ABC News Live Update: Russia calls new evidence in alleged Navalny poisoning ‘absurd’

Plus, a look at the most diverse Emmys’ class ever, and Estee Lauder is set to send its night serum into space.
9:02 | 09/18/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Russia calls new evidence in alleged Navalny poisoning ‘absurd’
Good morning I'm Diana Seau thanks for streaming with us in today's update the Kremlin is responding to new details in the alleged poisoning of Clinton critic. Election of all means. The Russian opposition leaders teen says a water bottle found in the Siberian hotel room he was staying in last month had traces of a nerve agent on it. Today Kremlin spokesman is calling the suggestion that traces of not a chopper on the bottle quote absurd. He said he could not comment further because the bottle is never sent to Russia and only investigated in Germany the volleys and a Vernon hospital after getting sick on a flight last month. Earlier this week he posted that he's finally able to breathe on his around. And rescues are under way after hurricane Sally has the Gulf Coast some resorted to getting around by kayak in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Near where Sally made landfall after the storm brought extreme flooding to parts of Florida and Alabama. And now there's a new tropical threat for the Gulf Coast the 22 so far this year it could become a hurricane as early as this weekend. And a breakout star of the hit netbooks shows here is waking up behind bars charged with producing child pornography. Prosecutors in Chicago say 21 year old Jerry Harris repeatedly requested sexually explicit videos and photographs. From two underage boys on social media. Attorneys for Harris did not comment. Harris is expected to appear in court in person on Monday for detention hearing at that hearing his attorneys expect its request that he be released from jail. Because they say he's at a higher risk of contracting looked at nineteen. Ass our wraps up last minute travel deals are expanding into the fall as people work and learned remotely. Did a pandemic many are taking advantage of those deals and inner booking trips for right now or way into next year. RG of any tests has more. This morning enticing deals for would be travelers round trip to Miami from anywhere. Just over a hundred bucks Seattle to Chicago ninety and with the holidays just around the corner. Those deals may stick as people cancel their big trips. We are gonna go to Germany and things like that on and that was in beer picture. Instead chose should Zach and his family are staying domestic this year. We've got on sandwich should tell me you where we're renting cabins and all the second and national are. We're basic and have all the holidays on one long weekend. Last minute bookings are soaring stock keys runs the popular deals web site. Scott's cheap flights dot com. We're seeing air fare being cut across the board for trouble not only 6910 months down the road. But also for trouble tomorrow. People are interested in holy troubled but experts say. The aren't committing just yet since last minute tickets are so cheap many are waiting to book those trips. Without those business travelers airlines don't have as many people that they could potentially. I get extra money from from last minute bookings. And some people are choosing to work from vacation spots Hyatt telling GMA the top three worked from higher destinations. Florida and Southern California and Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Many travelers are also finding deals for next summer. They're buying themselves joy and happiness for the next nine months to look forward to that trip this is almost a happiness hack. But then there's that question how safe is it to flaw. Airlines tout advanced cleaning protocols and hospital grade air filters. But professor Sheldon Jacobson who created the TSA pre check program says the answer is not a one size fits all. When you consider Chicago it is. Fundamentally incompatible. With social distance because they're travel brings people together and quarter. And look the deals really are out there I just checked in I've found some round trip tickets for next week. New York LA about 200 bucks Miami LA about a hundred bucks an egg and. That is round trip so really some good deals out there Diane right we'll take a phone rely. NATO we can find them GO thanks. And we are just two days away from the Emmy Awards TV's biggest night will look a little different this year because most nominees will be tuning in from home. This year's class of nominees is also the most diverse ever today Norman has more on that. I expect to see lots of new faces and the Emmy Awards this Sunday because this year. Featured the most diverse actor Emmy contenders yet but in his store he. Distract national Puerto best. Palin and this time more than one Durbin an actor Ryan take home the coveted golden trophy. That's an increase of 33%. Up 14%. From each of the last final year there are people who believe that these rural. He's fearing they. Its own lollipops and means anymore. Women are leaving their spots in major categories such as writer and director. Making up some 36%. Nominees up 13%. From last year. And then there's no need TQ plus give you are you ready celebrating increased recognition is here with thirteen Emmy -- Not including those shows with multiple Emmy nominations featuring LG BTU. Let's characters in lead role you do. In the first Muslim American sitcom ronning also scored nominations with director Barney UNICEF. And Herschel I'll leave each earning Emmy night. OK listen. 567. League. Sometimes we don't think that are wardrobe Matt. It's a good signal an indicator of where the industry that this ball. Where society is and where we can go forward and that the new diverse class I'm excited for still. They're still much more work to be done on my noon this year not a single Latin next talents to answer is even Emmy and a major category. Crescent movement in fact only one Latino will even be competing. Alexis Lindell for her guest starring role in the hand maid's tale it's okay my actors from other popular Latin and shows like he dug pose in one day at a time. Failed to make the cut me even I can't Rita Moreno who we don't snow arms. And it's must save for Asian performers. Taking up only 2% of nominations. With killing use our Sandra Oh as the sole actor Asian descent to be nominated and any of the major categories. This marks o.'s third consecutive nomination for that series. ABC news. And today Norman thanks for that and you can watch our any pre show here on ABC news live Sunday at 6:30 eastern. And the Emmys at 8 eastern on ABC. Some skin care products are heading out of this world on a rocket bound for the International Space Station. SA lot of nights here will be sent astronauts on board who will take photos of the product floating in zero gravity as part of a new ad campaign. NASA is charging 171500. Dollars an hour which is the same speed that the International Space Station orbits the earth. And for more headlines in science and technology here's ABC's Mona cause our hockey. In today's tech bytes tick talk reportedly going after it ends are Graham co-founder deleted company reports say tech talk has approached billionaire Kevin's sister from. To be the CEO of the company as it works out a deal with Oracle over its US operations. The Strom and another man launched into Graham in 2010 they sold it to FaceBook for a billion dollars just two years later. You had to move it really I mean really fast that you wanted to pre orders Sony's new PlayStation five. Retail sites taking pre orders for the new console were sold out in seconds many. Later turned up on eBay with enormous mark ups the PlayStation five goes on sale November 12. Finally humans have tender and out pats wanting some four legged companion ship up tender owners can swipe left or right on pet profiles. To find a possible match then work out the details for meeting up with the pats human. Those they attacked by expand the dating life can be rough but I guess anything is possible. XTO. Motor bringing them puns today I love it thanks moment. And that doesn't for this ABC news live update I'm Diane the state and thanks for joining us. ABC invited here by all day with the latest news context and analysis up next Jamie top stories. Have a great day.

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{"duration":"9:02","description":"Plus, a look at the most diverse Emmys’ class ever, and Estee Lauder is set to send its night serum into space.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73098478","title":"ABC News Live Update: Russia calls new evidence in alleged Navalny poisoning ‘absurd’","url":"/International/video/abc-news-live-update-russia-calls-evidence-alleged-73098478"}