ABC News Live Update: Making sense of new mask guidelines

Plus, the future of medicine after the pandemic, and Biden’s public call for a cease-fire in the Middle East.
17:39 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Making sense of new mask guidelines
Good morning and go from Amsterdam this data thanks for streaming webcast in today's update president Biden is publicly calling important into the deadly violist and in the Middle East has. Calls for a cease fire between Israel and lost brow overnight Israel released video of an aerial assault saying it was targeting Hamas tunnels. In the Gaza Strip. Now there is an unprecedented call for roughly seven million Palestinians in Gaza the west bank and within Israel itself. To join a general strike those strikers are protesting the violence which is now in its second week. Two Israelis died from rocket fire but no Palestinians were killed overnight. And Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the offensive will continue. For now. President Biden is traveling to Michigan today where he will visit the factory where Ford will produce the first electric version of one of its pickup trucks. It's all part of the president's push to make the case for his four trillion dollar economic agenda. Biden's remarks this afternoon are expected to promote the idea that transition to electric vehicles. Can create high paying union jobs we'll bring the president's remarks live when they have ten. And there are encouraging signs that the nation is turning a corner and this pandemic cases are down in all fifty states for the first time since the pandemic started. New York is one of the many states that are dropping their mask mandates for backs. Did people. I'm the CC's guidance change but Americans are scrambling to keep up with these outdated rules joining us. Now for more on this is ABC news medical contributor in infectious disease specialist at South Shore how. Doctor Todd L aren't so good to see you. Could see your. So I will start when this new guidance because it's causing a lot of confusion for people what. Are your thoughts on how Americans should navigate where and when it. They should Wear a mask. Right even you know Saturday Night Live just did a parity on us and it really is confusing why isn't confusing because first volume of CDC guidance but then you have state guidance to local businesses and then as individuals how. How do we feel and they are not necessarily all the same. I think some of the key. The key points that I want to make is not one. Keep on asking your pocket if it's not on your face. I think that's very important consultant what you may feel comfortable but he'll get into an elevator with someone who's unmasked in the he'll get uncomfortable and you want to put your mask on you should be able to do that. The second thing. No mask shame and they're just can't be allowed we have to while people remember. As you know that your. Your wardrobe is very important to you been living with a mask survived for the past fourteen months resolved so it's become part of our life just because we here may be vaccinated. We still may want that extra layer of safety and that helps to be allowed. The third thing I want to see is really unvaccinated. People who go indoors. I'm I think especially priority areas that's the biggest risk to them. If they don't if they take their mask off and there are unvaccinated indoors what really do agree that at this point you know you're unvaccinated eating your indoors especially priority or you want to keep that mascot. The last point I wanna make even is dealing you don't compromise people people weakened immune systems do you really need to think twice before taking their mascot in Gore's wife and this is due to get their vaccinated because in the you know respond as well for the vaccine. And some good advice and good reminder to all of us that patients with each had there as these rules are changing. I'm curious is this guidance change the way they you yourself are approaching wearing a mask. Right so good question remember I spent all you don't most of my day in a hospital. So the answer is no I have. And asked you know wrote the day there and then I live in Massachusetts in the Massachusetts. State mask guidance hasn't changed he. But it is going to be changing towards the end of the months what you believe. That I'll be wearing a mask because I'm fully vaccinated I will be wearing a mask less often but again I'm going to be keeping them NASCAR and I as are going to be key to that math in my pocket. Yeah and it's a good thing to have in your pocket is never know how you gonna feel right. So let me ask you about this. This breaks these breakthrough cases because we're starting to see that vaccines are supposed to deep crease transmission but right now we're seeing an outbreak. With the New York Yankees at least nine believe accident members of the team and mix of coaches staff. Members and one player tested positive after receiving that J&J shot there infections are mild or asymptomatic but it does raise the question. Are these outbreaks still going to have to and. Yes and in the the most important part of the story is dead. Most of these the Yankees were asymptomatic. Or mild infection remember all we talked about. Some owners of sun before it even if we don't reach that herd immunity ultimately even if we can't eradicate this virus. Hopefully we can turn into a world flu or even common cold better yet and that's very possible I think that's what we're seeing. You know what I want to remind Jews and the fee is three Johnson & Johnson clinical trial that the rate of asymptomatic. Infection to reduction in the vaccine group was about 66%. Herself so which is very good news but it's not perfect so people were still getting infected. Even in the vaccine group that's true all the vaccines. Are there are differences over time in the real world we'll have to see but I think that's forcing but I get the most important thing is. When you're vaccinated you tend to hobble or amount of virus so you're less likely to transmit. I was given this new CDC Gensler saves as you mention are dropping their mass mandates so for appearance. What should they do wish there unvaccinated. Children should parents with unvaccinated kids be concerned that they're children are more at risk I've heard a lot of parents. Discussing this recently. Right I think they're just got 41 question wishes I'm not gonna tell parents how they should feel. As parents we're gonna feel differently depending on our level of risk tolerance perhaps whether our child is. As over the weakened immune system or other co morbidity is so I think again what's important is to make sure that when you send your child out of their older no. If they're not wearing a mask on their face they should have a mask in their pocket. And then also know you don't sort of what the local guidance is around there in sports or you know what the state rules are the school rules and this is all going to be changing you know vaulting over time but I think is okay as long as we get as many kids vaccinated as possible remember that's the real shield their protective shield so what I would say your parents is please try to get your kids bats dating your spirit Asia eligible at least age twelve. Right now and and and keep them and ask your pocket. Vaccine kids gives a lot of parents anxiety only 37% of countries fully backs and I saw the new a lot of people who say. They just want to give them a little bit more time they wanna wait and see what this long term safety data says before they as adults even get it. What do you say to those people who are still this point feeling pretty hesitant. The first thing I tenants would say is it's OK to be vaccine hasn't. That makes sense to me I get it we're still early on the vaccines have been go you know we didn't in the real world for you know well under a year. Five so far they look very powerful. Very safe and what I would say to them is keep. Asking people in your life that you trust like your child's pediatrician or your internists are barely practitioner perhaps your. Obstetrician gynecologist. You know keep asking don't give up on it and you don't eat it and the other thing is that I think what I don't want to see is ultimately what the headlines are going to show. The vaccinated. Groups are going to be less likely to get infected in the hospitals. And the unvaccinated. People who acquire coal litter are going to be more likely to get hospitalized again. We're seeing cases going down right now things are going you don't did it a great direction. But I think we expect to see more virus again in the fall in the winter I just don't want to see the unvaccinated individuals. Just be kind of you know didn't lacking that protective shield that lands them in the hospital or or or loved ones that that we could have protected but didn't so. II just want people don't give up on this vaccine keep asking questions. And a few are has as saying you still have time you can get that vaccine at some point on the red when you feel comfortable doctor Todd Eller and we always appreciate it thanks for joining us. Carry them. And we've all lived through I a year we will never forget but the pandemic hasn't just changed our lives over the past fourteen months it will also have an impact. And our future from where we work to how we interact even how students go to school. NBC news why prime anchor Lindsey Davis took a look at the future of medicine and one that looks like in the long run. The nasal swabs PCR rapid testing these are just some of the words that became part of our vocabulary during the pandemic. We mask dubbed Wi social distance we isolated. Wasn't enough Kobe took a devastating -- across the country in New York we saw freezer trucks outside of hospitals as the death toll mounted. This reality slaps you right in the face. 437. Deaths yesterday. System overwhelms stretched thin but in the end the intact. And warned grimaced and milestones nearly 600000. American lives lost to the disease. The pandemic forced us to adapt and medicine was of course part of that change. Yeah this is doctor Desai dermatologist how are you pretty with in person visits to risking at the height of the pandemic. Many doctors on the switched over to telemedicine. Perhaps most importantly the shops during lifesaving FDA authorized vaccines and allowed us to gain back some semblance of normalcy. Both finds during the Daryn using revolutionary technology to create protection. Household names we hear now just about every day it's thanks to science and medicine and were now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That had us thinking what other medical leaves lie ahead. We took that question and others directly to doctor Ezekiel Emanuel of the University of Pennsylvania didn't talk. Here we are obviously living through a once in a century pandemic. Should expect that they're gonna start coming fast and furious or is the next pandemic likely a hundred years a way. It's probably not a hundred years away and it's probably not pass in serious in the back next year we're gonna have another pandemic. But we shouldn't anticipate. More pandemic are we ready for the next pandemic. Absolutely not you people learn lessons from this pandemic. I'm spread one of the things I've done is I've study how. Ten other countries responded. For an update on my boat which. The lessons actually had a better response because they were winging get. You said that we're not prepared for the next pandemic. What does the government know what is the private sector need to do today what's the priority that they need to do to get prepared. That is a long. I'm but on the health care side it's clear that CDC did not do a great job beat we didn't do a great job on the testing we didn't do a great job on the masks. When you look into the future is Kobe in nineteen something that we're gonna ultimately eradicate much like we have with polio or is this something that will be. Is something we're dealing with. Who like the seasonal flu. I think it's gonna turn out to be more like seasonal flu and when we period and the key number I think for the audience still look at is the number of that. When we get a mortality rates from cove it. Down to allow hundred to a heart and should be bad day in other words somewhere between 36000. And about 54000. Deaths a year. And it'll be in the flu range. People are gonna go into their routine lie. When we get down while I do think one thing we have learned from this pandemic and I. In terms of some bread. A lot of people aren't really familiar with an MR NA technology even though was something that really kind of started in the ninety's when you. Talk about that kind of technology give us a sense of what it could mean ultimately in the future as far as. Other vaccines or therapies with regard to to cancer HIV. Why you are going to see. Companies and researcher Ers. Proliferate. Vaccines for adults against a number of diseases using the am aren't I watched so I think what we can anticipate. Over the next few years and decade is a number of new vaccines against infectious diseases at adults experience. Based upon the am irony. Platform and I think that side going to be a really. We have seen a number of vaccines for adults not for kids and these vaccines you know they make a huge difference to people's lives. I sort of follow on that because you made a distinction between adults and children's vaccines and you know certainly there are many parents are going to be grappling with the idea and in the last few months perhaps of weight they should give their young children as young as 567 years old. This vaccine knowing that there isn't as much. Maybe in history it what would you advise those parents. We also don't really understand the long term impact on children even if they don't becomes symptomatic or don't have a high risk of dying there may be long term consequences in terms of cognitive function or lung function that we haven't yet determined. But I wouldn't give my grandchildren. La this vaccine just because I think its it staff lower risk. And the benefits of not experiencing. Corona virus had not running the risk of something bad happening long term is probably. About it. What are you most excited about when it comes an MR NA technology. How fast you can make that C I mean I think every one. You know start all I think. Tony vowed to use the phrase. Many times a ball land speed rocker and this really is amazing. What are the lessons that we've learned live from the pandemic it in particular when it comes to the difference between rural and urban end. A health care. We have to use more. Telemedicine. And digital Madison to link out those rural site each with. Urban centers where there are a lot of specialists. And experts that can attend took particular needs and in our urban areas one of the things we've learned is. We can deliver care to people who are staying at home really effectively and so we don't have to bring them into hospitals or into physician offices. Telemedicine and remote monitoring. War really well I think we're gonna have the region there are payment system so that doctor are still use them. Thank you get paid to deliver Kara. Placing more people are gonna start. Zooming in to see their doctors and trudging all the way to the office. Yes tired suggested that three years ago. People what does that are you kidding me Coleman forced an end I think a lot of people prefer. To get. Your chemotherapy then to be enough large institutional setting. And that you know you don't control the environment. Thank you so much for joining us doctor Ezekiel Emanuel. And that was our Lindsey Davis thank you for that report and that doesn't miss ABC news live update and you have children and for Diana say no thanks for joining us. At her upper eighties news line is here you all day with the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern. Terry Murray and. Mount saint helens 123. Years it was dormant but today the volcano exploded with a whole full force that turned daylight to dark saint helens literally for the first up this morning and has been belching smoke a day shivers since. There are unconfirmed reports of lava flowing upon them out of the volcano was over 9700. Feet high but lost an estimated 700 feet today.

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