ABC News Live: New US embassy in Israel, Hawaii volcano and the royal wedding

U.S. embassy opens in Israel as mid-east tension escalate and Hawaii volcano's activity continues.
29:15 | 05/14/18

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Transcript for ABC News Live: New US embassy in Israel, Hawaii volcano and the royal wedding
I everybody welcome to ABC news live from where Johnson were following the biggest stories from around the world and chatting directly with the correspondents. We're covering those stories including incredible images out of Hawaii the big island very latest on the eruptions there to kill away a volcano. We'll go to Marci Gonzalez there. Also we're going to London Adrian baker has that insight the drama the behind the scenes surrounding the royal wedding. First though significant developments happening in Israel the US moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Celebration there while deadly protests are breaking out along the Gaza border let's go to Terry Moran is following all of this. And it's really seen the images Terry side by side incredible yup celebration. And deadly violence at the same time. That's absolutely right what that this incredibly stark contrast this is a historic day for Israelis it. I'd joyous day for me a proud day. As the United States opens its embassy and that's more that's the kind of moving if you offices as you know. It is sending a message a message of affirmation. From the United States the president on behalf of the people affirmation of Israel's claim. To Jerusalem this holy city as it says it puts it in its own law it eternal capital. Now the reason that controversial as previous American president had promised to do so and never followed through. The idea being that the United States would remain neutral on this incredibly tense issue of Jerusalem's final status while Israelis and Palestinians. Negotiated it out but at the end of the day. One thing that happened it it. Okay. Them but with here. It it it is that that Palestinians. Claim the city as their capital as well and so for. For them this is a day of rage this to Dave despair and fury and as you point out they are all over that border Hamas which governs that the territory. Gaza. Called for Palestinians. To go to the border and tens of thousands did. They tried to cross on the military's don't. Which seals off that France Hamas that suggested people try to tear that fence down scores of Palestinians have been killed. And hundreds of them injured so that the contrast between jubilation. And triumph really in Israel and on the Palestinian border they go border between Gaza and Israel violence tragedy fury and his. There and terrier last few more about what's happening along that Gaza border were getting some numbers already. Up to 37 dead more than a thousand injured what are some of the latest developments on the ground that you're here. What those numbers continue to go up as a from the Gaza health ministry so those are Palestinian hospitals and doctors reporting that dead. And the wounded that the strategy on the part of the Palestinian protesters out there what was to provoke Israeli security forces by coming. Close enough to the border. That those forces followed orders to protect the fence. Many Palestinians shot in the lower legs were heard those those kinds of of injuries can be fatal very quickly with arterial bleeding. And and the like and apparently it was so this is the greatest violence along that border which. I've covered wars in Gaza it's the greatest violence in years. And that just shows you. I just how strongly people feel about this this beautiful and sacred city. Which is sacred to so many millions of people around the world. President trump decided to move the embassy here and affirm Israel's claim to this city as its eternal capital. That has triggered at violence along the border. At area has wrapped question just wanted to point out our viewers that you received a wide images coming rob. Gaza border and to receive those images come in as well Terry as these images of this celebration. The US embassy there we understand that he balk at trump Jared Kushner Kushner was praising president trump for his efforts and all of this how significant. Is it that the United States is making this step. What it's a big big departure a radical departure in some ways from decades of American foreign policy. Previous presidents. Hands off of Jerusalem. It may be the most explosive issue in this explosive conflict and the decision was. That it would be negotiated eventually after land and other things work negotiated as well. President truck deciding they'll let's take Jerusalem off the table. In this way by affirming. It as Israel's capital and what that does really is and the Palestinians if at a complete they can't do anything about it. Until they're gonna come back to the table they're gonna have to come back. Looking for capital perhaps on the outskirts of East Jerusalem. The definition of what Jerusalem is has changed over the years as well originally was just a very small walled city. Israel has expanded it and now that municipality of Jerusalem as much larger than it was until a claim to Jerusalem. It's somewhat. The biggest what does that really mean. But for the United States this is it big move one thing though that I noticed about that ceremony Ibaka trump and Jared Kushner leaving the US delegation. Which consisted of from the congress. Of Republicans. Only. For decades support for Israel was a bipartisan. Issue in the Democrats. And Republicans. And in the past several years really it has become like so much else in American life a partisan issue does triumph. For president trumps policy that at least as far as representation at the ceremony is concerned. Was not endorsed by Democrats and come. Absolutely all right Terry Brant forests thanks so much we also want to get much more on the other side of this a different perspective we're going to go to Molly hunter who's in Palestinian held. East Jerusalem right now and Molly we've been watching these images com an incredible violence tens of thousands of people protesting what information you're getting there in East Jerusalem. Give us some of these images will cut in and out is we re established our signals but just to give you a little bit of perspective. In the meantime we'll come back tamale in a little bit for so let's. She's here with us so let's let's bring Molly back in Molly forgive us we had a little trouble with your signal. But if you can hear me this is whit Johnson from ABC news headquarters right now. We wanted to talk to you about what's happening the latest developments on the ground there and East Jerusalem what can you tell us. When it paid parent out that yes we are outside Damascus Gate at the answer for the Muslim quarter we are squarely in the heart of Easter is an. I want you to show you about the security where we are to check that you have all Israeli border security here. And and you can't go all the way down as security is extremely. Tight everyone is on as watching Scott the packet that wit really the protests are focused and got back. I wanna be very clear about the pregnant I that we now Jacqueline at 43 people. Have Ben killed. In Gaza across that and cute thousand injured even the biggest threat that's on the board that we have and over. Scene and it just to give healing just tickled and that what that looks like there is the sense that I'm at some point that the wall that right here where the majority start. Are infinite and and thousands and thousands hasn't that need eighty. Thousand Palestinians are on one thing is really snipers are actually on a hillside on the other side. I'm lobbing tear gas heating down at the protesters now we needed an afternoon. Through the loudspeakers of the mosques actually in god that. I'm her telling people telling people to actually lashed. The offense and go out at and that potentially is why we keep. That's a big gap confidently it we've seen is protests for the last seven weeks they've been building up to today and tomorrow. Abide by this is that they get the deadliest and we've seen. And we're seeing reaction really Molly from around the region you raw and also coming out. And saying that it is against this move of the United States to move its embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. What other reaction are you hearing from leaders in the region. We're a lot of the reaction in December a lot of that is this fame apparently heard from and the Jordanians and a Palestinian. And government and remodel the Jordanian since that and that the completely unacceptable now we've spoken but a lot of Palestinians. On the got here and made Kerry mentioned implement it. They feel like this it's absolutely a done Deion out it. All today ambassador Friedman everything in US official that deputy secretary of state spoke about Jerusalem is not laster is making a distinction between. Jewish west Jerusalem and Palestinian East Jerusalem which is where I am right now for Palestinians that if the hardest thing to swallow when the US and turns around we get your president and at that they. Now peace is actually incredibly important threats that we are still committed. And it keeps profits but can't open an embassy with a plaque that has Jerusalem Israel. That is what is so hard for Muslim faith across the region especially of course opinions you. Everybody waiting to see what that commitment to the peace process will actually mean going full work Molly hunt reports thank you so much for your perspective. We also want to get some reaction from the White House this morning our Jonathan Karl is following all of the developments there. Jonathan is joining us now and that we know that the president was not able to attend. He sent his daughter he vodka and son in law Jared Kushner but he tweeted today that this is a great day for Israel what's the reaction from the White House today. And the president actually also encourage people to watch the dedication directing them to watch it on Fox News. Not much reaction yet really no reaction to the violence that we have seen but the White House is quite proud of this move they. Portray this as the president doing what his predecessors did not do which is to bolt. Promised to. Real to make the embassy in Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as the capital and actually follow through on that promise. He wasn't the first presidential candidate by any stretch to make that promise but he is the first president actually go forward and to do it. And are Jonathan the president says that he's committed to the peace process but we're seeing this violence playing out. Is there any concern from the White House at all that this could. Impact that peace process in a negative way or perhaps via set back of some kind. No public acknowledgment of that weight but certainly privately. If you talk to us senior White House officials they acknowledged that the peace process is going absolutely nowhere. To be fair it didn't appear to be going anywhere before the president made this move. This does seem to be something that would complicate that. Publicly what the White House says on this is that. This actually is a step forward even though the peace process right now seems to be the stalled if not dead. Did by being blunt and being being forthright and candid. You are setting the stage for a a true peace this was something that. The national security advisor John Bolton told Martha Raddatz point blank on on yesterday on on this week. Said that you know they did it if there is to be any movement on the peace process you have to. Acknowledge what's that what the terms are as far as the United States is concerned. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. And we'll see all this plays out throughout the day moving for but John one of the transition to another topic. Of course the summit with North Korea coming up on June 12 the president. Has been tweeting quite a bit about this recently also talking about North Korea. Announcing that it will dismantle its nuclear test site. How significant are these develop. Yes. Well there are number of significant developments but with let's take a look at that 11 the that the the fact that North Korea. It has promised to dismantle this nuclear test. Sites in a place called upon he re. In North Korea that's where they've done their nuclear tests since. You know for for about a decade now that the first very first nuclear test. Was in this facility. Off what would the key. Experts say if you do. Occasional street cleaning Erica White out landscaping continues at the White House and but that. According to to nuclear experts that test facility has been damaged and was no longer. In in serviceable yet recited their basically shutting something down. That they could no longer use so it's unclear how much of a concession that actually is. But what will be itch thing is that that the fact of the north Koreans. Are inviting international observers to witness this shutting down and apparently including some international press. This has happened before by the way and in 2008. The north Koreans also had agreed to give up their nuclear program and they shut down a facility called the Yong beyond. Nuclear. Knew there was a re processing facility and there was at big water cooling tower he go you can actually. Google this now you can watch the video of this huge water tower. Being imploded as the north Koreans were demonstrating to the world that there were giving up their nuclear program won't as you know they certainly weren't giving up anything. They were doing something that was. Symbolic and and sent a message to the world but didn't reflect the reality so the question now is if the president is able to get some kind of a deal with Kim Jong-un. How do you verified that they are actually keeping their word on it because they have repeatedly broken their word in the past. And they're somebody other questions John about just the region itself and all of the other players involved we're looking at video there as you're speaking. A secretary of state Pompeo. Talking to Kim Jung Hoon but also China we know a huge factor in all of this in the president. Actually tweeting concern about job loss in China. And how to solve that amidst all of this North Korea conversational what'd he say what does that mean job. This was really quite a to tweak this was about an electronics company of very large Chinese electronic took an excuse me got the streets we've arrested outside of the of the road as well Bob. This Wednesday in a large Chinese electronics company and I've got the tweet here. All presidency easy of China and I are working together to give massive Chinese phone companies DTE. A way to get back in business fast way. Too many jobs in China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done this is a phenomenal suite where it is the first time I have ever heard cultural. In any way. Expressed concern about jobs in China. And again one more around the streets wherever tax dollars hard at work there job. I'll bet but the back story here is that that this this Chinese electronics company. Was sanctioned because they've been doing business with Iran and North Korea as they came under US sanctions. Which made it impossible for any US companies to do business with the company. In the company was forced with the possibility of of going going under. And the Chinese and obviously expressed concern about this to its it to the White House and now the president seems to be. Backing off of those sanctions it's really. One of those things it's a real head scratch your you have to wonder. Exactly. Let it was that the president is getting in return on risk if there's nothing public here to suggest that the Chinese gave anything in return. Offer for this apparent rollback of sanctions. There is a lot of speculation with that this could be tied in some way. To the maneuvering is over North Korea where the Chinese are or are are a player or the further. No further negotiations. Over trade with the United States but it really is mysterious week. That's significant all the maneuvering happening behind the scenes Jon Karl for us live at the White House that thank you so much we appreciate your time. Let's transition now we have another big story several watching V continuing eruptions happening. In Hawaii's big island kilo way there you see the images right there this is there's a great picture of the slow motion. This is they a video of a vehicle engulfed in flames of a law but now some new developments let's bring in Marcy Gonzales has been following this story for us. Marshall ask you first about a new fissure that is opening up and generating some concern there on the big island what can you tell us. Seizure to open since all of this happened after the close as we're able to get too at this roadblock here. An all morning long we've seen the sky just glowing with orange because of this Fisher. If you look here it looks like Clough and they are in the background but that is actually the smoke. Rising from the lot of that spewing from this page or by some accounts the lava is bursting into the air at highest. Hundreds of feet and were really astounded by the noise coming from this we heard anything quite like this from. The other figures it found booms of thunder we're hearing it every thirty seconds or so. From some of the other fissures people would describe it is sounding like being next to a jet engine and I do tell you that is absolutely the sound especially when you get close to these measures we got close to one relatively close this weekend. You can feel the vibration front it's like being next to a jet engine or like being next to a speaker that has the volume turned to full blast at Hewlett. Shaking nonstop these things are just so powerful. This latest fears Ers are two new evacuation orders. The National Guard is saying they expect to possibly how to order evacuations. For another 2000. People that's on top of the hundred people who have already been forced to evacuate and and this is because of the concerns that there could be even more user. The ones that are open could continue to expand. They're also. Still concerned about the air quality without sulfur dioxide. That's coming out of the lot and the National Guard says they're really keeping a close eye on what's happening at the summit of kill away. Which is 25 miles away from here that's where they're expecting that napkins. Dean explosion which could send giant bull boulders into the sky. Huge ash plume but it's important to note that those boulders they think will only land with in all -- national park. That park is closed because of the danger if they outside of the park. The only real impact people should feel is the potential for ash raining down an even that they don't think it'll be a significant amount of ash it think it could just be late dusting. And marsteller to ask you actually we were watching some of your stand ups from your previous stories. When you heard discussing this seizure of the crack in the ground opening up it sounded like gurgling and hissing as outlaw but was coming up into the air. But I want to go back to the point you're making about kill away at this potential explosive reaction. Explain a little bit more about what this means I think it's difficult for people to understand this lake that is inside the crater and it's lowering the levels they explain that for us. I think this is one of kilo way is to craters at that the summit of the volcano. And so when you when you picture a volcano and Angela wobble lake so if you're looking down at a volcano this leak a love of this magma. It keeps getting lower and lower and lower every day and what they're expecting to happen is that it will go below the water table. Sit in mixture of that water with a hot magma will create. Steam it'll rocked into this big explosion there expecting either saying this could happen any day now. And that we'll take the giant boulders in the rocks that are in that crater and and then shooting out. Into the sky they say that Ashley and could go 20000. Feet in the air. Marty maybe that's a pretty picture question here but is there any end in sight here I don't hear any of this site is talking about. The end and how soon that could happen. My. And because they really don't know there is no way to predict. They say they believe there could still be more fissures that opened they've been. Monitoring the seismic activity in the area as saying that there are still small earthquakes that are happening which gives them an idea that the magma. It's still moving underground and that it could potentially still come up through new measures. But as far as how long this could continue there's really no telling they say could go on for months. I've RC Gonzales porous on the big island thank you so much for your insight we'll check back in regulator thank you. Our meantime we want to talk about another story that's getting a lot of attention out of Miami if you take a look at this video that is a tiger. Being wheeled into a prom in a cage and it's getting a ton of attention and some controversy around surrounding why that tiger was at the prong. Let's get to Viktor a canned argues have been following this story first Victor give us the back story this is called the welcome to the jungle that was the theme of the prom. How did this tiger and up at the dance. That was the theme of the problem wit we spoke to some students this morning at their walking in the clause here. It ABC said that that was a surprise they were not expecting to see a tiger on the transport problem. But as they walked and that's what they saw and then. It described it as insane we spoke with the school's principal this morning who said that they simply went too far they were ready by the time. He got to the prom it was simply too late to do anything let's go to that video and show you what. We're talking about here this scene that's causing some uproar. A live tiger pacing back and forth its cage in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by high school students were celebrating problem in Miami over the weekend. The music is blaring and just feet away you see performers with flaming torches at one point. The theme as we mentioned for Christopher Columbus high school's prom was welcome to the jungle in addition to that tiger they also had to what caused that were apparently uses centerpieces. A lemur. At an African that it box they were also on display the school releasing a number of statements for the sake several animals were displayed in a very controlled and safe environment. If tiger was displayed for a few minutes it was now forced to perform. It was always accompanied by his handlers. We spoke to zoom Miami's Ron McDill about this he saw the video he said he was absolutely shocked by what he saw into the the tiger was clearly in distress. But he adds that events like these are legal as long as there's a proper cage and these companies have the right licenses they fully. Nobody was injured there were no incidents with any of the animals here we have one more note by the way where it from the school's principal told us off camera. They trusted the teachers on the student activities committee to play in this event. But going forward administrators will play a more active oversight role. In the planning when it. I also one of the just ask you to more about the reaction from the parents you said that some of the the students are saying it was insane crazy they weren't expecting it. But the parents and all of this to they were worried about safety of their kids and even the safety of the animals as well right. Right we speaking witness speaking with one parent she simply said this is teaching students the wrong lesson. Almost like these animals don't deserve any better than that and Ron McGill actually agreed and he said you know god forbid that tiger had. Try to escape and got now it would have just gone through anything it's the try to get away so obviously they took a big risk there but thankfully. None of that happened nobody was injured and there were no incidents with that tiger or any of the other animals all. From they've definitely changed since my high school days that's for sure Victor O candlelight forests in Miami thank you so much appreciate it. By transitioning at today we want to talk about the royal wedding we are getting some incredible insight and behind the scenes are Adrian banker is joining us in London. And Adrian you spoke to a really good friend of Megan mark goes a long time friend. What inside is she giving you about the couple in the lead up to the big day. But wanted to get to that witnessed first behind as you can see Buckingham Palace the flag just changed. Minutes ago. That we usually see the British flag the union Jack the red white flag that you're familiar with rob familiar with flying when the queen is not there but they changed it to the royal standard so. Just minutes ago she came to what were rumored to be called the office Buckingham palace of the poster home. In Windsor but we also have another update for you we know for sure that visit Macon Markel and Prince Harry will be staying to separate hotels the night before at their wedding. But Kerry will stay at the Dorchester collections co Wirth park. He'll be with his brother of course duke of Cambridge William you'll walk over there's been. A word that they'll actually waiving greet the crowds as they're walking over to where there. Meanwhile make it will be accompanied by her mother Gloria Rackley they'll be staying at the Clinton. House hotel and drive my car to Windsor OK now it back to what you are talking about in terms of that very close. Friends in need a cup Onkar an actress who has aspired to that Hollywood stardom that Megan was on track to keep herself. We know that she and make it have known each other for about fifteen years and with busy schedules and with travel accused stayed intact using face time and Skype. But so many of us they would call their catch ups. The state of the unions where they would talk about things we're passionate about this guy's making as very magnetic. It just says she's never seen her so happy or laugh so much. She says what sealed the deal for Megan with hairy. Is that Harry was so real and down to earth especially during your trips to Africa so very touching story great to get insight from afraid of birds and while. Most of make it's that we will not be in attendance. Many of her friends will be Misha non U the fashion designer credited with introducing the couple is expected to be there. Jessica Mulroney a friend and fellow a stylus that make it has really leaned on during these past few months. Heather door rack she owns in LA Pilates studio she's a close friend of Megan's Marcus Anderson. A director of the so house who reportedly set up Macon and Harry's birth date. And a number of people from the cast of students that show she shot and Toronto we'll also be in attendance including leading man Patrick Adams that he that he has known since. Before they shot the show suits but in terms of celebrity she does have some pretty famous friends pre optics Oprah. A from the show Quantico right here on ABC she is a friend of hers and also Serena Williams. Is nice to have a world champion in the party. Also. The interview David Beckham a few months ago and asked him. About what he and his wife Victoria AKA posh spice not about Megan Mary Mary and they just were thrilled that it's great. They're expected to be in attendance as they work for eight. And William's wedding but one more note for you because there is a lot to talk about from the royal wedding. And that is that the cooks at Windsor are already getting busy we're told that thirty plus chefs and attendance. In the kitchen cooking up everything as we speak. Preparing for this massive Neil that the head chef. Is continuing to keep top secret. We do know though that the pastry chefs went to bed and disclosed that they will be doing chocolate truffles and night the way we act you. It would be a royal wedding without the chocolate truffles right this is what it's all about one. I wanted to go must not chocolate that's right exactly what it go back to the great conversation that you have with one of Megan's friends and I found it striking eager interview with her. She was his pocket about their connection to charity. And how important it was for the two of them to give back all around the world talk more about. What she highlighted as as that important value for the both of them. Well Geneva talked about the fact that they both get back at me she would say that she would go on a trip to India and not tell anybody talking about Megan and that it was part of her life well before she met hairy. Who now being married to him we'll have a career of philanthropy but it's something that is really resonated with folks here in London. And people all around the world they're relating to Megan is somebody who could possibly carry on this legacy of making a lot of change using this grander platform. Adrian did you get your invitation yet by the way. I'm still waiting patiently with bated breath meet COI do you have. When he about this to choose from yes I know you are exactly what I have a fascinate or for every day of the week but I gotta pace myself and you know its get ready that's right. I'll be ready to let us prosecutors already just in case that invitation comes light. Adrian baker thanks so much we appreciate it live in London for us all the behind the scenes on the royal wedding. Of course our special coverage continues stay with ABC news on Saturday. Beginning at 5 AM eastern time mile out all the festive festivities and the fun surrounding the royal wedding. That doesn't press here I'm whit Johnson on ABC news lied you can follow that story all the other stories and or you can download or ABC news app. Have a great day.

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