ABC News Live Update: Last chance for stimulus deal before Election Day?

Plus, controversial “Challenge Trials” intentionally expose patients to COVID-19, and Oscar winner Jeff Bridges announced he was diagnosed with Lymphoma.
22:39 | 10/20/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Last chance for stimulus deal before Election Day?
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says today is the last chance to strike a stimulus deal. Before the election. The news comes as more than twelve million Americans are unemployed we have the latest on where the negotiations stands two weeks until Election Day. Breaking news in the race for a vaccine is cult in nineteen cases rise in the US and overseas. Why controversial new challenge trials will intentionally. Expose volunteers to the virus. An Oscar winner Jeff Bridges reveals he's been diagnosed with lymphoma what he's saying about his condition and his message for his fans. We begin with the race for the White House two weeks until Election Day we are already seeing a record turnout at the polls. At least 31 million votes have already been cast that's more than 20%. Of the total vote in twenty sixteenths. On Monday early voting started in the swing state of Florida were more than 350000. People cast their ballots in person. And overnight we learned about the new rules in place ahead of Thursday's final presidential debate here's senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega. As a country faces a third corona virus waited more than 220. Thousand deaths president trump on the campaign trail saying voters are tired of hearing about the pandemic. I think al-Qaeda that did pandemic that the president on a swing through the battleground of Arizona where cases are on the rise the pack. Mostly without masks with polls showing a majority of Americans unhappy with his handling of the virus president trump now laser focused on a new target. The nation's leading infectious disease expert. On a call of his campaign teen the president on the attack against doctor Anthony found she. But when it comes to the virus voters overwhelmingly trust doctor felt she over the president. We're really. I you know going through its prime this disturbingly anti science. Signs certain segments of society. That's very troublesome to me. OG telling sixty minutes the attacks have led to death threats there've been death threats against human my dad all to do not honor his knee but. Spinning harassment against the rest of the sham or even the president's allies coming to tout she's defense Republican senator Lamar Alexander tweeting. If more Americans paid attention to his advice we have fewer cases of Kobe nineteen and it would be safer to go back to school and back to work and out to eat. Joseph Biden the campaign trail preparing for Thursday's debate. Saying the president attacking him for listening to scientists isn't actually an attack its quote a badge of honor. And this morning with just two days to go until that final face off the debate commission announcing a major change to the debate stay each. As one candidate gives his two minute answer to the others microphone will be muted. But it both microphones will be left on during follow up discussions with the kind of change coming out of that first debate debacle is an appointment and answering the president trump repeatedly interrupting. And ignoring the rules. Now president Turkey of course refused to attend that second debate after the commission switch the format on line. When the president contracted Kobe his team says. He is committed to attending this last debate though the president overnight call the move on fair for the is that what he called last minute rule changes. Team missed trying to change the format also in terms of the questioning on Thursday's debate it to be focused on foreign policy that's an area where the agent view. Joseph Biden as especially weak but Diane the debate commission says. It's up to the moderator not to the candidates to decide what the topics for the questions are so we will see come. Thursday. Francis AMA in Washington we certainly will in our political team we'll have full coverage of the final presidential debate on Thursday starting at 8 PM eastern. You can find out how to vote as well in your state at 538 dot com. The Supreme Court ruled overnight that mail in ballots in the battleground state of Pennsylvania will be counted as long as they are received within three days of the election. The ruling denies a GOP request to limit mail in voting. Meanwhile the polls open for the first time today in the swing state of Wisconsin our Alex Perez is there good morning Alex. Hey Diane we're here outside City Hall in downtown commission alleged take a look at this scene behind me here you can see a number of people already lined up. To cast their ballots as early voting begins here and now across the country voting is now underway in all fifty states from here in Wisconsin to another battleground state Florida where polls open Monday some voters there waiting. Hours to vote and across the country early voting numbers are up more than 312 million have already voted that's more than five times and number at this point between sixteen now Wisconsin is a battle ground state the president trump won by a very narrow margin in 2016. He's trying to lock in support here holding a rally in Janesville just this past weekend. But polls right now show Biden with a slight lead here in Wisconsin. And the biting camping is outspending trump spending some 110 million dollars on ads here. And in Pennsylvania and in Michigan and dwarfing the trump. Campaigns 31 million dollars another big factor to consider here Wisconsin and the pandemic. Holds. Her opening for early voting mrs. state grapples with another huge surge in corona virus cases distort the state reporting. More than 3700. In new. Corona virus cases just in the last 24 hours but. Even with the pandemic Diane officials here are bracing for record voter turnout as you do is see the outline behind me. It's already starting Diane. People eager to make their voice heard Alex present Kenosha Wisconsin thanks Alex. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is setting a deadline for stimulus talks saying if there's no deal by the end of the day. It we'll have to wait until after the election ABC's Mary Bruce has more on the negotiations. And what it all means for the millions of unemployed Americans. This morning the clock is ticking for millions of Americans financially devastated by the pandemic. I'm afraid of being homeless who are afraid of losing everything. For months White House negotiators and top Democrats have been trying to hammer out an agreement on another round of relief aid. And now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says if they don't strike a deal today it won't happen until after the election started. And he's never taken this seriously. And neither hasn't come on both sides are still hundreds of millions of dollars apart at odds over key provisions like funding for state and local governments and plans for a national testing program president tribe adding confusion to the negotiations. Called off talks earlier this month only to restart them the very next day after facing backlash now he's telling Republicans to quote go big and blaming Democrats for the holdup. Fuzzy at this moment does not want to. Affect the election but for many of the over twelve million Americans who are unemployed the bills are already passed deal. Over thirty million may be at risk of addiction by the end of the year and roughly one in ten in this country say they don't have enough to eat it. Harry line. Most of the stimulus measures previously passed by congress like the forgive noble loan program for small businesses. And ended over the summer restaurant owners like Chris careening doing everything they can to keep their doors open. I sold my motorcycle. I sold. Couches chairs. Bookshelves. Saw blade nears everything that was my house sold most of my personal possessions. Now even if the White House and Democrats can reach a deal today and that is still a very big if there'll still be one big remaining hurdle. Senate Republicans they want a smaller more targeted deal here they have all but ruled out the kind of proposal that's being discussed here. Now the president says he can get his party on board they can get them to agree to spend more but that is just not guaranteed Diane. Nightmare neighbors in Washington Forrest thanks Mary. And as Washington works on that pandemic stimulus package corona virus cases are surging across the country. Sixteen states new records in the last week and hospitalizations. Are now up in 41 states. In El Paso, Texas the number of cases has risen 500%. In the last two weeks ABC's Matt Gutman is there with the latest. This morning that we improve copd patients is crashing over west Texas hospitals. Pays if there is heavier in the search right now. Yes we are in the surge in this is my car. The highest number of patients who had. Since the pandemic here inside the icu with the university medical center in El Paso the ceaseless work to save Kofi patients. Yeah we'll pass who is considered one of America's safest cities. But it's at ground zero for the virus. Join the last two weeks we have CNN very sharp increase in positive cases. Two 500%. Increase this city's mayor proclaiming that young people. We've had some real excessive number gross. That we attribute choose the ages twenty to 39. Over 52% as of last thirsty. Nationwide cases arising an average of six percentage each week and one in five US hospitals reporting more than 80% of their icu beds. Our field. That's higher than at any previous point during the pandemic Mississippi's governor re imposing mask mandates in nine counties after letting them lapse a few weeks ago. In Kansas ten patients dying in this nursing home after an outbreak spread to poll 62 patients and staff members Eddie everywhere the human tolls. Ever seen Johnson was a beloved pastor and funeral home director. On Thursday he lost a four month long battle with covad dying of complications from the virus I don't restorers on. My worst enemy at the very end Johnson who lost the ability to speak but not the ability to communicate. He was now than that but he was saying I love you too you know and food OK you know so we're just waiting for that next morning. But for the big man with the even bigger smile tomorrow. Differ came. The others that stunning statistic Diane that dates have seen a 500%. Increase in Kobe cases. Just over the past two weeks here now this creates a vicious circle. Needed medical director of the hospital told us that stopped after about four or five days after the spike then we'll start seeing people coming to the hospitals. I remember right now but one in every three patients. Hospitalized. Is a Covert patient and that means that number is only going to rise because doctors and nurses are also part of this community. They are going to start to get sick as well. Town that's gonna create a need for more doctors and nurses. At inserts capacities can be overextended and that is what they're concerned about right now they're already expanding their capacity in the hospital. At this point they simply can't even make predictions because they don't know. How many more cases they're going to get so much still up in the air here and but tremendous amount of concern with the county health officer saying that the spread of the virus right now. Is uncontrollable. Diane. All right Matt Gutman forests now paso Texas thanks man. And as a second corona virus waves sweeping through Europe the British government just announce its backing a controversial vaccine trial. That intentionally expose as volunteers to the virus. The so called challenge trials are said to be more efficient than regular trials and still need regulatory approval. But critics are already saying they shouldn't happen at all in panel is in London for us with the details Ian. This mauling Britain giving the green light to highly controversial vaccine testing little deliberately expose people to Coruna virus. These so called challenge trials which will be the first of their kind to be authorized in the world if regulations give the go ahead. Would take healthy young volunteers inject them with a vaccine ten days later they'll inhale a specially manufactured dose of the virus. The first step of the process announced today using a small group of eighteen to thirteen year old to establish the dose of the bars being used in the trials and they'll let me closely monitored in a quarantine ward at a London hospital. In time postal actually the subject to a not even have any disease symptoms. We're looking to NG some affection would monastery looking to induce disease. In typical vaccine trials doctors didn't intentionally expose volunteers to the virus especially a deadly one with few proven treatments. The doctors who run this project due to start next year telling ABC news that everything will be dumb to minimize the risks. In China studies have Petit and volunteers of the fact that you can determine vaccine efficacy very very quickly. China studies where what's the conducts. Safely Abdul here around irrespective. Of how much fox is going on the community. At nineteenth claimed the lives of more than a million people worldwide. Despite widespread efforts to control it a second wave is currently sweeping across Europe. Kid in an icu in the own friends numbers of infections a steadily increasing causing doctors to be concerned and request mold beds. Some brave young volunteers as stepping up to be given the virus so new vaccines can be tested. Why did you decide to take Ponce. In this test that in theory could kill you. Charles. You know organ. Whose thousands of lives and I don't I didn't do you think you know Republican. Andrew how do you parents fail about what you're doing. No problem. Occurring virus they understand them someone getting over. Challenge trials all messed with unanimous approval from the medical community with some saying they cross and ethical line. Sure your. Mind you can own. Content wrestled and so I don't know unethical. No way may not. Sound I was going to be probably ethical hunters who know Larry I do. You. So we don't know which one of these many vaccines currently being developed around the world Iraq she going to be puts of the task. But if all goes well then these trials will begin early in the new gifts be impaneled ABC news. London. In thank you and for more on this we want to bring in infectious disease doctor Todd -- and doctor Al are in good morning thanks for being here you know we just heard. All about these UK challenged shrouds what's your take does this cross and ethical line or should we take advantage of the chance for more efficiency. What an ethical dilemma Diane I mean I feel much. More comfortable if we had a proven therapeutic. That could keep healthy people out of the hospital with all that I'm really personally challenged as to the ethics of this also it's not only a boat. Being a deadly virus but what if these young. Folks know develop the post cold it syndrome the other point is proving that you have decreased infection with these trials and help the young people doesn't exactly translate into showing federal work and older patients with chronic conditions. We've also has seen some recent setbacks in the race for a vaccine with the regular trials recently Johnson & Johnson posits trouser over safety concerns Pfizer pushed back the timeline for its vaccine. How long do you think before we have a vaccine available to the public. Boy I think the key point here. Is that these are safety pause as the thinks is exactly what we want in these phase three trials when we say safety is first. It's where we are being serious about this this and these investigators these companies. Our safety is everything and so these pods are good thing they will not push forward. Until the investigators feel that the benefits outweigh the risks obviously there will be delays as we're seeing. But that's okay because when the vaccine comes. We wanted to be effective. But also say. And you know doctor on to those of us who don't normally monitor vaccine trials especially not as diligently as we have been lately. Sometimes a positive sounds scary and I don't know there's something wrong that vaccine is done how common is it for vaccine trials in phase three to be paused and then to end up going on to be something deemed perfectly safe. Here important question there and they are more common than in therapeutic trial so remember you have healthy people. I better coming into these vaccine trials many of them and and some of them who have chronic conditions but the point is is is that. Just because you have an adverse events that doesn't mean it's from the vaccine first of all that patient may have received placebo. And there are adverse events that do work for all the time the question is if the investigators see something that's un usual. Then they want to explore more they want to take their time and they want to make the right decision before reopening the trial again. Also sail right. The darkest of the pandemic what do you make of that prediction. I do unfortunately agree with Dr. up poster homes point about this remember something we are seeing near 60000. Cases we were closer to 70000. Cases. On Friday. And winter is coming that is a deadly combination our baseline is way too high we know that this virus in what was indoor transmission one study showed an increase relative risk of nearly twenty fold. With indoor transmission compare to outdoor transmission. I'm really war and I do believe that it's possible that we could have over a 100000 cases. But DA and that could mean that we. Approach 2000 deaths today. If that's true we're soon going to see more deaths from cold at nineteen in the United States than in World War II in the US that is a real problem. That is for sure and an hour looking at the holidays the cold weather and flu season. What are your big concerns what do we need to know especially for people who really want to see their families. So Diane we know that indoor transmission. Is what's going to be driving the virus as winter approaches what that means is we help the physically distance. Masks inside we've talked to laudable wearing masks outside but wearing masks inside as critical. And trying to decrease mobility. And that's real problem. Where as Thanksgiving is approaching and at the time of the year when we want families to come together and to be close and to hog but these are all the things. That fuel. Corporate nineteen transmission. I know there's nothing perfect but if you sit far apart at a larger table if you open the windows to increase ventilation Nia how much of risk does that mitigate. Well I'm really glad you mentioned optimizing ventilation because that's really important as we move indoors there are studies that have shown just by opening windows six inches you can really have to improve the efficiency of the ventilation in the room that's important to distancing them asking except for when your eating or drinking. These are all very important also limiting the crowd size is important. And testing. Remember testing before anyone enters especially if you're mixing bubbles that's very important but remember a negative test doesn't give you the license to take off the mask. Can get close to someone for extended periods of time but because we know testing is not perfect. And I talked to Tyler we appreciate your time is always thank you. Thanks Daryn. An Oscar winning actor Jeff Bridges has revealed that he's been diagnosed with lymphoma. The actor treated overnight that he starting treatment from a great team of doctors and at the prognosis is good. He also posted a message to his fans saying that he is profoundly grateful for the love and support. Bridges also urged his followers to go vote because she says quote we are all in this together for wishing Jessica speedy recovery. And a few things to know before you go air travel hit a new milestone over the weekend. Good TSA reported that more than one million passengers went through airport security checkpoints on Sunday at the highest number since the start of the pandemic in March. Meanwhile the CDC is strongly recommending masks for all travelers above the age of two on the all public transportation meeting planes. Buses trains and taxis. And check out this rescue on New York's Long Island after car crashed into a can now. Good samaritans at nearby jumps right into action helping to hold a 78 year old driver and his 76 year old wife out of the car. And out of the water happy to report both of them. Are now recovering. An archaeologist and crew got an unexpected surprise when they uncovered an ancient trying have a cat edged into a hill. The scientists say they spotted something intriguing an after some cleaning and conservation. This is what they found. The edging measures 121. Feet long and is believed to have been created by the NASA civilization more than 2000. Years ago. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis was he right back here at 11 AM eastern. With your latest headlines Stacy.

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