ABC News Live Update: Flash flooding emergency in Louisiana

Plus, more states drop mask mandates, and Biden endorses a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.
28:44 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Flash flooding emergency in Louisiana
Get warning the government for dynamic state of things for streaming webcast today. In our update us severe weather outbreak is causing flash flooding and tornadoes in this town we're seeing dramatic images after twelve inches of rain -- in just a matter of hours. The rising floodwaters forcing dozens of rescues in Louisiana overnight. More than twenty tornadoes reportedly touching down in Texas and Louisiana and the past 24 hours we'll have the latest from Dallas is just a moment. And major pandemic a milestone. For the first time since the pandemic began he. Cases are down in all fifty states and first time. New York is the latest state to drop its mast mandated Alan and you CDC guidance as Americans have scrambled to keep up with the updated wolves. One of the big questions why should parents with unvaccinated children jailed. We'll hear from doctor Anthony pageant this morning. I was Princess Diana deceit new questions this morning about princess Diana's famous and controversial interview in 1995. There was three of us in this marriage so that is a big. The results of an investigation into just how this interview happened set to be released. That we meet again with the flash. Flood emergency in the south take a look at this car in Lake Charles, Louisiana completely submerged. The wipers still odd dozens of rescues overnight Marcus Moore is in Dallas with more. Overnight eight flood emergency in Louisiana. After an outbreak of severe weather. More than 150 water rescues so far. Firefighters rescuing twenty people is that. More waiting this morning to be pulled from their homes on Monday parents or going to extremes to pick up their kids from school waded through waist high water. Obviously don't do anything he gives you are. I mean tonight who Interpol has two other kids their second they haven't. This debt even cardiac it to get his children the Dell use submerging whole neighborhoods like this what do Lake Charles where more than a foot of rain fell Monday. Rescuers and volunteers from the cajun navy pulling people from nearly eighty homes there. Here in Texas we are not yet done with the weather more storms are expected throughout the day today the biggest risk. That heavy rainfall Marcus Moore ABC news Dallas. And our thanks Matt Marcus from that there is new hope that the US is turning a corner in this pandemic more states are announcing. They're dropping indoor mass requirements for vaccinated people following that new CDC guidance. But there's still a lot of confusion over the updated rules some public health experts are saying it's too soon. This is more than a 123 million people are fully vaccinated that's over 37% of the population. Setting run us has the latest. This morning a major roll back a pandemic related restrictions across the country as the US celebrates a milestone. Today and for the first time since the pandemic began. Cases pandemic cases are down in all fifty states. First time. The president also saying Kobe deaths are down by 81 per cent. At their lowest level since April 20/20. In less than four months. We've gone from less than 6%. To 60% of adults in America with at least one shot reissued results of people's lives and their livelihoods. And another first since the start of the pandemic Texas reporting zero Kobe deaths on Sunday. Now New York the former epicenter of the virus the latest to drop its statewide mask mandate on the heels of the CDC's new guidelines starting Wednesday. New Yorkers have made great progress so let's get back to life. Illinois also dropping its statewide mass mandate California announcing it'll be the last to drop its masking rules not planning on rolling them back until June 15. It comes as Americans across the country are scrambling to keep up with masked rules which are changing by the day and changing from business to business. I'm very confusing. Monday may not even happen in an office and then back today now. That's nice. Target is now the latest to drop mask mandates for fully vaccinated customers but only in states without mask mandates. This morning eight states still have indoor mask rules in place for vaccinated people. But find of them are changing this month based on CBC guidance. Parents have been kind of left in this Mascoll limbo when it comes to their kids. There's no specific updated guidance from the CDC about kids and mask wearing however. The CDC still emphasizes that any child between the ages of two and twelve years old still Wear a mask to endorse you don't. Stephanie Ramos thank you for that earlier on GMA George spoke to doctor Anthony catchy about the name Max guidance from the CDC. And how to keep unvaccinated kids protect it. What's your message to parents this morning whose kids are unvaccinated. And. Well the same as Stephanie just mentioned and that is that the CDC recommendation still maintain. That's the children who not vaccinated obviously. Most children are not twelve to fifteen are getting vaccinated. To enjoy as they should still Wear masks and that's the CDC recommendation. We'll exchange as we get more and more information as we get more more people vaccinated. Certainly we have to keep all would be evolving situation. You're not gonna have kids at that age vaccinated for at least several months as we get towards the end of this year and the beginning of next year. OK let's talk about the use lifting of the masked man is so we're seeing in many states like here. In New York other states are not ready to do that is the CDC basically saying whichever choice to stay makes is fine. Well not really to a TV if you look at it. The science that evolved over the last few weeks that prompted the CDC to make recommendations that people who are vaccinated. She's steals scenes. And be able to go indoors and outdoors without wearing a man's. Relates to the evidence. How effective these vaccines are not only in protecting you against infection. But even if you have a breakthrough in fiction the chances of Buick transmitting it to someone else is extremely low. Very very low. The problem the issue is that we don't have any way of knowing who is vaccinated and he's not vaccinated. And I think that's with the confusion arises because there are some. Establishments. Who was saying well I'm gonna have people coming into my establishing my store or what have you. Some would be vaccinated as someone not I'm not know the difference some might be infected. And might actually have a risk of infecting someone else and of those circumstances. It's perfectly reasonable and understandable. Through the owner of that establishment does say you know win to keep the mass mandate out. And that's what we're seeing and I think that's causing the confusion. Because some are maintaining. A mask mandate and others are enough talent to change what you do when you Wear a mask. We see is we have as Paladin change what you do how the change your mask wearing practices. Well no joy I would obviously be careful because I mean I'm a physician and health care provider I am now much more. Comfortable. In the end people seem to be indoors without a mask I mean. Before lead CDC made the recommendation change I didn't look like it was giving mixed signals but being a fully vaccinated person. The chances of mind getting inspected it and he endorse any is extremely low. And that's the reason why in indoor settings now I feel comfortable about not wearing a mask because I'm fully and I'm fully vaccinated. Finally I know the president Biden has to twenty million vaccines are you be going overseas. Right now a lot of help thanks for saying it's not nearly enough we really need to ramp up production all around the world. True and we should do that I mean right now we're taking it a step forward. We're gonna have a total of eighty million be giving out sixty in the AZ. And twenty million of a combination of Modena finds NJ and right now with you here today. That I feel that as a rich country really do have a moral obligation. To play a major role in making sure that there are vaccines to those countries that can't afford to get the vaccines themselves. Our thanks to George and doctor found chief of that inner via. Calls are grown weighing in for a cease fire between Israel and Hamas as the crisis in the Middle East escalates however. There is still no sign of an instant of islands and the Israeli prime minister vows to take what ever action necessary. Nine diamond is in Israel with the latest. Overnight there was massive blasts in Gaza City shattering the night. For the eighth straight night. He's real releasing this video would be ferocious aerial assault saying it was targeting Hamas tunnels in the Gaza Strip. And this morning an unprecedented call roughly seven million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. West bank and within Israel proper to join a general strike. Those strikers protest in the violence now in its second week. And despite mounting international pressure from your show Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying the offensive will continue. Gaza's infrastructure crippled. It's electric company seeing the 140 miles square streak he's in danger of running out of power within days. Local health authorities reporting they will run out of line in 24 hour us as ambulance is very few patients in the wounded spilling out that the the Gaza's overwhelmed hospitals and the dead and 61 of them children. Morning like English parents. Airstrikes taking chunks out of the Palestinian ministry of health building city medical clinic he replied. Ambulances taking some of the wounded into Egypt for care meanwhile Israel has staged ground forces just outside the Gaza Strip. This is an Israeli military staged reading they've dug in these armored personnel carriers just over there another roll of personnel carriers and beyond. This berm. Battle tanks and officials reporting more than 210 Palestinians have been killed more than 14100 wounded. And on the Israeli side ten killed. And 300 wounded after more than 3300. Rockets were fired towards Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad but about 90% of them intercepted. And disabled by Israel's iron dome. It's the first time ever that there is fitness. Complete general strike not just in the west bank and Gaza but across those mixed Jewish Arab cities inside Israel proper adult meaning it's easy. How shuttered everything is here. On what is typically pretty busy marketing there's still some security present. But less than what we've seen over the past eleven days in the overall they would sell a glimmer of hope. For six straight hours there wasn't a single rocket fired. At Israel from Gaza early this morning and the Palestinians say that despite pretty heavy bombardment overnight not a single. Palestinian was killed that as the Biden administration continues. To push with increasing urgency for some sort of cease fire names and on that and he's right now they. Not a diamond in Israel thank you president Biden spoke with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday for the third time sense than violence began. Biden is now publicly endorsing a cease fire as he faces mounting pressure from within his own party to. And C news political director Rick Klein joins me now for more on this US response here and Rick. You know how significant is this public call for a cease fire from president Biden. He is stopping short of the demand for a cease fire and and in diplomatic speak that speaks volumes that this is a request for a cease fire a call for cease fire as opposed to a demand the US could potentially have a lot of leverage here the Israelis among many others are looking very closely to see how. The American side reacts a big task for the Biden administration. And his new take on diplomacy in the region president Biden is very familiar with these issues he's very familiar with the players including prime minister Netanyahu but he's handling this very carefully more than a week into the crisis the White House still urging patience and giving it the Israeli side a little more room than than many Americans including many in the Democratic Party or carpool with at this moment. That my administration has been ramping up to its diplomatic effort so cool morning key players here. And what are they doing a behind the scenes. Gay guy it's it's interesting because the to do by administration has stopped short of sending a high level envoy to the region the top American there isn't any Heidi Dahmer who is it deputy assistant secretary of state there is no assistant secretary of state there's no ambassador has even been nominated to Israel and the secretary of state Tony Lincoln himself he has been traveling for climate meetings and in Denmark ice land in green land and he has not been sent. To the region are now though the Biden administration says there's a lot of quiet diplomacy going on including behind the scenes phone call some sixty calls. That it happened between the Americans and their than their counterparts on either the Palestinian side or the Israeli side a we know that president Biden himself has talked to bull bull President Abbas and prime minister Netanyahu a couple of times is complicated by the fact that the US. Doesn't have any formal relationships with Hamas which is considered a terrorist organization so it's not clear how much sway you can happen. This is quiet diplomacy for a new easy region at a very noisy time in its testing. The limits of how Biden has handled this in trying to keep a little little warm plan. So we're seeing this quiet diplomacy meanwhile an increasingly vocal wing of Biden's own party. It's time for him to pressured Netanyahu to stop Israel's attacks on Gaza he's also facing a challenge of dealing with Hamas which you reference. Which is fired thousands of rockets into Israel. How much power does Biden really have there and what if any few further steps can he take. Yeah that's a great question I mean indicted I think there's probably more swayed in the people might realize in terms of how the Israelis. React because the America is the largest. And most important ally but Israel has its been United States blocking. Security Council resolutions condemning the violence that would equate accountable sides type of an argument. Fossil look Netanyahu needs the Americans to be on board but in terms of what it can mean for the Hamas side it's extremely limited and I think. Key to this in in very foremost in the minds of American officials as he can't. Find a way to order toward even temporary peaceful solution that allows terrorists to say they got what they wanted that of course is a terrible message to send in the region. And far beyond we know that there have been civilians killed I even if it's disproportionate in terms of the death hole we know that. Undo the violence started because of because of a terrorist attacks on Israelis that have killed civilians. I happening over there right now so complicated. For a lot of people understand president Biden is visiting Michigan today which has the highest percentage Arab American population of any C eight. Some protests already planned for his is that what can we expect to see. He'll get a glimpse into some of the changing politics are around dub that it views the Arab Israeli conflict. I think you'll see it firsthand because Detroit has such a large Arab American population but it's not just. Arab Americans who have an evolving view. Of of issues surrounding Israel and the Middle East and there's a whole generation of younger Jewish pocket politicians who believe that the needs to be more attention paid to the Israeli side of the disproportionate response and policing tactics. I need fits into the broader calls inside democratic party for civil rights over this issue has moved substantially it's moved. Particularly among Democrats and I expect that some of those protesters are gonna give Biden here full of that you get anywhere near today. Nobody watching that Rick Klein thank you so much for being with past. On out of the Supreme Court the new conservative majority is set to hear a major case on abortion rights it's a direct challenge to Roe vs. Wade. And senior national correspondent Terry Moran has the very latest good morning Terry. Good morning even this is a big case the most important abortion rights case to come before this court in decades. And that's because this case takes direct aim. At 1 of the central issues in Roe vs. Wade can State's ban abortions before a fetus is able to survive outside the womb. And that is called viability in the language of the law. In this case Mississippi passed a law that would ban almost all abortions after fifteen weeks of pregnancy well before. Viability. In the past the justices have struck down similar laws but those were different justices president trucks. Shifted this court rightward dramatically by naming three staunch conservative justices including. Just as Amy Tony Barrett who replaced Ruth Bader Ginsburg before she came on a court. Just as bared was a vocal opponent of abortion rights. American public feels differently recorded our. Latest poll on the issue 62%. Of Americans want the Supreme Court to uphold roe vs weighed just 44%. Favor overturning it. And in a recent pew poll 59% of Americans said that abortion should be legal. In most or all cases this case out of Mississippi this will be argued before the justices in the fall a decision expected. Next year right in the middle of the mid term elections which will keep abortion right at the top of the contentious national political agenda. Eva. So many people will be watching Terry Moran in Washington for us thank you and here's what we're watching. In Washington today at 12 PM eastern the House of Representatives will need to consider a resolution condemning the march 16 shootings in Atlanta Georgia. Combating violence against Asian American and Pacific islander community. At 12:45 eastern president Biden will visit the Ford road electric vehicle center in Dearborn Michigan. And that 1:40 PM eastern the president will deliver remarks on his infrastructure plan. Well the results I'm an investigation into a controversial interview Princess Diana gave 25 years ago are said to be released when we come back. The accusations. That stage documents were used to convince her to do it. Also ahead with more people traveling the FAA is cracking down on unwillingly airline passengers. We'll tell you how. A name. Investigation into Princess Diana as a bombshell interview that rocks the royal family 25 years ago are expected to be released in the coming days the investigation centers on that controversial 1995. Panorama interview. The major question being asked what she tricked into doing James Longley is at Buckingham Palace was more. Do things come to ahead. Yes the Australian this. This morning all eyes on the BBC as they prepared to release the results of an investigation into just how multi negotiate managed to skew the world. In that controversial 1995. Thorough our interview with Diana princess of Wales. The big question what she Jeep into doing it this brace on Charles's affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Living alone in infamy. Well it was three of us. In this marriage sends a big credit. Diana also pulling back the curtain on motherhood a personal battle with an eating disorder and hassles on her estranged husband he added to the throne. Do you think. The prince of Wales whatever became I would think that they told told us I Cornish. Let's bring enormous limitation cent. Credit and repeat because attempt us. The exclusive sit down with a journalist Martin Bushehr Ed 25 years ago. Britons watched by nearly 23 million people but now off to concerns surfaced last year about how Bushehr in the BBC secured it. The network is set to reveal the findings of the recent internal independent investigation conducted by Lana mold Dodson. There's new information to establish is that changes the dynamic can which she. Made the decision to do that into the eighth then so many people and for the wreck Cody is very important that that is established no that is known and understood and made public. Diana's brother Earl Spencer alleging but she used forced bank statements to suggest that two employees were being paid to gather Intel almost princess. A betrayal he says convinced to do the interview. Now Spencer is demanding ounces opening up to you case on TV about the responsibility he feels towards his sister. A fitness Pointe GC to stand up for her when I can she left me as Princeton's guardian of her songs that section son I feel that was. A trust passed on senate yeah I feel very passionately that I have a role. To two on my memory. The and he sent shockwaves around the world forever changing the moment he ended on the Prince William was among those supporting the investigation. Calling the official inquiry. A step in the right direction and adding that it should help establish the truth by any actions that led to the panorama or interview the BBC meantime the stunning that planned investigative program delving into the controversy. It was originally set to air Monday the BBC told ABC news the delay was due to a significant QG of care issue. The shares stepped down this week from his position of the BBC jeeps are ongoing health issues. There's also that BBC investigation could come at this week have previously apologized for the use of those allegedly forced. Bank statements but insisted that they played no part in princess Diana's decision today the incident james' -- ABC news in London. And our thanks to James Longley and that report adds a record number of Americans return to travel during the pandemic the FAA is proposing. Big fines for an unruly passengers. More than one point 88 million people checked in for flights this past Sunday alone transportation correspondent GO but need tax has more. This morning from the friendly skies to beyond ruling. Passengers facing big fines over inflight fox. Now this week the FAA proposing its biggest fine yet this year more than 52000. Dollars for passenger who officials say. Tried to open the cockpit door on a delta flight from Honolulu to Seattle before allegedly striking a flight attendant in the face. FAA administrator Steve Dixon telling us overnight it's unacceptable. Or you're seeing it. Dramatic increase in passengers who are just they're behaving erratically. Yes you know in my experiences. Commercial girl and captain for more than 27 years. But unruly passenger resolution shells or are nothing new. But as I said we have seen an alarming increase in the rate over the last few Morris and it's something that we need to get under control. A similar incident was caught on tape in October all lower. Two passengers were traveling together from Miami to Atlanta one of them allegedly refused to Wear a mask the flight returned to the gate and they were asked to get off. Lane when this hell yeah. The passenger hitting the flight attendant in the face the FAA proposing a fine of more than 27000. Dawn. Lease lines are. Aurora are among the the strongest. We were taken and the agency we don't do these are all tolerance programs are often. This all comes as the FAA is reporting more than thirteen hundred incidents of on really passengers since February. And a large number of those incidents are actually people who refuse to Wear a mask on a plane and got to remember. Even with those CDC recommendations it is still federal law to Wear a mask on all forms of public transportation and of course that includes airplanes people. Jim many tests thank you when we come back this so called six Cano assumed nominee seventeen years in the making. We'll explain after the break. Welcome back let's take a look at today's science and technology headlines here's Andrew Denver. Today's tech bytes higher quality audio app. Apple music streaming service is bringing better quality sound to its subscribers at no extra charge the company says listeners will have access to 75 million songs. Hearing though the way the artist created them in the studio. Next a new product teases from Samsung first but double folded. Panel concept that could be used as a Smart vote. Unfolded it measures just over seven inches the company also unveiling a seventeen inch affordable panel which experts say may indicate a folding galaxy tablet. Could be on the way for. And your android phone can now tell you who is calling the Google phone app is able to announce the name of hearing your caller ID which saves you glancing at the screen you can download it from the Google play store but you can still let those calls go right to voice mail. Does your tech bytes diva back to you. Our thanks Andrew Denver finally billions of knowing -- bags are set to emerge after seventeen years underground and don't worry. They're harmless NEC's will Ganz has all you need to know about the return of the such heinous. Brace yourselves people we're on the brink of what entomologists are calling a sip Tito's tsunami. Seventeen years. In the making. This is just the spectacular van I mean there's nothing else like this on the entire planet earth even in the entire universe this is the only place anywhere. That we had thirteen and seventeen year cicadas. Emerging by the billions if not trillions. Warmer temperatures this week mean a new easy return of the bug eyed creepy trolleys across much of the eastern United States and parts of the midwest. Why so many cicadas cicadas have one of the most bazaar strategies for survival of any creature on planet earth. They'll fill the belly of every predator that once they eat them. And they'll still be enough left both murder perpetuate their species. Boom. Group of thugs making an appearance this year is known as brewed at ten. Only coming up from underground every seventeen years social media abuzz with news of the insects return. And it canteen and the outside with insects and hasn't. Risen from the ground. The skeleton I don't every. Others waiting to nearly two decades to make them into a meal cicada tacos. Cicada cookies. The kid a spending most of their lives underground eating tree roots before tunneling to the surface to look for mates. That noisy high pitched mating song reaching up to 100 does the bulls. About the same as a motorcycle or a Jack Cameron. They're not going to harm you or your pets so you don't have to feared the cicada seriously don't let them. Bug you now I know some people be afraid of cicadas but hang. Cicadas don't buy a cicadas Don staying. Yeah I do not put on my face will Ganz think you for that report. And that does this ABC news lie about day Anna Nicole remembered him as saying thanks for joining us and remember ABC's line is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis to see you back here at 11 AM eastern. But the new acting.

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