ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Pensacola mayor discusses Hurricane Sally aftermath;Report on Boeing cites ‘culmination’ of failures;New memorial honors Eisenhower
55:52 | 09/17/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, September 16, 2020
We have a lovely seaside view transformed into an impending monster. Sally marching ashore this. Breaking news endless rain causing life threatening flash floods more than two feet of rain washing away roads even higher. Water rushing. Holmes with a 150 people rescued one county alone more than half a million customers without power shaking leave. Each month allied stepping aside 24 hours after apologizing for an alarming rant directed at CDC scientists. On video tell. Carry guns my ammunition tonight Michael and no claims in his mental health as well it definitely family. Clash of the campaigns. Ahead of some easy money and its mass and vaccines this is Joseph Biden. Mishandled the pandemic you'll remember this moment. Said her mother died from cancer president brought up slowly we'll speak to her tonight. We're also monitoring the growing outrage in Rochester once again after documents just made public. Appear to suggest that police lied about how Daniel Cruz died and tried to frame him. Conversation with Christian Cooper the man made famous after a racist. Mark wild bird watching tonight he has a new graphic novel coming out honoring victims of racial injustice. And our sneak peek at the new presidential mind set to debut in Washington. Relatives and Dwight Eisenhower came to this moment and the contrast being made between him and the Republican president hurt the White House. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey. Davis thanks so much for streaming with us we begin with the devastation in the gulf Sally making landfall. As a category two weeks now technically a tropical storm but it is no less dangerous than it's been for the last 24 hours. You see if they are moving slowly across the south dumping rain that's not just being measured by changes but by feet. The torrential rain is cause residents to have to be rescued by boat search and rescue crews have been hard at work all day long getting people to safety. The power of the storm can be seen by the destruction boats tossed about in this Alabama marina. And in Pensacola part of a bridge collapse when two and a half feet of rain pelted the downtown area. Causing it to fly and that's where ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano is tonight he joins us in just a moment but first his report. Tonight Sally at landfall on the Gulf Coast. Bringing wind blown devastation. And a seemingly never ending big blue. We're getting now really didn't think we movement is slowly beginning and right now it's Brooke good sticks out. Sally made landfall before dawn as a powerful category two hurricane with winds up at 105. Miles per. This isn't relentless Eric downtown Pensacola pass this bridge street editors knew him quite that's what this storm surge that Marie. Traffic lights littering this dream. Girls don't want justice tractor trailer tipped over on interstate ten and above mobile bay and part of the Pensacola Bay Bridge now torn away. The powerful surf setting this barge right into someone's back yard. It mobile more than 300 firefighters on duty going house my damaged house cutting through trees to reach those trapped. This woman now safe giving praise says she was taken to an ambulance at an Escambia county Florida more than 150. People rescued from one neighborhood alone. We anticipate these. Evacuations could. Literally be in the thousands we're engines. Civilians have been married since joining the effort in Santa Rosa county and in Pensacola we meet them a court's thankful that they didn't get hurt. You're really out all night long. Community here that victory come out. Well across the region more than a half a million losing power and while more than five feet of storm surge was rushing into Pensacola. RG Entergy had seen the reverse them. Right now I am walking. Mobile bay ray at the head of the dog river that is all water yesterday. Insisted that aren't written he went back into the (%expletive) out of sacks cited senate. Back in Pensacola destruction everywhere you look. Mean just look at this year damage of this building. All second half ripped into the ground. And gold shores Alabama where Sally I cross to shore new drone video shows the back of this ten story apartment building completely sheared off. You can see the bedrooms sheets and curtains blowing in the breeze thankfully it doesn't appear that anyone was inside during the storm. Rob Marciano joins us now from Pensacola Florida where the flood waters seem to be receding but. Surely gonna leave a mess rob what's the latest on the situation there and how larger team doing after a very long night. Well what were all safe thanks for asking you know Lindsay and I'm happy to report at least. For now up until now there are no fatalities to report but this is still a very dangerous storm and they're still for some flooded out neighborhoods especially. East of this location you can see cotton storm surge has receded here in Pensacola even though we got over two. Seton hall of rainfall. That seems hadn't forgot drain pretty well at least here in this city of Pensacola this far behind me one of several construction barges. That broke loose from its more eggs during the storm some of which Steve it ran aground like this one did. Or slack and into a causeway bridge badly damaging it now when data commission. Until further note sales. Long term damage done here in Pensacola and the Florida Panhandle. And let's go over where the storms going Lindsay and show you that if there were not dealt with a yet even though it is weakening of course got a lot of rainfall what is gotten a lot of threats including a tornado threat. M east of the center of this which. And is now rotating up. Through Alabama will go through Georgia as well flash flood emergency were some of those heavy rain bands are smiling up as well and we got flood watches that extend. Through most of Georgia most of the Carolinas. As that entire parts of us on the southeast to get a get a piece of Sally as his us storm rolls. Towards northeast at a slow recovery certainly here for practical I should say this also Lindsay death. Because the tracking this thing shifted pretty quickly to the east they had a ramp things up. For Pratt pretty quickly here there was only one. Shelter that was open during the storm and they're scrambling in the county airs tonight to open up more for storm victims that have been evacuated from either flooded or damaged home so. Sally is certainly gone by the beat her on drop. I didn't need the news certainly great there rob Marciano in Pensacola our thanks to you. And turning now to our chief meteorologist ginger zee Jeter what's expected storm track and how much rain or some areas looking out over the next day or two. It is really pretty life threatening still as far as rainfall goes but let me just start you out with what's behind me Lindsay because I and in front of a church here in mobile. With a steeple. Patent then. Hanging over it we at 82 mile power that's on the back side of Sally. Here in mobile we drove around everywhere from Orange Beach to Gulf Shores today a lot of tree damage some structural damage but I was really impressed. With at least on the left side or where the center of Sally went over Howell little damage for how fast the winds were. Nearly 100 mile per hour clock officially now want to take to the storm because I have to answer that question of how much of his left and what are we gonna see route Ari talked about that rainfall right and so that is still moving through you can see it out in satellite Alabama Georgia and now making its way into South Carolina. This thing moves so slowly which was a big part of the problem overnight now it's gonna pick up some speed it's gonna get some help from the jet stream and tomorrow. It'll become a remnant low and you'll end up seeing its slide across South Carolina North Carolina before the start of the weekend. Still with that though don't forget you could have one inch per hour rainfall rates of humor and Troy Alabama tonight. Or make in tomorrow Atlanta tomorrow morning before about seven or 8 AM then you'll start to clear there and goes into the western South Carolina memory gets some of that. Southern ends of the appalachians there and that could end up. Causing big time problems flash flood alerts all the way from Norfolk back through the Florida Panhandle tonight. In total I think we end up anywhere from six to twelve inches of rain especially in those target areas. But even in Virginia you've gotten up with more than four inches from Sally before the weekend is upon that. Toppled steeple just such a good indication of the power the wind what can you tell us as far as that the slow moving storms are growing consensus that climate changes of fault. A lot of scientists who are doing resurgent right now are saying that it sell I just spoke with one of those researchers last week. And she was telling and it be all about her new research that she has put together about the jet stream it's a pretty simple concept basically our jet stream is like a fence that separates cold and warm. The polls are cold the equator is warm. When you have a last cold poll as we've seen with the melting of the ice caps and a warming and you really considerable in the Arctic. You're gonna have left temperature gradient that means that the jet stream the thing that sandwiched between them. She says moves Lawler and is a bit more lackadaisical also can get stuck. And in this case we did have a blocked pattern and that is part of why this hurricane was slower. Harvey Florence examples of that. Other scientists will say this research is so you know we really don't have the Brett there are death. To tell us that this is a concern but either way everyone says that we have absolutely added CO2 to this atmosphere greenhouse gases. Physically it makes sense that you that more moisture to storms and could potentially make them more intense so yes there's some connection but we're just not that deep funny yet. Lindsay you always have a way of explaining in a way that makes much sense ginger thank you. I hope he. Thank you. And joining us now from Pensacola Florida by phone because of power is out is the mayor of Pensacola Grover Robinson. Mayor thanks so much for joining us we've certainly seen a harrowing images of your flooded downtown and a bridge with parts of the presumably swept away. What's the situation on the ground like right now and what will residents in your city need most in the days ahead. Well thank you very much home built for haven't told obviously the big challenge for this storm water column. Whether it was the search or whether it was the rain. The significant drink beer was water. Certain brought the bag did not rain right now it's great for our citizens the challenge is much of the day the winds were still high and out. Cruise really weren't able to get in here stark a certain figure out how to get power back up the good news did. Compared Ivan which was sixteen to the day is sixteen years today. Ago. The most significant storm that hit Pensacola. We had much more down as Ford's. And polls everything else I think Powell will be able group Cuba give back called faster with this then that it was what I've been. Obviously the big part of this is getting the water out. And came in being able to come back in its rebuild and they do all the things do we need to do. But Howard the most important thing right now but again the Gulf Coast where we're resilient people down here we're used to this we understand. These things happen. Will get back out but right now the biggest thing we need is power. And a what's your message to people in the community who may want to assess the damage at their homes as the storm makes its slow move north. Well again if you assess the damage of your home don't get out and did it your home it's obvious hidden dark now we have a curfew this evening we actually. Back to your house. Cheryl Lynn for the night in and yes when you get up in the morning but please do not go out little one the biggest problems is that our police department had today. Which gained. Cars that would drive in Q running water and get stuck so what do you people are trying to evacuate. During the middle of the storm it was cable sightseers who want to get out. After the storm. Right now if you could stay home. Wait for us to get through. You know we in the and we can get out there to see everything Gloria we're going to be rated general and get back to normal and in being and that's our whole objective. But right now we really first responders and road is could cap the priority on own getting out and getting things taken care of us. And finally mayor what's the situation for those who may need shelter or a place to stay tonight. You know it can't be counting has several shelters are open it's been interesting thing which shelters mean this has been all year we've been discussing this. But this been hard we really haven't been pushing shelters because of the Kobe from you know even even throughout this process. We really did a shelter we're not where we want people to go well rewarded people who had either friends or relatives on high ground to Joseph they are first. If you don't have anyone been go to a shelter. But it's true but it made it very difficult we used to pack a lot of people are new shelter we can't do that would coded so. You know that's. Stem that's perhaps been the biggest issue was sheltering. But I didn't think another member of shelters are opened. And we hope that people that that it did have no place panicking get a beer that a place other than that they hear Q we walked in together the shelter. Mayor thank you so much for your time tonight of course you are in our thoughts. Wishing a speedy recovery for your city. Thank you very. Very much we appreciate that in and remember we're coming back show we're going to be back. Love that optimism. And to the wild fires now burning on the West Coast tonight dramatic new helmet camera video shows firefighters battling a massive wall of flames in California. Moments after the creek fire broke out earlier this month. In organ officials are calling in a mobile morgue for the first time ever at least eight people have died so far. And at least fifty remain missing. The flames destroying 2400. Homes and businesses so far the smoke from these massive fires still smothering many West Coast cities and reaching all the way. To Europe tonight. Natalie to summit corona virus sending conflicting messages in Washington today on when a vaccine will finally be ready comes after president trump took questions from undecided voters that are ABC news town hall last night several about the corona virus with the president casting doubt on the value of wearing masks and again saying the virus will. Just go wet. Joseph Biden pushing back today and saying the president is politicizing the race for a vaccine. It sees Mary Bruce is on the campaign trail covering it all. Tonight with the election fast approaching president trump wants Americans to know a vaccine is coming soon of his administration announcing that as soon as one is approved they'll start shipping doses within 24 hours. We think we can start sometime in October. And so as soon as it's today's announced will be able to so I thought on Capitol Hill ahead of the CDC said that while limited supply may be available in November or December. Most Americans will have to wait much longer than that. Here ask me when is it going to be generally available to the American public. So we can begin to take advantage of vaccine. To get back to our regular life. I think we're probably looking in at third com. Late second quarter third quarter. Point 11. But late today the president bluntly rejecting that scientific assessment. Thinking and a mistake when he said that this is incorrect information I believe he was confused isn't Joseph Biden today without warning. We can't allow politics. Interfere with the facts he knew the anyway so let me be clear. I trust vaccines. I trust scientists. When I don't trust Donald true. We pressed him on the message he's sending to Americans. Is there a risk that that message that questioning the president on a vaccine could prevent people from trusting the science from trusting. A vaccine when their finally as one. No because you know he doesn't have any respect for scientist and asked me total transparency. So scientists outside the government know exactly what is being approved the context which has been approved and wind speed from. For a vaccine to work there could be affected you do need a certain amount of the population to be willing to take it that you're you're saying don't trust the president. Trust me if I'm elected or you don't imagine America saved clash. Trusts the scientists. And if the scientists say a vaccine under the president's watch is safe and affect absolutely get to. Yes. Biden also took aim at the president's comments in the ABC news town hall the president still refusing to urge Americans to Wear a mask. There are a lot of people think the masks and not good and there are a lot of people that as an example don't have those people well I'll tell you who those people are. Waiters stickam over and they serve you and have a mask and I saw at the of the day where they were serving me. And they're playing with a mask I'm not blaming then I would just say what happens they're playing with a mask its the mask is over and there. Touching it and put and then they're touching the plate that can't be good there are people that don't think masks a good. But today the CDC director made clear masks are good and necessary Trace mask these various men are the most important powerful public health tool we have. I might even go so far as to say that this face mask. His more guaranteed to protect me. Against cove in there when I take the cove a vaccine. Redfield without declarative statement they're married Bruce joins us now and Marion that press conference say the president also went after the CDC director on masts. The president did not like a little what doctor Redfield had to say where he suggested there that mass may actually be more effective than the vaccine the president said that is absolutely not true. Big picture here though Lindsay the president despite the fact that top scientists and health experts back up. What Redfield is arguing here both in terms of the effectiveness of Mac and it was a timeline for a possible vaccine the president is completely undermining him it is just a remarkable extraordinary clashed. Between the president and his own CDC director right in the middle of this pandemic. And now with just 48 days to go until the election. And turning to the race of two point Tony some new polling from ABC news in the Washington Post dumped today into critical swing states what do they show. Get some good numbers here for Joseph Biden his team is quite happy with this they show the Biden is up six points among likely voters in Wisconsin that state of course that the president carried by less than one percentage point in 2016. And the poll also shows that Biden is up sixteen points in Minnesota and that is a state they trot had been hoping he could possibly flip. Both campaigns now eyeing these critical midwestern states Lindsay. Mary Bruce thanks as always for your reporting. I would play an emotional moment from the ABC town hall last night an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who recently became a US citizen. Asked a question on behalf of her mother who died of cancer just days after she finally became an American citizen. She half. Brisk say bush and make madrassas is on her brain Bonin islands. Cheap fast on that 19100. Biggest dream was still gone. Us citizen to wolves and sheep being. TV's they may be fourteen and dammit I needed to Mr. Bush missile applied to the where am I beating this class put me. I hear it was apparent she was supposed to be here in Matthew and thinking you put it being. This station stayed put into it is today make you made people girls there with Ellis out job. What we manhunt for Rudolph are probably the so and I'm same Napa has. Burns. Flat compared play show where you book because you write this what's. Well what do you know what our immigration system what would you change the lamb what people like me. And I cared for delinquency defend him bolt. So we are doing something with immigration that I think is going to be very strong. Because we want people to come in to our country people like you. And like your mother. And that just shows how vicious the cove it is especially when you have another problem we have a heart problem or another type of a problem. Floor Chris set to joins us now thank you so much for your time we really appreciate you coming on. Question for you is 2.4 hours after that emotional moment how you feeling about the president's response. But. I I fear this point six. In the east side soaking up Amy gray Sheehan and then he. Completely suites club quality I understand than that there's this equation we aren't eating ring mount. That I'm naming what I do not save them mom guy but equally. Law is fresh to me so on this until the meat although she really use changed. My equation and two he is banning the outages. And I can that city. He and Danny Matt. Saving my mom died but only because analysts. My a Laura's wasn't coming out of my mouth because that was till march crying. But. I was blame it. She recognized that the time that he was assuming that your mom had passed from color that you just felt it was inappropriate. To correct him. This isn't it let's say can I broke it is there idolized. And AM yeah I've tried to speak. Bull. I call you. I just don't much in my brain not Mormon and I. Diet to understand that. Seeking Matt. It is eight all she does strike the change. Mike wishing grumpy yeah. The and your family came to US in 200614. Years later you're finally a US citizen. Since president trump took office his administration has moved to put barriers on legal immigration and decrease the number of refugees allowed. By the thousands are you concerned that it appears to be getting harder for immigrants to legally come to the US and become citizens. It's making nearly a higher trouble us. I'm. I don't know what he's big he's brown he Peewee him because Hughes don't blame people aren't you sticking by me up aren't. I was up. Up many don't act fast in acts. Let's use. Local people helped Spanish people Latin people like me. Don't recall citizen in bullets in night I. Contra honestly isn't depressing and they eat my. Dose. Call eight. When they make and cream and a half the morning complete fluke. And so did they asked Google would old. To me and copy. Edit and inhabits it certain it is hot for utilities that. Well I have a bit big and this is just pick up last night but I'd be six hostel be honest I. I just break. I was so much last mine well I think in a lot of. People in the UV and in your situation would would perhaps feel the same man and our deepest condolences to you floor. For the loss of your mother and and we thank you so much for your time tonight in and sharing with us. Here. Thank you sort it timing. But they'll put grades will be here we you it's. Also on a corona virus tonight a top official of the Department of Health and Human Services who went on in a lot of rants on FaceBook and scientists at the CDC. This take a leave of absence citing his health. And comes as the head of the CDC was on Capitol Hill today denying any documents have been altered because of political pressure. Here's ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. The embattled. Head of communications for the agency leading the trump administration's response to corona virus is taking a leave of absence. Days after a bizarre FaceBook rant where he urged trump supporters to prepare for armed insurrection. And talked about his own health problems. Oh my health is failing. My mental health is definitely good. I don't like being alone in Washington. The shadows on the ceiling in my apartment bear alone. Or shadows for so long. The video which was posted on FaceBook on Sunday had been deleted. And was obtained today by Yahoo! in the Buffalo News in his rants Michael Caputo a long time trump loyalist describes several unfounded conspiracy theories accusing scientists at the Centers for Disease Control of sedition. The partisan Democrats. For conjugal media and the scientists. The deep state scientists. Want to America sixth through November. He predicted a violent conclusion of the presidential election. Without providing evidence warning of left wing hit squads. If you carry guns buy ammunition raising Gelman. There's going to be hard to get up and civil war this is war. Jo white who preconceived when Joseph Biden loses. It would try to steal it. Stay after he posted that video on FaceBook. HHS defended Caputo calling him a critical integral part of the president's kronor of Irish response Caputo and his team had been under fire after reports state pressured scientists at the CDC. To change their weekly reports on the pandemic to put them more in line with the president's message today to head of the CDC doctor Robert Redfield told congress he was saddened by the accusations. And declared them absolutely untrue. Redfield also insisted there's been no political interference with the CDC's weekly cobra nineteen reports. But at no time. Has the scientific integrity of the M and WR. Been compromised. Our thanks to John in congress has now released a damning report on the crash of two Boeing 737 Max jets you mayor called those planes at. A new generation of what was once the world's most popular. Having grounded since last spring after two crashed in just five months killing 346. People as GO Benitez reports the findings are troubling. Tonight a scathing congressional report blames Boeing and the FAA for the deadly 737 Max crashes that killed 346. People. In the eighteen month investigation lawmakers finding what they called a horrific culmination of failures and missed opportunities. During the design development and certification of the Max in October 2018 lion air flight 610 crashed off the coast of Indonesia into the Java city. Nearly five months later a second 737 Max. Ethiopian air flight 302. Plummeted near ought to so Bob Hope relatives of the crash victims have been raising their voices since that second crash in March 2019. My wife and my mom and own new to a going to die. They heads to somehow conflict that you drained during those final moments. Knowing there are quality and lost tomorrow it can view of can be your target is to come real lives and your kids. The report says Boeing's responses to safety issues raised in the 737 Max program have consistently been too late. Investigators citing tremendous financial pressure on Boeing and the Max program. To compete with other airplane manufacturers. Even installing a countdown clock to remind staff about the max's schedules. But the blaming doesn't stop there. Lawmakers also point a finger at the FAA saying the agency's oversight. Was hampered by poor disjointed FAA communication and that ineffective communication and lack of coordination on key safety issues put the flying public in danger. The FAA telling ABC news we are already undertaking important initiatives based on what we have learned from our own internal reviews as well as independent reviews. And Boeing responding that it learned many hard lessons as a company from the accidents. And has made fundamental changes to our company as a result. The Max is not expected to fly again until late this year or perhaps even 20/20 war. GO Benitez ABC news New York. Our thanks to jail and the entire transportation unit when we come back to terrifying. Destruction accident two cranes colliding one operator left dangling in the air. Our sneak peek at the Eisenhower memorial and it contrasts already being made between him and the current Republican president. Up next. The documents made public suggesting police may have lied about. How Daniel pru died and then allegedly tried to frame him. And major development in the police involved death investigation of Daniel crude in Rochester New York newly released documents suggest that the city trying to block the release of body camera footage. And perhaps even more disturbingly. Two allegedly change reports by calling him a suspect instead of a victim. You be seized in a Norman has the details. Tonight new accusations that officers in Rochester prior to Alter the narrative after their encounter with Daniel prude. An unarmed black man suffering a mental health crisis. Who later died in their custody newly released paperwork revealing at least one person revised in incident report. It which proved was originally labeled as a victim too right. Make him a suspect police alleging video shows crude broke a store window before the encounter today the Bailey's lawyer telling us he has not seen that video. Chose that cover a. Began immediately. Began. Only with the officers involved audience that their supervisors. In higher local police officials. Disturbing police body camera video shows officers in March covering crews had with a strict court. Later pinning him to the ground before he stopped breathing document also showing officials' efforts to delay releasing that footage and email in June shows mark Simmons then deputy police chief writing his boss we certainly do not want people to misinterpret the officers' actions and can fleet this incidents with any recent killings of unarmed black men bylaw enforcement nationally. That would simply be a false narrative chief Le'Ron. And Monday the mayor moved to abruptly fired a police chief who she once defended. Meanwhile the investigation into what happened to buy New York's attorney general is ongoing Lindsay. Shenae thank you so much still ahead here on prime our conversation with Christian Cooper you ever call the racist altercation while he was bird watching in Central Park. Now this coming out with a graphic novels spotlighting victims of injustice. An update on the eye and Vanessa bill that's being introduced by congress why its authors Toby finally brings female service members in the military the protection from harassment and assault they need. Joseph Biden is set to flood the airwaves and ten battleground states are closer look at campaign spending as we near the home stretch of the 20/20 election. Our post of the day WNBA smile more announcing she's marrying the man. Who was wrongfully convicted that she helped free from prison over the summer. Welcome back everybody if you leave in a battleground state and you like to watch TV you feel inundated with political ads with just seven weeks until Election Day we take a look at the battle. Of the airwaves and how Joseph Biden in the Democrats have recently stepped up their game by the numbers. The child campaign a Republican group spent about eighty million dollars or 161744. TV ads from may through July. In contrast Biden's campaign and democratic groups spent about half as much about. 44 million dollars to air 66975. Ads during that same time period. But truck does losses edge in TV advertising Republicans aired 107816. Ads for about. 71 and a half million dollars in August and half of September. While Democrats aired 183341. Ads for an estimated 107 million dollars during that time. For most of the year company RNC comfortably out raised Biden in the DNC but that's fundraising gap. Has now closed in August Biden in the Democrats raised a record 365. Million dollars compared to. 210 million raised by the triumphant Republicans. In Pennsylvania State that could decide the election. Democrats aired 30882. TV spots in August and part of September. Republicans aired about half that we 151702. Spots. But in the digital space for trump likes to inhabit. President keeps his edge his campaign spent 67 million dollars on FaceBook and Google ads off. Biden spent about 46 million in August and part of September. Still lots more ahead on prime Bob what is Spitzer the head of the NIH how much bullet Kobe vaccine costs we finally got our answer. Big Ten football is coming back after all but what happens if a player test positive for Kobe. And if the mystery behind who stole one man's cellphone were revealed and you might laugh at how the first yeah. Stories on For. Mean just look at this year in damage of this building all the second half ripped into the ground. Sounding has been pounding the Gulf Coast all morning we now a tropical storm we'll go after. And relentless parent and other had acknowledged. Pensacola. Nasty flighty and tropical storm wind gusts. Wiping out a portion of their three mountain bridge we anticipate a need for evacuations could. Literally in the thousands so it's going to be a long time folks. Norcross come out of this storm surge and warning is in effect for the Alabama nor anymore. The top White House health officials testifying on Capitol Hill telling lawmakers have a corona virus vaccine is ready this year in the first responders high risk groups will get a first look here ask me when isn't going to be generally available to the American public. The little inconvenient to take advantage of seeing more and give back to irregular lines and things are probably look CNN's late second or third quarter point 11. The missing most Americans will not get vaccinated until late 20/20 one he's actually we have a clear scientific evidence they work. And they are best defense. Bring in Austin, Texas nearly two dozen people were injured wouldn't Ukraine's collided at a construction site. Right now. No one here is that tractor injured. And that we are doing our best to I just got I'm watching the scene keep people away I just heard a big leg. Spain. It's great news all out if there's some needed waiting here on your normal game. It was basically a brain vs spraying incident we transported sixteen. All of those transports were to various hospitals around the Austin area. All of those injuries are considered nonlife threatening. On Capitol Hill a new bill has been introduced into changing the military response to missing service members and sexual assault allegations. We are in a case saying. I am that SAP M legislation today introduced by representative Jackie speer and several others. It's named after the Fort Lewis soldier who disappeared in April her body was found in June for every service member who in this country. Who deserves a chance to serve in the military. Without fear. We'll have being sexually harassed or sexually assaulted from within the UN's family says the NASA had been sexually harassed. She's not American hero that we'll stay Milan's appliance. This is very easy I'll be gay or something terrible Big Ten football we'll be back this fall after a unanimous vote by chancellors presidents and big new laser focus from being warned. The odds are making sure that we created an environment little tour of our student athletes want to reduce speed in the molds and stable and healthy manner. Conference will restart in the fall season starting October 23 in the possess any steam athlete who tests positive for the nineteen will be sidelined for at least 21 days. Some serious monkey business in Malaysia a man who had his phone stolen solve the mystery when he found selling these from the culprits. Among keep moving owner heard the phone ringing here to freeze behind his home and when he examined did he sounded a gallery full of photos and videos and a monkey photographer captured. Turning back now to the race for a vaccine after those mixed messages in Washington today on when the American public will see one widely available. It comes as the death told from the corona virus is set to hit a sobering milestone in the coming week to 200000. Americans losing their lives to the pandemic. So for reality check on where a vaccine stands are public and sat down with the director of the National Institutes of Health. For our latest vaccine watch. An important. Question for many finally answered today operation warp speed officials announced that any Covert nineteen vaccine produced an approved in the US. We'll be absolutely free. The news announced today during a press conference would operation warp speed officials. In terms of a principal in an aspiration it'll be that no American. Have to pay a single dime out of pocket. To get a vaccine. Operation warp speed is an initiative to have millions of doses ready to ship once a vaccine is given FDA approval. However the officials say they still don't know how or when Americans will get them. This is eighty really quite extraordinary. Logistically. Complex undertaking. And a lot of uncertainties right now. But the president has been touting the speed of vaccine development office in Philadelphia last night once again promising potential approval before Election Day where within weeks of getting it you know could be three weeks four weeks. The director of national institutes of health and doctor Anthony found she's direct boss told us this timeline is much more complicated. I would expect that if we have a vaccine that grew by December. By this spring and most Americans. Have a chance. To it certainly by the middle twenties and wind are we ought to be a pretty good last. Director Collins and his team at the NIH are in direct coordination what many of the top vaccine developers including AstraZeneca. A company whose vaccine trials hit a speed ball last week. And the other cases where people have gotten sick those that are involved had actually volunteer to do its. And added these other companies need each other trials I heard no instances. What would be called a severe adverse events despite what seemed to be promising late stage human trials. A large portion of the public. Remain skeptical that shot Q and all articles that there was this Gallup poll says that one out of every three Americans would not get back. Vaccinated it troubles me great. They're people already are right to Jim as. Inch foreigners sensible people you'd want to wait until you could see the actual date and residents wrists or you've made that did we really want to be able to get past terrorists. We're going to need to get to a place where something like 70%. Of the public is no longer at risk for over ninety. Urge you raising Aaron is by getting sick or disease. Not a good solution for people who remain survived the illness ERM Reyes and harassing. And if the US falls behind the question remains. Would America except the vaccine developed on foreign soil. I think Dave good news we were interest and we were convinced that they were safe you obviously we Qaeda. Believe that our system in the US say it is more rigorous and he would have to be really convince the then a back seat coming from Russia and China was the right thing for our people but I don't think we would rule that out if it turns out the nearest. Along successfully and we ran into orders seriously Bob what are our network. Despite the uncertain time line Collins believes there could be as many as 800 million vaccine doses available by mid next year. Officials from operation warp speed say they're prepared to ship dose is the first responders and those most at risk. The moment FDA grants approval. This is bottled tracking the race for a vaccine. Our thanks to Bob Woodruff for that report. And we turn around the world of comic books so often considered an escape with epic battles between good and evil the powerful and the powerless. But here's a twist remember Christian Cooper of the black Central Park bird watcher who had a confrontation back in May. With a white woman who falsely claimed that he was threatening her after he asked her to lease your dog. The reason conclusive they pick up please don't think Goosen and he didn't please please call the cops. Please go to clubs I'm I don't know the African American men threatened by what their African American man. Huge according to let myself and my dog. Or. Well Chris Cooper has now written a graphic novel illustrated by veteran comic artist a lethal Martinez says. Closely based on that experience and also on the killings of black men and women by police officers. They're book it's a bird is being released today as part of a DC comics books digital first series called represent. The series highlights typically under represented groups in comics and we are fortunate enough to be joined now by Chris Cooper. And a leaf them Martinez thank you both for your time. In jeopardy here so it's a bird follows the story of jewels a black teenage bird watcher who looks through binoculars and seize on the DD hollow Rihanna Taylor and George Floyd. Chris while many people came to know you as a bird watcher you so you actually worked as a comic book editor and writer. Tell us a story of it's a bird and and how the idea came about. Sure. Some folks who I had some work within the past and know we've remained tight friends over the years. Change of name after. The incident central Americans that hey you know adds maybe we should do you. A comic book adjust your experiences in the personals are wild about that it's not exactly capes and tights and turning them. But we talked about it will bet on and then finally they tossed a title it meaningless and well. It is somebody I happen DC and they really liked this title. It's a bird and it took me a second act a series you did there it's a bird look up in the sky it's a player its planes bird. It's if it's a super won't sell. Over the months they gave me the title and I just thought it was so clever just got my in my engine going in the wheels turning and the story just kind of slowed out of you after moi. And daily thing you're of course well known in the comics world and I should add a rare person of color and a woman in that world. You've illustrated Iron Man in back girl comics among many others. Explain how your own experiences of coming back to this country is a child and being deported colored the images that you brought to life here and also the inclusion of the per trail in your own son. Yes well shields is my son my son and I travel a lot for the US state electoral speaker program and legal all over the United States comic book conventions as well but it was when returning from North Carolina. The TSA stopped me. And because of my hyphenated last name and after didn't practice what they did let us go but I actually saw the transformation in my own child. And that innocent sent world Justine. Open in. Accepting anyone and everyone accepting him to just days hard and young man who was a little bit outrage so of course. When this opportunity came to me I had ice and you know lax. Just jacket is my son who this is our experience. And it was my little huge contribution to Christian story. Next a little. And Ed and Chris at the end of the character jewels. He turns his back on the woman in the park in her words start to get smaller and smaller and you've said that that's because it's not about her anymore its about the ones that we've lost and how we keep. From losing anymore. Just start with identifying and punishing bad behavior that target's black people specifically what I'm trying to get at is. In your case a Manhattan DA charged Amy Cooper with filing a false police report but you refuse to cooperate in the investigation why. Well I'm very much on the chancellor about I'm of two minds part of me is very much believes that. There's a principle to be upheld here and there and yes she needs to be charged you know to be held accountable part of me is like well you know. Considering that I suffered no direct arm and considering that. You know she's already lost a job and suffered a lot of a lot of already negative effects. That you know she's already paid a price that the bottom line you're beyond any of that is exactly what I showed in the comic book. It's not about her. It's no good to focus on terror is to miss the point and the point is. The underlying reason that racism that runs through our society and to lots of people who don't want to look at themselves and by focusing on her they managed to avoid looking at themselves. Look at her she did that. Yeah we'll look in the mirror what did you do what do what have you done what is. In your life that you should be examining and changing. Street fight this. Dana braces on the run sort. Objects and leave it would you agree with that do you feel any Cooper needs to be punished beyond losing her job and being shamed publicly. Well. The slightly different opinion than Christian if there is no prosecution. There it's not seen right. It will continue to insult off ditch it's almost comedy. Well today we are also focusing on the bowl kick and Chris when we come back here again the book is free and it launches the represents series where can we find it and what do you hope that people take away from it. Sure I hope people get inspired sounds stupid to think about these issues and how they're inch or how. You know the deaths in the racism how it's all one piece of dogs at all it's all from the same off. On and I hope all well also especially the young people needed and they get educated but those I am. Costly surprised at how many young people don't know a lot of these cases that are listed as not allowed in the comic the mentions specific incident since. But once 200 people have been killed. And so I hope there's educate. Should that goes on as far as we can find it you can find it at me DC where DC comics dot com. And you want to look for represent shuts the name of comic book series that it's a bird is a part. So what you can find that you'll find the comic and it's absolutely true which I think it's fantastic is more people who needed the back. And a leap the same question do you what do you hope the people take away from it. I hope that they understand. Even begin to understandably are only does togetherness we want to see positive change happen we asked to stand together but council votes short. Chris annaly we thank you so much for your time. Thank you pleasure. And when we come back RC he gets in this presidential monument coming to Washington. Okay. Finally tonight after years of delay and some controversy a former Republican president is getting a major monument in the nation's capital. Tomorrow the Dwight. It's a reexamination of the 34 president's legacy and comparisons to Donald Trump. Here's Devin Clark. As the sun rises over Washington Dwight Eisenhower is seen in a new light. And you shrine to an American icon in kind of leadership the nation hasn't seen in generations. 34 president and and supreme allied commander in world war two and that is what this represents Dwight. Founding our country is link again. The two roosevelts. The Kennedy senator is actually a presidential memoir now. So his his legacy is set men dead I think in American history through this memorial. The memorial charts Eisenhower's rise from a son of Abilene Kansas to wartime general and two term president. A steel mesh tapestry depicts the coast of Normandy France. Where allied forces under Eisenhower's command stormed the beaches on 1944. After years of disputes over the 150 million dollar design which is authorized by congress in 1999. The memorial was finished just this week two decades later under budget. It's not bombastic. And. Quiet architect Frank Gehry says his design is meant to remind us that ordinary Americans can do great things it's possible that. There are people like living where those two. Writes for the occasion and the opportunities. And it could come from anywhere from Burr more and he rates that are. Or culture cat. And I. Up Ike won the White House in a landslide in 1952. Presiding over years of prosperity in peace in America. President Eisenhower appointed five justices to the US Supreme Court. Expanded the interstate highway system in created NASA. And the FAA. Our defense is would be adequate. Not just today. But tomorrow and in all the years to come. He was a society where were renewed and people who could. Make a difference correct and he oversaw a desegregation of the US military and public schools. Sandy the National Guard in to Little Rock in 1957. To enforce integration. He signed into law early protections for voting rights in the critics say his push for a quality wasn't strong enough Eisenhower favoring an incremental approach to racial justice that was later overtaken by an eruption of racial unrest after he left office. And toward gay and lesbian Americans Eisenhower authorize discrimination. In 1953. Signing an order to ban them from the government. His Ernie thing with you about your grandfather's legacy. That should not try. Interns as personal lives and I he certainly I guess I need. He had to tell her what she sure. And a controller years. It's really about. About leadership. Shouldn't harmony. The memorial has prompted fresh contrast between a bygone Republican president and the core one. Great leaders appear for every eventuality. Dwight Eisenhower or even making it into the 20/20 campaign. The TV ad by the Republican group the Lincoln project suggesting Donald Trump doesn't measure up to hike. You think those contrasts are fair I'm not sure how useful comparisons are. But I do think they're comparisons are inevitable because people are looking. To the past should have showed some. Young guy posts and end to understand. How we got to this position. I do think however that. It was a style that put a premium on unity president trump and the four other living former presidents were invited to come together at this week's memorial dedication. But none are able to attend. Do you see you this is being hurt are particularly well right moment to get re acquainted with your grandfather what east therefore be. Dedication but was scared me. To Detroit which would been beset members treat be eat some men. Celebrating past achievement and the circumstances. Now are urged to look for something deeper. With America divided and in crisis the new Eisenhower memorial is an invitation for reflection. How far America has come the kind of leaders the country needs to shape a better future what's the message you hope they take away. I hope for a child who comes here they'll see that statue of young guy and maybe they'll wonder how does this kid this. Who came from Abilene Kansas with you know we know advantage socially or economically. Hiking figure out how to make his life into what it was because that is what we all hope the American story is that freedom gives you opportunity. And with opportunity you can. Paint your own canvas. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to DeVon for that a before we go tonight our image of the day a shock for an Alabama resident dealing with hurricane Sally take a listen that's. Yeah. When then. Yeah yeah. Yeah Alan. Do you see that there Tina Bennett took this video of the massive Gator while hunkering down inside her clash Ireland Alabama home. She said this is why we don't want to go outside there are many more. Here's to hoping to that caters stays out of Tina's way and our thoughts are certainly with all the residents and businesses impacted by the storm tonight. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live from more context and analysis of the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for shooting with us good night.

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