ABC News Live Update: New jobs report shows improvement as unemployment dips

Plus, the CDC urges teens to get vaccinated amid “concerning” new data, and the White House warns businesses to step up cybersecurity.
31:22 | 06/04/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: New jobs report shows improvement as unemployment dips
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update the latest jobs report is out in the last month's number but still falling short of expectations. What it means for the economy and where you should look if you need work we're crunching all the numbers this morning. Also ahead the CDC is set to release a new report showing troubling data about teens and cult of nineteenth. The CDC director says the numbers on adolescence requiring treatment in the intensive care unit are especially concerning. What it means in a push to get more young people vaccinated. And we're heading to a floating city this morning as Europe opens its doors again to American tourists what's an album for booking your next trip overseas. Where lies in Venice. We begin with that new jobs report showing promising news for the economy. US employers added 559000. Jobs in May more than doubling the number from April but still falling short of expectations. The unemployment rate fell to five point 8% down from six point 1% last month. Chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis. Joins me live now for more from on the one hand we did better than last month's really disappointing numbers on the other hand still falling short. Expectations so what does is tell you about the state of the economic recovery. Well and I and it tells you that things are okay but they're not what economists were expecting. If you take a look at the average forecast for this jobs report. Economists were forecasting an increase of 671000. Jobs well we got was the 559000. Jobs. There are currently in this country eight million job openings. The struggle is filling those jobs and there are myriad of reasons of YE it's complicated. For employers to get people new workers in those roles. You happen. Schools are still not in person challenge here is an issue in some cases. There is family caring caring for sick loved ones and then you have this issue around the unemployment benefits which has been a hot button political issue Diane. And one then we will really in a very short time see how big of a situation it has caused as 25 states. Decided that they won't be lessening those benefits over the course of June and July they were sad to extend all the way to September for 25 states. Have decided that they will not extend them all the weighed. To September and the bottom line here Diana is that there are still nine point three million according to this labor report. Unemployed Americans that's still much higher than where things stood pre pandemic when it was five point seven million. People who were out of work the unemployment rate now. Five point 8% you go back to February of 22 when he. The unemployment rate was three and a half percent so there's still a ways to go up climbing out of the deep wounds of the pandemic Diane. So are ready got millions of Americans still looking for work what industries are doing the most tiring right now where should people be looking. We'll the strongest industry by far in this last jobs report was leisure and hospitality and that really makes sense because leisure and hospitality bars restaurants cafes. They weren't on places that were forced to shut down during the pandemic they are reopening so far the consumer has been very Abbott about dining out traveling again. In many places so that's a very strong area I'm some other areas that we've seen strength. Health care. Education. Some of these area as a that also had closures over the course of the summer. Are now starting to reopen manufacturing is another one. But something to watch here in this jobs report is that we stop ID increase in hiring in retail and construction now. That doesn't make sense especially on construction. When you've seen. Home buying beaten in so many parts of the country people are so avid about purchasing new homes you want to see those construction jobs. Continue to get created and get filled because those Diane tend to be some of the best paying jobs that you can find. Diane and Rebecca despite the fact that you got millions of people looking for work some businesses say that they're trying to hire. And yet they can. Find the help that they need as you mentioned the unemployment benefits have become a political issue here some people are blaming. Kobe to release and things like bolstered and employment for that so what's behind those numbers. Well yeah it's very. Blockading here Diane because I talk to small business owner and all the time will tell me I listing of the jobs this month and yet I've gotten no applications. For the jobs. Certainly unemployment benefits and as you talk to economists and I do every day are part of this equation as I mentioned so is child care so was caring for the sick. We willing in the next couple of months here really have a much stronger sense about the degree to which those unemployment benefits are playing a role because. They are set to expire in the coming months. One other thing I would point out and this is specially has impacted. A lot of the bar and restaurant owners I talked to. A lot of people moved during the course of the pandemic. What every other life was pre pandemic has dramatically change now so if you're employer and you're reaching out to the employees who left you in February or march of 20/20. A lot of them just aren't there anymore it is a whole new crop of talent which is both good news if your job seeker. There's opportunity there what if your employer. Going back to the same people might not be the best way to get people in the chairs and and I will point out one last thing if you're a worker right now. Here's part of the issue for workers there's the burnout factor if you are working at a company that needs ten employees in May only have. 45 right now we'll and if you're aboard an employee at that company you're doing extra work to compensate for those remaining people who have yet to be hired Diane. I Rebecca Jarvis thanks for that and president Biden is set to get remarks on those new jobs numbers at 10:15 eastern will bring that's you live when it happens. And the CDC is set to release a new report this morning showing a quote concerning a number of teens with cove in nineteen are ending up in the icu. Now health officials are urging young people to get vaccinated a summer travel picks up. And more children are going to summer camps so far nearly 169. Million Americans over the age of twelve have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Senior national correspondent Steve Moses Sami has the latest from Atlanta. To make their point clearly and underlined the need for more teenagers to get vaccinated health officials at the CDC this morning. Are releasing a new report today on children who get sick with the corona virus. And the CDC director is already calling the new information troubling. The scientists are warning parents this morning that in the months leading up to the Pfizer vaccines authorization for use. With children twelve and up the CDC observe troubling data about adolescents who got sick with cove at nineteen and had to be hospitalized. More concerned humor and a number of hours admitted tonight. Who were hired change in the intensive care what kind of collaboration. Their concerns are that a significant number of teenagers who get sick enough to be hospitalized. Are ending up in the icu. In Ohio seventeen year old Zoe Vinson who just won her State's vaccine scholarship contest. Says her battle with cold it was Ross since he's now glad she got the shot. I'm announcing her bent it back in somehow a guaranteed on never. You're listening and might be in the mall perhaps you can lose weight and LA highway. Near definitely keep it and so I didn't get the. The numbers show that about one and three children hospitalized with Covert nineteen will end up in the icu and of the children who have developed severe illness from Covert nineteen most have had underlying medical conditions. So far health officials say only about 25%. Of teenagers twelve to seventeen years old. Have gotten one dose of the Pfizer vaccine. And just 9%. Are fully vaccinated. And scientists at the CDC say we need those numbers to improve and that will be much more important. As we get closer to the start of school year in the fall my thanks to see both since I'm in Atlanta for our report. Meanwhile the White House is urging business this is take steps to boost their cyber security saying no company is saved from being targeted by hackers. The warning comes after a wave of cyber attacks targeting American infrastructure from a fuel pipeline. To mean your city subway and the nation's largest meat supplier senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce has the latest. This morning the White House is telling businesses to an. Act now to protect themselves and their customers from hackers. Urging private companies to take immediate steps to ramp up cyber security and to prepare for a plan in case those defense's don't hold. Warning in the wake of strikes to our food energy and transportation systems that no company is safe from a crippling ran somewhere attack. The Justice Department also issuing new guidance for federal law enforcement one senior official reportedly saying investigations into cyber attacks will be elevated to a priority level similar to terrorism cases but the administration is still advising targets not to give in to hackers demands I. And continues to be from the FBI that companies should not pay ransoms. Because incense advises these attacks on other companies. Boeing bad actors shut down one of the country's main fuel lines last month. Triggering panic over shortages and a run on gas Joseph pronounced the CEO of colonial pipeline. Paid out nearly four and a half million dollars in crypto currency now he's telling NPR it was ultimately the right call. You don't want you. Hey he's contemptible little by our job and art are Judy used to the American public. Main industry net Berry was the right decision limits of the country. Now even though they pay that hefty ransom the CEO of colonial pipeline says there operation still are not fully restored he says they have months and months. Of work still ahead of them all JB as the nation's largest meat supplier which was targeted. Earlier this week says their plans are now fully operational but the company still won't say whether or not they paid off the hackers Diane. All right neighbors in Washington thank you. And it twelve year old is facing a and attempted first degree murder charges after a shootout with police in Florida. The boy one of two children involved in the instant appeared in court via zoom. Victor Canas in Miami with the latest. Madam clerk what are we gone. That's twelve year old boy who was arrested after a violent hours long standoff with such reported dead he's. Appearing in court via teleconference Thursday. And ordered their you'd be held. In secure detention. In three weeks he'll be arraigned for attempted first degree murder been armed burglary charges and deputies were forced to take government does not Boyd and a fourteen year old girl allegedly opened fire from inside a house. The pair armed with a shotgun an AK 47 and a handgun crispy around the longer I'm. Pointed torment the volusia county sheriff's office says the kids ran away from a children's group home Tuesday evening then broke into the house and armed themselves with the homeowners Dylan's the sheriff's office says when the girl came out of the garage firing a shotgun in the deputies direction. That's when they shot back striking her she's reportedly in critical but stable condition. No new details are emerging about the children's past juvenile justice system is broke. According to police the fourteen year old girl was arrested and charged with starting multiple fires in April but she was released back to room mom then placed in Foster care. The twelve year old boy does not have a criminal history but he has made some pretty alarming threats at school he's been in Foster care since 2016. Diane. Figured komando in Miami Forrest thanks Victor. And we're learning more about the government's highly anticipated report on UFOs. The report due out later this month comes after the navy released once classified videos of encounters best fighter pilots had. In 2004 and 2014. ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz has more. Then videos are mystified. Recorded by US navy pilots but overnight a US official telling ABC news deputies unidentified. Aerial phenomenon. Or UAP's. Are not part of any super secret government program or so called black programs. Seemingly ruling out one possible explanation for what looks like physics defying device is caught on camera and other tracking equipment. And well videos like these. Released by the military in 20/20. Are undergoing renewed scrutiny. According to a report in the New York Times intelligence officials still can not explain me and usual movements that have mystified scientists. And the military. So what exactly is captured on camera. US intelligence agencies will deliver a report to congress at the end of the month that may offer some answers. And may raise more questions. And for some pilots the encounters are anything but uncommon. Former navy pilot Ryan graves telling sixty minutes he crossed paths with something routinely. Every day and tendered taper. At least a couple years but the man formerly in charge of the Pentagon's advanced aerospace threat ID program. Telling George what ever they arc and the answer could be of utmost importance Burton national security. What we know is that beefs whatever these aircraft are just laying beyond next generation capabilities they can outperform anything that we have and our inventory. The report from the intelligence community for really started just last January and even though we may now know what those objects are not. We may still not know exactly what those objects are. Even when the report is concluded Diane going to be watching that report very closely Martha Raddatz in Washington thank you. And several severe storms slammed the northeast overnight making a mess up and down the coast. This is millions praise for the first heat wave of the season chief meteorologist ginger zee tracking it all horse good morning ginger. Vanish any as the market done here at the Phillies flower show because they lost the limits pilot those storms yesterday but check this Al about three dozen severe storm reports from Florida to new York and that included. West Virginia and that gives an indication of what it looked like inside one of those storms and remember we are some gusts above sixty miles per hour and say. Now wanna take heed to what else was happening back in Texas and downed Houston a place it's just been so saturated the last couple of weeks. About four and a half inches above average for this month and you want to see a look at what's happening there. And then just north Abbas then they also side damaging winds that took down trees. I know that some power was out along the East Coast but of course things are going to fire back up again this afternoon. That doesn't it also means that you will get cool because a lot of Tanzania have a powerful cold front like this that drapes across the whole country like okay we're gonna pull down soon. Look at the heat building back into the northern plains those are temperatures this chest scorcher doesn't really even do it Chicago rail well into the ninety's there. And then averaged just slides east and allows everybody to bake through the weekend temperatures in the ninety's here in Philadelphia. New York City as well we can easily see our first official heat wave that in this part of the country that means three days at ninety or above Diane. Yeah chief meteorologist James there's aid thank you I think. And the couple at the center of the so called gun girl case is speaking out we come back here they're saying this morning. And see the never before seen interrogation video stay with us. Welcome back a couple at the center of the so called gun girl case is speaking out after they were wrongly accused of staging a 2015 kidnapping. They're not telling their story in a new book and for the first time we're seeing interrogation video from the day the abduction was reported. Amy robot has more in this ABC news exclusive. It was the disappearance that sparked a national media frenzy new twist in what some call the real life gone girl this northern California couple falsely accused of staging an elaborate abduction straight out of a Hollywood thriller. We take seriously stage you. Some six years ago Denise how skins was kidnapped from her then boyfriend Erin Quinn's bed in the middle of the night. Reappearing days later in her hometown 400 miles away. But authorities publicly doubted their story and treated it like a hoax none of the claims has been suspension. Mr. Quinn. And his husband's a list is Caminiti an apology. But the parent never wavered and after nearly four months under a cloud of suspicion. They were vindicated when the FBI arrested former marine and Harvard Law School grad Matthew Mahler who pleaded guilty to kidnapping. And was sentenced to forty years behind bars. Now for the first time we are seeing interrogation tapes from the day Erin called 911. To report that induction. The store your talent here. I'm glad I don't. He didn't think about how this all play out. How. You know what you do underneath. At what point did you realize that yeah you're in trouble in big trouble. How about for comments and tells me I'm figured be truthful. I don't think anybody came into your house not only do they tell you that they don't believe you they say we think you killed her decks. Something happened to her that you didn't plan babies are little you tell me but it can't start wit. Sorry guys showing up at the house taking a particular way and that's not what happens when you know where she is old horses. Even after Hoskins was found alive two days later she says an FBI investigator treated her like a suspect instead of a victim. It told my attorney should watch the movie Conger on to explain a lot. And I what does that mean they had heard of the book in the movie I hadn't seen and I had no clue. Three years later the couple settled a civil suit against the city of -- hope for 2.5 million dollars but no admission of wrongdoing. And despite the personal apology they received from the police department in years earlier. They never received the public apology they were promised. Until now. In his statement to ABC news city officials acknowledging the case was not publicly handled with the type of sensitivity a case of this nature should have been. The city's new chief of police saying I would like to extend my deepest apology to miss Hoskins and mr. Quinn for how they retreated during this ordeal. Denise an air and married in 2018. And last year they had a baby girl named Olivia. A lot of what we wrote about in the book cases tragic can sad I did it is actually really our love story. And there is a happy ending game and since it's her. Amy robot ABC news New York. On a happy ending indeed thanks for that Amy and now to Venice Italy one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is starting to reopen. About two million people usually visit every year but that number drops dramatically during a pandemic. So what we'll look floating city look like now we'll Reeve is there with more. With its maze of canals snaking through ancient buildings and historic. Venice is a crown jewel of Italy in the world. Fifth pitcher credit is potentially. As glorious as. Yeah stay and battle and before the pandemic international tourists pumping nearly 3.3 billion dollars into the local economy each year should as Kobe nineteen ravaged Italy. Tourism in Venice ground to a halt. He now as vaccination rates rise daily average K street's fall and co would restrictions in the US ease tourists are eager to see what they've been missing. Then there's nothing really more special than taking a boat. Through their cranking out. Last month Italy announced travel for tourist purposes allowing Americans to visit Italy for any reason. Without having to quarantine upon arrival so long as they received a negative coping test before departure and upon arrival I think. A lot of Americans are not necessarily in the wait and see mode there in the I'm gonna go now and we'll see what happens when it comes time to actually go. And also good news the pandemic. But Qaeda is slash topic this guy who has subpoena from won't kill was more contact and we need to make sure that we encourage people. Could come to vanished. Put the right reasons so that they can have a good knicks games. And will Reeve joins me live now from Ben as well let's go right to be important question here who did you bribe to get this assignment. I they just saw it coming I go or until he notified it ABC news the bosses make the decisions we just do our job the best we cannot. My story I'm sticking to it very difficult assignment for you this morning welled up. What is it lay in Venice there right now we know tourism dropped dramatically during the pandemic but we're hearing the first cruise ship. Just sailed through this city so does it look like tourists are returning. Yeah I mean anecdotally every day we've been here this week it's gotten a little busier as you go around the famous sites like the Rialto in saint mark's square and setter and then yesterday of course. That cruise ship. Passed through the G Decker canal right here over my shoulder and that was a bit of a surprise to the folks here because recently the Italian parliament voted that there weren't going to be any cruises inner out of Venice right now for. A bunch of differ reasons including environmental ones but. Even though they voted on that there hasn't actually been a solution says kind of business as usual with one point six million tourists coming via cruise to Venice. Pre pandemic. They're gonna keep showing up so it is scheduled to leave tomorrow. We'll see how that goes but then back on. Land here it's it mean everything is open lots of masks but also lots of people doing the things that Venice. Enables them to do it's really. It's quite nice and the weather it isn't too bad either. Yeah it looks like you're enjoying yourself whether there and well I know yesterday the U came out with this new recommendation saying member states should keep restrictions on nonessential travel for Americans but. Each country can decide on a case by case basis so where can Americans go in Europe right now. Well to start its Italy Greece and Croatia does the places that right now have said. We are open to leisure travel to get to Italy specifically. You need to come here from the states on a cove in free flight which means you get a coven test. Negative cove a test to get on the plane and then again once you arrive here and in your sort of freedom move about the country and recently today actually France announced that next week. They're going to be doing something similar the details are still being worked out. But starting Wednesday June 9 fully vaccinated Americans can travel to France for leisure and that will be obviously huge for. France and its economy is tourism comes back and huge for Americans are desperate. To get out and see the world and a lot of the world is welcoming them back although the EU broadly has not put Americans. On the list of people who can come for any reason. The EU is looking at those restrictions and modifying them sort of as it goes so Americans should stay tuned as the summer progresses. And in the chance to check out this new all electric a long range boat tell us about that. Dollar man how fun was that so this is the Ken Dallas C seven it's electric it's the longest range he'd vote. In the world and it can go for miles miles miles further than any other. Could change the trajectory of Venice because there is so much pollution here from diesel gas. From boats which you need to get around you need for deliveries you need to get from the airport you take a boat to Venice boats are essential to Venice but. The pollution from that gas from noise and from weeks that erode the shorelines of the islands here. And the foundations of these historic ancient buildings. Then it's really needs to re imagine it's voting ecosystem and U boats that don't leave a wake that don't pollute the water. And aren't allowed you can even hear the thing. That could be a huge development in this company can dollar right now it's got a pleasure boat but it's going to expand into the water taxi and water bus business and that's how most people. Get from one place to the other here in Venice and the extra special feature. On that can Della vote is the hydra flail the thing goes up in the area about this far off the water on some blades. You can go 35 miles per hour it feels like you're just cruising along. Highly recommend that's how you keep Otterhound anywhere and it was a real treat to get to do that here in Venice Diane. United sounds awesome Laurie and I know we're keeping your from your cocktails and go enjoy happy hour we're all living vicariously through you this Friday. Shares issued. The had thought they care. And with summer camp around the corner we're closer look at the precautions programs are taking to try to keep kids safe from called it. We'll we come back how helpful and accurate are those temperature checks. Stay with us. Welcome back we are just moments away from the opening bell on Wall Street markets are expected to react to today's somewhat disappointing. Jobs numbers last month 559000. Jobs were created in the economy. But still short of the 670000. Economists were expecting but that number is still much higher than the disappointing 200. 66000. Jobs added in April and there is you're opening bell. Welcome back now for a look at today's science and technology headlines yours Monaco's are opting. And today's excite the policy change as based look at set to announce an and his exemption for politicians who break hates the rules the exemption was based on the idea that we'll political leaders had to say is in the public interest even if it breaks the rules. Google is making it harder for android apps to track users that will happen when so called advertising IDs. Of those who opted out of receiving personalized ads are cut off the extra layer of security starts later this year. Finally a major milestone for the macarena. It's been 25 years since it topped the charts to celebrate the duo behind the song Los Del Rio. Is teaming up with air be it be to host a luxurious vacation at a village of Spain. Looking to open at June 28 party Thursday include three cents on how to do the macarena of those there. Had fights and the trick up its across the head and then you jump back GM and everybody knows that Mona because our Abbie thank you. And the CDC has announced new guidelines for summer camps -- out multiple strategies to stop the spread of covad. Health questionnaires in temperature checks have become a part of day to day life but. Are they effective in preventing the spread of the virus Becky really has more. Health questionnaires and temperature checks and become part of our daily routines. But as we head into summer camp season some experts caution these temperature checks aren't always consistent. And they won't always flag code in nineteen doctor look at talent Stamford health pediatrician agrees. They're sending a little bit of a false sense of security. With the public when in business or school says hey we're checking everyone's temperature. And that's how we know we're safe and that does appear like a little bit theatrics. Because we know that that's not a sure fire way to cash in every single case of cover nineteen. A reason experts say pre symptomatic or asymptomatic. Patients usually don't have a fever and they can still spread the virus. Plus a CDC study of more than a thousand company patients reported only 44% having a fever when they were admitted to the hospital and mos some experts say fever checks can provide at least one layer of screening. Many also worried they can cause I'm still worry. We see though a lot there's there tends to be this fever phobia with people need to understand. That fevers are totally normal part of our immune system Patel also says parents should know readings can vary depending on person to person time of day. Gender even and you know there's a lot of variation and so fever should be more like at general. Idea based on a hundred point four. Anything above 100 point four are being considered a fever. And temperatures can vary depending on the type of stem monitor use. So we'll see what would happen if we tried out three popular but different style of some ominous. Oral infrared for the full ahead an infrared for the year. We use my thirteen year old son fan now open up. But first doctor Patel took his temperature with an oral thermometer he would typically use in the hospital that temp reading 98 point four. Now for the oral thermometer we bought online 98 point four. In for read on the floor had 98. And the used to monitor 99 point three. All within a degree of our baseline oral temperature reading at higher temperatures it is a much closer. Call when you're talking about 400 rivers a hundred point four. There's enough variation ever false positives or false negatives. And if you're wondering how much exercise a sex act you're seek. The boulevard tests even with a fun pediatrician leading the way we I don't know major deviation intends only took this sweaty and tired boys temperature again. And the CDC still recommends temperature checks in combination with other screening measures but none are all proof. If you get an abnormal reading it's okay to ask to be retested with another device it manufactures of the thermometers used in that piece also tell Becky morally. To make sure to follow the directions and if you have a very high fever that it is not likely to be a mistake but. You often really have a fever it's not an issue just point one or point two decreased thanks to back too early for that report. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm famous data thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live this you're free all day. With the latest news context and analysis also programming note for you as we mentioned. President Biden is set to deliver remarks on the latest jobs report at 10:15 eastern we'll bring that to live when it happens and we will C right back here at 11 AM eastern. With the new update stay safe.

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