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Deadly bridge collapse in Italy kills at least 39; Parkland students start new school year.
24:37 | 08/15/18

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Hey guy if I'm aligning koskie and you're watching ABC news lives we have a really busy show for you today. Including the latest details that are coming out from Italy after a horrific collapse bridge. Where 39 people have lost their lives and a community is now left in morning so our reporter is right there on the ground forest is gonna bring the latest details the first. Take a look at today's headlines. See. This senate returns for a rare August session today trying to finish what didn't get done before budget deadlines this ball. The senate short week will be spent confirming federal judges. Of the month passing the spending bill that combines the Pentagon labor education and health and human services spending appropriations. The government of Turkey is up with new tariffs on a variety of American products. The move raises duties on US liquor to a 140%. Cars to a 120%. At leaf tobacco to 60%. A grand jury report out Tuesday accuses more than 300 Catholic priest in Pennsylvania. A child abuse involving more than 1000 victims dating back decades. It's the screen injury report is justice. Report names more than 300 predator priests including one how. Harrisburg priest accused of molesting five sisters in one family back in the 1980s. For the first time since hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico nearly a year ago. How has been restored. The entire islands. Colorado school district is now switching to a four day week the district near Denver it will hold classes Tuesday through Friday. Officials there say it will save about a million dollars a year. As a Detroit Tigers game last night the ball went flying into the stands and young tigers in grabbed it but the bulk wasn't for him. You read it down the stairs to another young man who was thrilled to have it home. Call Bob. So let's go to Italy now for the latest star reporter Julie MacFarlane is there in generalize and you know families are still clinging on hope. Hoping that they might find their loved one somewhere in the rubble is Julia. Thank you for joining us and what can you tell us about the rescue and what the latest is. Palin a yellow the top line at the man is not political prefecture have has raised the Bethel up to that he nine at least that's nine dozens have been injured. The rescue operation still underway. That if you just behind me but that is a lot of heavy machinery gang on. None of the heavy machinery is lifting up these huge bits of mangled concrete in the hope that people might still be. A rescue that the small number of people who are still missing so a lot of people here in Genoa I think some good news off to this office tragedy. And having been able to speak to any people who are survivors who actually lived through this horrific collapse. I think does a lot of people around here are sort of well wishes and have been during pauses then. That that the main braids opposites the high with collapsed. Is just talk book full of Jonathan have been lots of data have been given. Walking costs Haralson of you know wishing and praying and hoping for some good news as well. There are people still being treated in hospital less seriously injured now when not allowed to we went given access to the hospital I think Pete the people who receiving treatment. A critically injured and so the priority is to given the space in the recovery that they need. One thing that we lands in the lost power that is the mayor of Jun of he said that the houses. Well that the entire building has been evacuated you can still see. Is that dozens of cause and trucks on either side of the bridge have just been abandoned on laid best since yes they since Jackson. But also did this area around us just behind this. This fire truck all of those houses have been evacuated that today the Marriott said it. Says that these days houses the people you've been evacuated from them. A possibly not even able to have a go ahead investigating a possibly demolishing those houses because that's not told. Of just getting rid of the whole bridge and highly and how difficult that will be when all of these houses are in the area says there is a lot of medical anger about this about how. This bridge is allowed to stay in the condition that it was a lot of questions being raised about why there was adequate checks. And that the local media have been reporting that. Engine is two year is ago. Raised the alarm and the structural integrity of the bridge say yes that I often initialed a shot and Horrow. All of how huge the sketch as you can see just this huge part of the space that has collapsed today. Dot giving awaits have anger and frustration being directs that the authorities. While an understandable that is a very dramatic image right behind you beverage is being cut off break there but. IA I understand the residents who want to know what happened are there any actual. Indications yet of what exactly went wrong. Saying the Jenna and bend public prosecutors office have now eight in an investigation now looking into possible a negligent. Homicide now it's anyone's guess as to how long. It would take about investigation to reach a conclusion but in the meantime you can expect all sorts of finger pointing. Gang on politicians have been laying the blame. At various acts as whether it's the EU austerity cuts and that it upon his sleep what the out to stride the the agency that's responsible for the highways. My I think until this investigation is allowed to reach conclusion. It's going to be very difficult for but the true responsibility the responsibility as to be taken before the tragic accidents. Understandably lot of people want answers Juliet thank you for joining us today. And let's move on to Florida where the students at Marjorie Stillman Douglas but Douglas high school. Are going back to school and it's the first day of school of course last year in February excuse me this year in February. Seventeen people students and people who work at the school lost their lives in a tragic mass shooting. So we have one of our reporter Stephanie watch she's there in Florida she is spent a lot of time. With these students with the community and first before we go to Stephanie and let's take a listen to what some of the students have said about what going back to school means for them. I'm expecting to go to back to school like every other year but at the same time you know that it's never going to be a normal again you know I like to think of it as a new normal. But I wish we didn't have to experience this new normal I wished. It was just like every other year I'd pick up my clothes I have a good time but this year I can't hope it constantly think about. Not only myself and my friends at my school but constantly thinking about my friends other schools who don't have as many safety precautions as we now do you and I worry about them. Stephanie you know the first day of school is supposed to be happy day it's supposed to be a normal day. For high school students they shouldn't behalf be thinking about this in dealing with all of this as they say you've spent so much time. With these families in the aftermath since February what does this milestone mean for that. Well today as a students are turning to school I mean just behind me the students are right here in school there. Let's be wrapping in just under four hours efforts that classes. A lot of the students I we've been talking to over the last six months. Have been dealing what we what we described as this new normal where there's a new security there is new threats that you know they have to think about constantly. As Lauren hot described is actually one of the youngest members of marks per lives if spent her entire summer as a fulltime activists on the road speaking to young voters. Yes the last thing she wants to worry about school safety hurts them and Douglas she wants to write about what she's going Wear to school today. But what she is facing is this new normal she's worried about her friends who are at other schools that might not have been seen safety measures in place as Donny Douglas. We also ran into Victoria gave out this morning victorious and we spent a lot of time with over the last months. She tragically lost work Herbert and walking all of us in that match shooting. In big I is somebody who is obviously grappling with the loss of her boyfriend but at the same time. It's what we described again this new normal where she's returning to school human yesterday and picked up for school supplies. She's expecting that today is going to be as normally it is any nothing special will be happening which is what a lot of the students want and I know the school district is trying to. Make B students feel you know this is just a normal school year. As difficult. As that maybe that I guess the question for me is it's is that even possible as normal as they want to make this day. They're so going back to the same campus that building where most of the people were shot last year is not being news it's closed down so. Are there just constant reminders of what happened for them. They are everywhere here on this campus so first of all time yet enough you can see but there is a freshman building down here. That freshman buildings still stand and is one of the survivors of the attack was actually in the first classroom that was attacked repairs and on the she spoke into a lot of students who are a little weird out that that building as you still here on campus. But why that's happening is that there's it's still going on that is. Evidence for the state that that will stay there and will remain and eventually they will be turning that freshman. Into a memorial for the seventeen lives locked. Now there's also new security magic on their attack touched on lightly before. So what they'll be doing if they'll be a mandatory. School resource officer. They also will be having mandatory locked on goes I know here stunning Douglas they will be having one drill at least one drug monthly. And also you know they they had these measures in place where they had clear backpacks that's been thrown out what they're really focusing on now. Is the mental health of the students. An of course another reminder is that there is still a looming trial in this community. The suspect is expected in court later today so as hard as these this being yet think wants to continue on in. Go back to some sense of normalcy there are these constant. Actors and Stephanie thanks for joining us and giving us the latest there it's. I get another tragic and heartbreaking reminder for the rest of us around the country of what students have to deal with going back to school. Now the he said she said. It just continues between the president and on the roads and Sarah Huckabee Sanders the white house Press Secretary. Didn't really help the situation in the press briefing yesterday when. She wouldn't give a direct answer as to whether or not there is tape of the president using the N word. What haven't been in every single room I can tell you. The president has addressed this directly. He stressed it directly to the American people and I can tell you what the focus in the heart of the president does and that's on helping all Americans. And certainly. This is somebody who has been in business. For decades and you're just now hearing some of these outrageous accusations. After the fact he's dealt with people all over the world it wasn't until he became a candidate for president that you started to hear some of these salacious. And ridiculous claims. Today Norman is joining us from the White House today we just played that clip there it feels like it's that White House reality TV show. With the he says with this she said between trump and Amoroso but I feel like we're not getting to the root of the issue here which is. Our other implications. Four at the president of the United States if there is indeed tape of him using this kind of racial slur. We look at the positions of this White House and how people feel. About it. Right and then the question is. If he did say it would it matter and yet that the easy answer may be no probably not I mean you have to think. The president has made very derogatory statements before about women. About people disabilities about a war hero Senator John McCain. You know of this of course this issue of whether or not he said he and work. We would have to you're recording or see the audio ourselves to know for sure. But on any issue of race here Sanders saying that these accusations are just now coming out accusations about how from being racist. Existed long before he was even a candidate. Let alone president and it didn't matter then. And his base has been unwavering and there are supports. Even as he's made those other derogatory comments sent those derogatory tweet. As president so would it matter. It seems to not have mattered much to this point. Yes I not only for his supporters but for Republican politicians who also have been supporting him. Throughout the administration despite of course the Access Hollywood tape despite the birther conspiracy theory is all the things he mentioned. I wanna talk about another big political story though yesterday there were primary the happening in four states and you know from the results it looks like we might be seeing. A very different kind of makeup of our political leaders in this country. Right so last night's primary. I showed progressive candidates prevailing in a way that is starkly different from congress let's be honest when you walked the halls of the capitol most of the lawmakers you see your camping. They are whites and they are male but last night we are seeing something different even in parts of the country like the midwest and Minnesota state represented ill on Omar one democratic primary. She was born in Somalia she is Muslim she that refugee she is a progressive think she's poised to make history. Becoming one of two Muslim women in congress come November. And Vermont Christine hopeless becoming the first transgender gubernatorial. Candidate nominated by a political party she is a progressive Democrats if she upset. The incumbent governor in the general election shall become the country's first transgender governor. In November and then there's just on a haze she is a former national teacher of the year she won the democratic primary for Connecticut's fifth district she's looking. To become the State's first. Black Democrats in congress and it's important to note that victory. Comes on the heels of teacher revolts around the US striking for better pay an increase funding. And now you've got a teacher a former national teacher of the year who put me in the position to help make decisions that would impact teachers at least in that state so. Very interesting results we saw the primaries last night as we continue looking forward to mid terms in November. Delicate following all that thanks for joining us but like you said. Change is coming to our political system and I feel like that as is evident in the people who are starting to run for office. Now let's move back to the Paul manna for trial we have been covering it the entire day. Throughout the entirety of the trial but you have to think about what's going on here one of the president's closest advisors could be heading to jail. And yet when it came to making it their case. The defense and up arresting that case the right now we're gonna go to Katherine falters she's. In front of the courthouse there in Alexandria Catherine good morning ands. Like I said. Two weeks of the prosecution calling over twenty witness says an and the defense just rest their cases I mean that there is no defense. Yeah a little bit of a surprising turn their they called. No witnesses and immediately rested their case on but. The defense really here in Malta by the way multiple legal experts as that and you say you know this strategy isn't particularly unusual of their defense. Is based on cross examination of the prosecution's witnesses especially. The prosecution's star witness Rick gates who the defense attacked on cross examination. They branded him as a liar president Basil or somebody who stole. All of imports money so this strategy here this defense strategy of calling no witnesses in presenting zero pays. Is not particularly. Unusual in cases like that. I do wonder again I'm not a legal expert all one out of it but admit that bank. Fair question as to whether or not the president might Harding called man afford if he were to be convicted do you think of that at all leaving today. It look it's certainly possible that heat but. A multiple sources that we spoken to say these conversations haven't been happening of one of the defense team certainly isn't talking about that here but look. The president has pleaded abound and fort he's called the charges quote very unfair but he's also trying to distance himself from an accord saying he worked with him. For a short period of time when in reality really work for an 45 months but look the president. Loves the power of the pardon as we've seen previously so it's certainly something that could. But could be a little prima turn. I capitol thanks for joining us this course as the jury deliberations unfolded the verdict comes and we'll continue to follow and it's. And now let's move to New Mexico a judge is getting death threats after he allowed bail for suspects people who are suspected of holding children hostage and then training them how to use deadly weapons a right now we're gonna go to GOP need as he's in New Mexico. And geo can you just recap some of what this story is about for us. Yellow and yet you just mentioned those death threats and that's why we're here at the courthouse because it's really just such a big part of the story in fact this place actually had to be locked down. And the reason is because of the story behind this we're talking about last week police discovering that eleven kids. A were emaciated. There are in at this remote compound in New Mexico and you also had three year old little boy who was found dead. It turns out that little boy is the son of one of the suspects and and that's suspect now is accused of kidnapping the boy from Georgia and bringing him to this remote compound. Now the story of how that little boy died ties exactly back to what they're facing now these these accusations and why people are so upset about this decision. Because that prosecutors say that that little boy dive during a religious ritual. And that they were trying to exorcise demons from that little boy. And that it did they were told the other children were apparently told that Jesus would be resurrected. In that little boy and that Jesus would then direct the kids. To shoot at banks and schools and so. Very disturbing details and so when people were hearing just. They said. How can they possibly grant these suspects available and this judge said you know what. The evidence just wasn't there to keep them to show that they were a danger to this community. I've that's the first question that came to my mind too is if they've raided the compound if a little boy was found dead. How is it possible that the judge was able to release them on bail and it is also raise questions as to whether or not there's going to be enough evidence. Later on in the case. Well that's the question alone or because in court these defense attorneys were saying wait a minute it's not illegal to teach a fifteen year old to thirteen year old. How to shoot a weapon that is what the defense is arguing. In court. And apparently the state did not have enough evidence they didn't bring enough evidence of the table tit to make this judge believe. That that they were a danger to this community so as you say it really does raise questions about whether they'll have enough evidence if they take this a trial. Mile while we'll deathly be following that story GO thanks for joining us. And now we go to a terrifying story but won the has a happy ending. A couple was rescued after being stuck in an ice cave for two days and ABC's Cain a whitworth. Is in Idaho Falls, Idaho to give us the latest details there Cain act. How does this couple even find themselves in this position to begin when. Colonna Ed Jessica and Spencer Christie Anson lived here in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They are extremely adventure as they love the outdoors and their experienced climbers. Buys when they decided to celebrate Spencer's birthday by going to the Darby ice caves they truly never thought that they would be in a fight for their lives. So they were prepared they had done their research they had they're here but ultimately they got lots became trapped inside the cave. These are the conditions indicate it's so cool that they both had frost bite they were hypothermic. There orange is in their packs froze solid so they could eat them. It's so dark that they could see their hands in front of their faces that they were using their head lamps but conserving battery whenever they. It was an absolutely terrifying experience for the both of them and when I sat down to talk with them. Jessica really put things in perspective so taken with what she had to say. I've been have a hard time in the last few days. You kind of shut everything else you turn it all off because he'll have enough energy to panic. Weighing it down there and it kind of comes to you later for sure but. It's really scary to think that you're reading child with no pants. And no way and it's really cool then it's pretty scary if he scared at first they're. And we knew we only had about an hour or two before we wouldn't. So that was scary Lee they risked everything got really wet just in the picture we could find out we tried all. It was the wrong way and it was pretty disappointing and a few trees finally got to was when Spencer. Was scared. I had total faith in him the whole time to get me out of there beau and I saw how scared he was and knew that it was probably the and for us. What's the hardest part. So that's terrifying. To think that you you're leaving your kid alone with no parents. So. The couple truly feared they would never see their one year old daughter again they say ultimately thinking about her is what. Hold them through this whole ordeal is that when they started to get tired handing for freezing actually would take breaks to do work out just to get their blood pumping. They were also soaking wet because the water the ice cold water was moving through the cape the entire time. One of the things that kept them alive with a filtration strong that they used to drink water. They also decided to burn one of their acts to try and stay warm these are the thing that kept them. Jessica's mom alerted authorities and the couples and return so they rescued them as they say they were on the brink of debt it happened just in time. Rescuers say they get at minimum ten called a year to go into that case that they have trained for something like that extensively. Which helped them get the couple out alive. The truly a life changing experience for them although alone it's value. They told me they would actually. Consider going back and doing it again. Now that they know how sick and maneuver through that case. That sounds like a harrowing experience the camp we've they'd be willing to go back. Are we wanna light in an up here at the end or you guys so we have a little story that just makes you love the Internet and kids. I don't know if he'd seen pictures a little six year old girl her name is Caitlin. Out of that look like the face of an Angel to you. Well Kate land is not an Angel see right there she looks like she might know that she did something wrong she went on her mom of Amazon account. And while she said she was just checking to see if her bargain with cunning in the man Allen with the shipment dates where she actually ordered 300 and safety dollars worth of toy is. And that with a picture of her when all the packages arrived so I think you can imagine her mom's subprime take a look at what she said. How you. Whole lives ended the truck pulled up and Ollie oxen pulled out the trash yeah. Well well well. I'm sure. Amazon love Caitlin right now to vacate when it did and dad getting not grounded butt kicked up the Internet for a month moms that no Internet. For the good thing is they didn't send all these toys that they've actually donated them so they will go to someone else. That's there for our show today I'm alone in a koskie thank you for watching ABC news live in don't forget he can watch us on Or you can download ABC news now.

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