ABC News Live Update: Deadly terror attack in France

Plus, Hurricane Zeta rips through the South leaving two million people without power, and President Trump and Joe Biden campaign in the key swing state of Florida with Election Day five days away.
21:54 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Deadly terror attack in France
Good morning I'm Diana stayed at thanks for streaming with us in today's update hurricane data at caring through the south. Stating that the Gulf Coast as a deadly category two storm with winds topping 100 miles an hour ripping the walls off the casino. And flooding a parking garage among other damaged. Our team was on the ground overnight near the storm's eye wall and this morning June Jersey and rob Marciano are tracking where is eight at he's heading now. Also ahead president trump and Joseph Biden are holding dueling events of the critical battleground state of Florida today. As they send different messages about how to handle the pandemic. Hopefully resume. That's solar wind what I can't remember she's this. We will start on day want to do you write she's. You're what experts are now saying about when we could see a vaccine. And how one airline is trying to boost confidence in international travel the new plan to test passengers it's right there in the airports. But we begin with breaking news this morning of a deadly terror attack in the southern miss friends. City of niece Ian panel joins us live with the latest on this developing story. In good morning what do we know so far. Get good morning Diane this happened about 9 o'clock local time as you say in the southern French city of maize which is closed down on the coach. That is that the north should damn basilica where people were praying at the time. The attack and into the church hadn't stabbed a number of people. Killing three. We are told that the attack the walls then apprehended. He apparently was injured is not clear whether or lost phoned police who were on the scene fairly quickly after the incidents don't take. Whether or not they actually Shelton prism micron of friends is already bad paying tribute. To the people who've been injured and killed but is also calls comes at a very tense time for. Is it doesn't in any indications that this could be related to some of the other attacks that have happened in France recently. Yeah exactly I mean I think it's entirely likely that it is it happens to be the prophet Mohammed's birthday we know that that being the number of threats. Being lied to all think the hedging that took place of the French teach citizens almost two weeks ago now. In Paris who had shown to Charlie active college students. Remember those cartoons also led to a terrible attack. In France where a number of people who worked on the magazine were killed. Their trial is currently taking place. The president micron has called into a very locals facts with some Muslim leaders around the world including president of the one of Turkey. I always said deaf friends that supplies. To show movies kind of cartoons. He says this is lamb has a problem and the reaction on the streets and and governments around. The Muslim world has been one of and we also know there's been incidents at the French potency let's. In Saudi Arabia today. It is that if god that was dads loving friends his own it's a big engine jets around the world news. I impanel a London yeah. An out of hurricanes data ripping through the Gulf Coast and the south overnight the storm at landfall in Louisiana as a powerful category two storm. The fifth and named storm to make landfall. In that state for this hurricane season. A more than two million people are without power this morning more than a million in Georgia alone. Rob Marciano has a look at the damage from Moreland. Overnight breaking theater and preparing the Louisiana coast below my god. The average flew off the night sky illuminating from power flash. After power flash from nearly two million without power across four states and authorities confirming one person tragically dying after being electrocuted. Wind gusts reaching 112. Miles per hour as Xena made landfall on Louisiana. We were right in it. Beyond all hurricanes there isn't rip big into this city right now. New Orleans getting a direct hit from this category two storm. Parts of Louisiana completely under water this large vote now stranded in the middle this highway. Circulating around. And this barge breaking loose from its warring in Biloxi Mississippi one death reported there cars bobbing in this barrage from all the storm certainly. The hard rock casino suffering major damage from the storm you can see parts of the building completely cut it. Zeta ripping into the south leaving a trail of destruction and he needs he roof after roof torn off. City officials are hunkering down from one Paris mayor issued a curfew for the Portland police department urging the published a shelter in place in time for landfall. This is not age real we do expect. Directly. Impacting the city of New Orleans. There is confidence. All around that aspect. Or New Orleans indeed did take a direct strike the high of Zeta coming right over canal street and the French Quarter for about a half hour winds went completely calm. But by then the damage. Was already done look at what these wins did to this apartment complex bricks and cinder block coming crashing down. With these winds of over a hundred miles an hour around this city the roof TV season Mark Jones shot and completely torn off if not collapse nobody in this unit thankfully. During the storm but plenty of people staying in his apartment complexes and weathering this storm one of seven that threatened his city this year. But this one. Slamming into New Orleans with a direct and ferocious strong category two hit this is the strongest storm land falling hurricanes. Diane this late in the season. And over a hundred years yet another remarkable so. That produced remarkable point 18 hurricane season. I am so many of those unfortunately for this season rather thank you and for more. On where is data is heading now chief meteorologist ginger zee is in Biloxi Mississippi ginger we know that you are right near the Iowa last night so glad to see you save. What's the latest on the forecast for the storm. Yeah it's pretty incredible that this thing is still skyrocketing northeast but let me share with you first time in Biloxi right near Gulfport big trees down all about people are trying to avoid that at they're just getting out looking at some of the damage. Let's look at business people taken on the of this group that's 101 mile per hour wind gusts. Can deal and now. Parts of North Carolina. Seeing gusts of over eighty miles per hour you heard round more than nearly two million people are without power that includes parts of Georgia but look where the storm has already made its way into western North Carolina chat knew the feeling that rain. And the winds will gust all the way into Virginia that's where we find tropical storm force winds. And the extension of that tales still touching the Florida Panhandle is impacting a lot of folks. There are flood alerts from Oklahoma all the way to Maryland and Delaware. And also some winter weather advisory is in New England so how does homework let me timing out for you you'll see the wind gusts up to trip start to drop off for the next couple hours in Atlanta but check out. Washington to Richmond there you can see them starting to peak. Later this afternoon and if you are flying or give plans to get out the late evening is going to be tough in the northeast southern new Jersey City gets and a heavy rains. And then watch list and it is going to mix with enough cold air that by Friday morning we did have a pre Halloween snow. Just north of New York City including western Connecticut and parts of Massachusetts and all the way up into the Berkshire's the greens the white tell the mountains up there. Incredible Lou and we were talking a rabbit and you and I talked over the past few weeks about the historic nature this hurricane season in general. And I saw so your trees slept last night Ada few mentions of the fact that hurricane season's not over yet so. What is on the horizon there and when can these areas expect these storms have died down. Yes so a hurricane season last for another month that goes through November 30 but we've seen action in busy years like 2005 all the way through the end of December and early January C can't use that as a hard and fast rule. Especially in a year like this and look at the map. Eleven land falling storm something they've only done twice before in recorded history that shows you the location of each of their land falls. Obviously very clustered at Louisiana but he's sodomy and Texas he had in the Florida Panhandle with Sally Louisiana. Fine that's a record five land falling storms this season alone. And here's the bad news we do have another area of thunderstorms in the Caribbean that is trying to make itself into eight it's got a 60% chance of doing so it looks pretty strong actually. But does not like it has an immediate US threat. Eight that name has never been used in recorded history so we may tie the number of storms that had that we had back in 2005. And have a first name to data of all time. By the time next week rolls around. Incredible into the kind of records we do not want to set in Jersey in Biloxi Mississippi thanks for that injured. I just five days to go until Election Day more than 76 million ballots have already been cast. People are waiting in line for hours outside some voting sign to there have been reports of glitches with voting machines in some places. But experts say some errors are inevitable and in most cases they are bringing addressed and resolved. Quickly now both trump and Biden are set to campaign in the key state of Florida today ABC's Mary Bruce has the latest. Locked in a tight race in Florida this morning Joseph Biden and president trump set to crisscross the critical state from a county you know what poor man's arm and back yard. The president is projecting confidence that the polls show Biden with a slight lead. Today both candidates eyeing the critical 54 court or home to one in four Florida voters drowned and died in set to hold dueling rallies in Tampa as they try to court the State's senior and Latino voters overnight in Arizona the president touting his record. For the last four years I've been deliberating for Hispanic Americans like never before. And Hispanic American unemployment greased. An all time low prior to the. Trump has been campaigning at a breakneck pace trying to make up lost ground in red states. Holding packed rallies in areas where coated leases are striking and still ignoring the science. Overnight claiming he's immune after his own Kobe diagnosis. Celebrating with a fist up. Okay. It. Is making lofty promises this vaccine is coming very quickly have it. Momentarily. But experts warn a vaccine likely won't be authorized until January or later and in a newly released recording from April Trump's son in law and senior advisor Jared Kushner bragging to journalist Bob Woodward. The trump was quote getting the country back from the doctors putting political strategy ahead of public health. Don't fall into the same trap that we got to the first time estate tax bill on the Catholic. But the president also is very Smart politically look at what you get that fight with the governors to basically say that an Al I feel guilty. Because again the opening is going to be very popular. Died in Wednesday briefed by his corona virus experts slamming the president's handling of the pandemic. I'm not renew false. Promise of being able and this pandemic by flipping a switch. But what I can promise you is this. We will start on day one. Doing the right cities. We'll let science drive our decisions. We will deal arms see the American people and will never ever ever quit and. And then he went off to vote. Now even with more than 75 million ballots already cast both candidates are still scrambling to get out the vote in the coming days the president fully spending a lot of time in the midwest while Joseph Biden is hitting three states the trump want to think when he sixteen Iowa Michigan and Wisconsin while his running mate come on Harris is heading down to Texas tomorrow hoping to turn that red state blue. Diane primary Bruce in Washington thanks Mary. And be sure to tune into our full coverage on Election Day starting at 7 AM eastern and George Stephanopolous anchor election night coverage. With our political team starting at 7 PM eastern. It all happens right here on ABC news live in you can find out how to vote in your state at 538 dot com. Announcing the latest on the corona virus health and human services memo obtained by ABC news shows half a million new cases in the US between last Wednesday. And this Tuesday that's a nearly 22%. Increase. Now hospitals are under pressure to keep up with demand not gotten in is in the hard hit state of Utah with the latest. This morning the frenzy of the cope and slower breeding unseen. Collateral damage staff fatigue and they're tired they're exhausted. Did you tell would have 45 states recoup the cases are increasing got pretty steady and says the caseload is becoming unsustainable. Our biggest resource limitations health care. Caregivers and so it's that people that are taking care of these patients on the fence idiot the parade of new patients he ceaseless. For icu nurse Michelle Marshall each patient's death he was personal. When I fail it's really really hired you know and ensure that doctors and everyone in the health community can relate to about that its business. And though they get easy. The US is now averaging about 70000. Cases it dates hospitalizations. Up in 38 states including Arkansas for fourteen lawmakers in the state surgeon general. Have also been infected. As cases why scooby fatigue also appears to be hitting the northeast thirty people apparently becoming infected in a waiting on Long Island forcing hundreds into quarantine that wedding that you know facing fines and with cases up 39%. The past two weeks doctor Anthony found two warning that if guidelines aren't followed the next few months could be worse. We have 225000. Deaths the modeling tells us we're gonna get a 101000. As we get into the winter. That is just something that's unacceptable. Despite the White House task force urging the use of masks some businesses here in Utah opting how would of the recommendations. Some people we've been calling it a hopes. We make. It's. Quite frankly it's insulting to health care workers and to scientists ends I haven't been spending the last 78 months of my life away from my family away from my kids. Because of a hoax. Pantsuit doctor Stanley in says it at this point masking up alone and there's not. Not sufficient mass compliance hearing you talk the mess you up alone is not going to be enough to stop the onslaught of the virus. People like him are quietly calling and they don't like to use the word but they are quietly calling for return to state. Lock downs they say that's the only way to really suppress. The rise in cases and you can see here look at this place how busy it is. The process about 5000 Covert tests today it had to hire additional staff. To deal with the influx and is actually association of hospitals. Hearing you talk that is reportedly sent up a plan. To triage patients and triage care at a hospital basically if need be they would give the best care to patients. With the better chances of survival. Diane right Matt Gutman for us and Murray Utah thanks Matt. Tennis Kobe cases rise in the US they are skyrocketing in Europe France and Germany have announced new restrictions. As the continent surpasses nine million cases James long man is in Brussels Belgium. One of the world's hot spots good morning James. Debt hi Diane Belgian is now one of the worst hit places on full corona virus Abbott 21%. Productivity rate one town but on how from may well agony heading a little later on has a 41%. Positive if you make. Cases are pending into hospital admissions how to worrying pace of the sprint continues like this one in 1000 citizens in Belgium will be in the hospital. With corona virus in two weeks it is a very very worrying situation so countries across Europe. Clamping down with some pretty draconian measures here in Belgium for instance then launching undercover health agents held got into businesses. Torrential restrictions are in force and not the same house as police. Soviet big issue fines of up to a thousand dollars over in France president my cardinals had nation why don't -- saying that this way. Is likely to be deadly and on the something he's told his country of ours is now circulating in the population. At a faster rate than even. Be nice pessimistic models schools and essential businesses remain I think. That citizens have been tells. He'd go hiring for any reason and you will need to say documentation there's also lockdown going into place in Germany but this time across Europe there is real fear that the X. Economic and emotional consequences of by the look down. Having a real impact in Naples we've seen massive protests that and his opposition mounting elsewhere across the continent the second way past struck Europe. Very very hard and just like the Selma. This could be a sign of things to come in the United States. We certainly hope not James Longman Brussels thanks James. Stock futures meanwhile are up this morning after some good news on the economy the numbers out this morning show 751000. Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week. Still a high number but the lowest since March and the US economy grew at a record 33 point 1% annual rate last quarter that's the biggest rise in history. But it comes after the biggest drop in history ABC news business in that economics correspondent your default and joins me now for more on this Deirdre it sounds like good news overall when you unpack these numbers what do they tell you. About the state of the economy. Well and you said it so well this record gain for third quarter GDP of follows an absolutely record tumble that we sigh in the second quarter. Bottom line is that this third quarter number is a backwards looking so it's back to when we were all beginning to come out how blocked at home and more all starting to spend a little bit more. And away and we had a stimulus plan in place of for average Americans. So the take away from most economists and I've been speaking went is that okay you're looking back words that number is strong can't deny that. But if you look at the data points that we're getting week to week and month to month since that has been published that this larger number kind of masks what's going on right now which is a moderate sales growth. And just being with the experts I and they say let's end this sum total take is the US economy the US economic activity is going to be smaller Felix but in those terms. That it was at pre virus pre lock downs. For a long time to hop dance and the market seemed to like these numbers what does this mean for the average American. Well for the average American you spoke about the initial weekly jobless claims in U spoke about the fact that you know we're 32. Weeks in a row. These numbers really plateauing at an historically high yes today's data point was better than expected I don't want to take that out of context. But we really just plateaued at this level where if you look since the lock downs. Nearly 40%. Of the US working population has at one time or another sometimes twice or three times depending on that person's industry. Pats you apply for unemployment benefits that's a pretty serious statement 40%. If you think right now of course Friday's sell this election it is quite clear we're not gonna get a stimulus package in place. Obviously before then that is not quite clear a wine can be done or how soon one Jimmy ninety even after that election so I think for the average American person. That's really what counts the most and then of course lest we forget with as a backdrop. Kobe very much with us this global pandemic. Numerous possibilities numerous outcomes and right now it appears to be spreading again Diane and I just adds volatility to the markets and of course it just underpins. Uncertainties. For US economic growth Fannie and Deirdre Bolton forests thanks for that Deirdre. And a few things to know before you go United Airlines has announced it will start testing all passengers. For Kobe nineteen on some flights from Newark to London. The airline says starting in November it will offer free rapid Kobe tests inside its united club. The program will run into early December but travelers should still plans for quarantine restrictions upon arrival. A record number of endangered turtles have hatched on a beach in Mexico. More than 2000 baby sea turtles were released into the Gulf of California compared to the usual 500 or so. Experts say with tourism and fishing at a low this year the nets had a better chance of not being disturbed. And speaking of turtles carried a turtle is in 82020 mood. Check out the winning entry for the comedy wildlife photography awards photographer Mark Fitzpatrick with setting up the coast of Australia when he snapped this pic. He appropriately titled it very that your old flipping the bird yeah we've hit a very playful and we've got him. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us to remember ABC his life is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Cause you back here at 11 AM eastern states it.

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