhan is of bustling metropolis of eleven million was also ground zero for the first suspected outbreak of Kubrick nineteen. Look at this airport as the international section of Iran airport and his history. Almost no one here overnight highways and that ports ten Indians reduced hands pills checkpoints would cents up. And Beijing wound bull what happened to deuce to try to pass bond with the temperature. The world watched aghast is people will come flying to their homes. Blissfully unaware that soon after but most of us would know what it was like to be locked down. Milan is an industrial but of course massive. Auction powerhouse rounds like these having real problems with production so whatever the medical reality of this virus the economic consequences around the world. A huge. Almost two years later I'm one point eight million lives lost many countries continued to reel from a pandemic that just won't let saw. We now have the new variant of the virus and it's being battered frustrating. And along to see the speed. We reached a new variant is spread. We're running. Currently under percent over normal theory and 300. China or on the other hand now has an exhibit this celebrates all the big successes against the virus. But it mentions the list norm of its mistakes. Citizen journalists Jen Jen was sentenced to four years in jail last week for reporting a phone bleak a picture of the outbreak and China's official narrative would have us believe. And then this doctor Lee when Yang. He was the first to raise the alarm about Kobe nineteen. I'm was accused police of spreading false information. He later died of tube in nineteen and now appears on the memorial war. Many accused China of hiding the threat of corona virus and the true death tolls. Just today WHIO was unable to begin investigating the origins of -- nineteen after the Chinese officials failed to finalize the missions for the team's arrival. I'm wildlife on the ground appears largely back to normal. It's not totally in the clear China just placed a village near Beijing under lockdown after routing new Costa was found that. The two day like many here is proud with the way the country's handled these pandemic. Ponson. I don't think there's been any country that has been able to do this. For this reason I'm really proud to be Chinese patents. But as long as this virus continues to rip through much of the world the place where ritual began in one hand will never be fully safe. He impanel but ABC news lives. Our thanks Ian for that striking report we will be right back in a moment as we continue to monitor those results now coming in. Nose to Georgia senate races. And finally tonight our image of the day we saw listened to point Torre and being 20/20 one it's still holds true. Democracy despite a catastrophic pandemic is alive and well the brave georgians who decided not to send in their ballots by mail. Showing up at the polls to make sure their voices are heard in person. Now we all wait to see which party will have control in the senate. That is our show for tonight those Georgia results continue to come in. Staging an ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. Good.

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